An RV or recreational vehicle can be helpful for any purpose. It can provide flexibility in a long journey. You need a lot of basic human needs from your RV. Therefore, you want your RV to be reliable. 

With many RV brands available in the market, choosing a great RV according to your need can be confusing. You may find an Open Range RV suitable for your condition. Before you buy, why not check out who makes Open Range RV and what they offer.

About The Manufacturer

The manufacturing and the distribution rights to the Open Range RV are in the hands of the Jayco Company. This section will briefly discuss the Jayco Company and a brief history of the Open range RV manufacturers

๐Ÿ”น The Jayco Company

The Jayco Company is officially known as the Jayco, Inc. They are an American RV manufacturer. They are also a subsidiary of Thor Industries. They have headquarters in Middlebury, Indiana. 

Three thousand two hundred workers from Amish and Mennonite communities are working under this company.

๐Ÿ”น History

Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, the Jayco, inc started its journey in 1968. Bontrager invented a trailer with a fold-down system in 1967, the beginning of their business. They had only 15 employees in the front.  

Eventually, the business grew, and they built another manufacturing plant in Harper, Kansas, in 1970. Unfortunately, Lloyd died in 1985 in an airplane crash in Indiana. After his death, his wife took over the company as the board chairman. Later, her sons took the lead in the company. 

Jayco acquired other companies like Entrega coach in 2008. Highland Ridge in 2014 and Starcraft RV in 1991. Jaygo produces about 50,000 RVs per year, and in 2016, they manufactured their millionth RV. 

Although Open Range RV is owned by Jayco inc, its RVs are manufactured by Highland Ridge RV, which is also owned by Jayco inc. We will talk about them in the next section.

๐Ÿ”น Highland Ridge RV

To make a change in the RV market, to bring something new, Highland Ridge RV started its journey. Highland Ridge RV has worked hard to make our camping easier with important innovation in the market. 

Highland Ridge has brought some significant changes in the market to give you the comfort zone of your home outside your home. They became more efficient in 2014 when Jayce purchased Open Range RV. Now, Highland Ridge is a subsidiary of Jayce Inc.

Are Open Range RV Any Good?

Whenever there is a debate on what RV is the best in the market, we may find some of the products from Open Range RV on the list. So, are they any good? In this section, we will discuss various aspects of this product which should give you an idea about the product.

๐Ÿ”น Pricing

Considering the other RVs available in the market, Open Range RVs are more on the affordable side. It is obvious to doubt whether they are providing low-quality products or not. The good news is, that the Open Range Rv is providing a great product at an affordable price. 

You donโ€™t have to worry about getting low-quality products. You can get a great Open Range RV for $45000. If you want something more affordable then you can always go for used RVs. One of them may cost you about $27000. The pricing depends on which model you are buying. 

๐Ÿ”น Durability

The Open Range RVs are made for harsh conditions. You can use them in any way you want, it wonโ€™t get destroyed. The amazing build quality of the product allows users to take it anywhere and use it aggressively.

๐Ÿ”น Features

An Open Range RV offers a great number of features in its RV. From a big bedroom to a fully equipped kitchen, you can get the comfort of your home even in the deep jungle.

๐Ÿ”น Spacing

An Open Range RV can be perfect for your family. The proper spacing inside the RV allows its user to stay inside the RV for as long as they want and have a proper good night’s sleep. The Open Range RV can provide sufficient accommodation for about six to eight people.

๐Ÿ”น Open Range RV Problems

Despite the amazing features the Open Range RV is providing, there have been some issues that are addressed by the users. According to some users, some Open Range RVs have some serious leakage issues.  

During heavy rain, some users have said water has been leaking through the RVs fan area and flooded the floor. Also, the leakage has caused components like water heater damage issues. So, be careful about this issue before you buy one.

Open Range RV Review

If you are ready to buy an Open Range RV for you then this section is the most important for you. Here we will discuss one of the best models Open Range RV is producing. This can be the perfect RV for you.

๐Ÿ”น Open Range Fifth Wheel

The Open Range Fifth Wheel RV is one of the most luxurious, beautiful, and stylish RVs on the market. This model has one of the best-built quality in the market. It is made to last longer than most RVs. This RV is already packed with a lot of features.

You can also add some additional features like BBQ Panel, Observation Camera, Slide Out Awning Covers, etc. The interior of this RV is packed with luxurious features. From LED HDTV to Wifi service, there is nothing that the Open Range Fifth Wheel wonโ€™t offer. 

The Kitchen spacing is also packed with everything you need. You wonโ€™t feel like you are cooking far from your home. 

However, who makes the Open Range Fifth Wheel RV? Like all the other Open Range RVs, the Fifth Wheel RV is also made by the Highland Ridge.


The Highland RV has provided us with a luxurious Open Range RV at a reasonable price. If you want to have a good time with your friends and family and be worry-free then the Open Range RV is the perfect companion for you.

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