Summertime gets very exhausting because of the deadly temperature. Working during summer gets exhausting and even we get a holiday during summer. Among many summertime activities, many people prefer camping and the RV can be a great partner in that case. 

So what RV should you buy? Why not check out Fleetwood RV? Let us find out who makes Fleetwood RV? We will deep dive into everything about Fleetwood RV so that you can decide if buying a Fleetwood RV is a good idea.

About Fleetwood RV

A well-known producer of recreational vehicles is Fleetwood RV (RV). Fleetwood’s beginnings may be traced back to the 1950s in southern California when John C. Crean founded Coach Specialities Companies. At first, they produced RV window coverings. 

In 1953, the business adopted the name, Fleetwood. The name of the car bodies featured in the Cadillac lines of vehicles served as inspiration for the Fleetwood name. In 1957, they once more were incorporated under the name Fleetwood Enterprise Inc.

Fleetwood is now a public company with annual sales of $18.5 million. Fleetwood achieved a place in the prestigious Fortune 500 from 1973 for 3 decades. It was a top-selling manufacturer in 2007. 

Unfortunately, Fleetwood has to closed many of its manufacturing plants in 2008 and in 2009 it had to file for bankruptcy. Later the trademark of this company was bought by various companies over the years. 

About The Manufacturer

Now you may ask, who owns Fleetwood RV company? REV Group Inc. has the responsibility to manufacture and distribute Fleetwood RV. REV Group is well known in the motor vehicle industry for bus, recreation, emergency, and special markets. 

REV Group is determined to connect and keep safe thousand of people globally. To keep up with the demand for its vehicle, REV Group operates 18 manufacturing plants where they manufacture 29 vehicle brands owned by them. 

REV has provided jobs for about 7,400 people. Annually, REV Groups manufactures about 2000 vehicles and manufactures them globally. Here they produce both emergency and commercial vehicles to keep us safe and fulfill our needs. 

REV Group Inc. has multiple brands to produce RV. Some notable RV brands under REV Groups authority are Fleetwood RV, Holiday Rambler, Monaco Coach, American Coach, etc. REV Group is determined to respect its heritage and provide something better for the future. 

Is Fleetwood RV Any Good?

Every model of the same brand does not have the same quality. The same goes for Fleetwood RV, they also have various models at different price points. In this section, we will discuss different aspects of Fleetwood RV so that you have an idea about Fleetwood as a brand.

🔹 Pricing

We compared the costs of various Fleetwood RV models to those of other brands. Our research revealed that Fleetwood RVs are reasonably priced—neither too high nor too low. Fleetwood sells high-end goods with some incredible features.

🔹 Model

Fleetwood RV models are categorized into 2 major parts: Class A and Class B. Later those categories are further divided into RVs that run on gas and diesel. 

Some famous class A diesel models are:

  • Discovery
  • Frontier 
  • Pace Arrow

And some famous class A gas models are: 

  • Southwind
  • Bounder
  • Fortis
  • Flair

🔹 Customer Satisfaction

People who have been using Fleetwood RV for a long time have mostly positive opinions about the RV. In RVinsider Fleetwood RV has 4.1 stars out of 5. Some customers are amazed at what Fleetwood is offering at this price, others are satisfied with the durability of the product. 

Fleetwood RV offers such amazing durability that some users have been using its product for more than 17 years. Fleetwood offers a refrigerator with some of its models which can be a great help for anyone. 

Another amazing fact is the customer support from Fleetwood. Some reviews from RVinsider praised highly about their after-sales support with Fleetwood. So if you are looking for an amazing luxurious RV at a reasonable price then Fleetwood can be a great choice for you.

🔹 Working Condition

If the employees working in an industry are not satisfied enough, you can not expect to get a good product from the company. So we have visited to check how they treat their employee. To be honest, we got quite a mixed review about Fleetwood’s workplace. 

Employees love the bonus system, as Fleetwood often provides a huge intensive bonus that increases their morale of them. The workplace in Fleetwood has nice work accommodation, safe working conditions, and fantastic staff.    

But some workers complained that upper management sometimes looks for ways to cut their bonuses away. Overall it has 3.2 stars out of 5 on So, you can say Fleetwood provides a moderate workplace for the employee. 

🔹 Parts

Even the best RV in the industry is not free of problems. Various parts of an RV can wear off with time, so you need those parts accessible so that you can change them anytime you want. Fleetwood RV parts are easily accessible via the official website or another eCommerce site like Amazon.

Fleetwood RV Review

If you are confused about what Fleetwood RV model is good for you then here is our recommendation we hope this will be the perfect model for you.

🔹 Fleetwood RV Bounder Motor Home Class A

This luxury coach has a great balance between performance and features. This fantastic RV from Fleetwood offers an aluminum build body with an interlocking frame to provide you with amazing durability. 

Packed with features, durable both inside and outside the Fleetwood RV Bounder Motor Home Class A can be your partner in camping.


Fleetwood RV has been providing us with luxury RVs for a long time. Unfortunately, they have to go through bankruptcy but they have managed to move on from the crisis and under new management, Fleetwood RV is determined to provide us with better customer satisfaction. 

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