Summer can be exhausting due to excessive heat. Also, it can be a great time to refresh and have fun with your friends and family. We all love to travel somewhere, an RV can make that journey more flexible. 

Inside an RV you will live like you’re at home. So, you will need an RV that you can trust. Grand Design RV can be a very good choice in this section.

So, Let’s discover the world of RV and find out who makes Grand Design RV? Besides that, we will try to explain some of the things that you should know before getting an RV.

About Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV is an RV(Recreational Vehicle) manufacturer. They are located in Middlebury, Indiana.  Some of their notable products are fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers for entry-level RVers and full-time RVers, and everyone in between. 

Over the year Grand Design has earned a reputation for providing high-quality products to its consumers. They are famous for the high-quality inspection of their products. Grand Design’s product undergoes a 300 points inspection system which ensures its quality. 


Grand Design RV started its journey in 2012 from the mind of industry veterans Don Clark, Ron Fenech, and Bill Fenech. Although Recreational Vehicles are produced by many over the years, these 3 wanted to change how it is in the industry. 

According to the founding member of the Grand Design RV, the RV industry has lost the touch with the consumer. As an enthusiast in this field, they wanted to change this and make the RV industry more consumer-friendly. 

Currently, Ron and Bill Fenech are not working in the Grand Design RV. They left the company on good terms to pursue a different career path. On the other hand, Don Clark who was another founding member of this company is the president and the CEO of the Grand Design RV.


Grand Design RV has set a new norm for the RV industry. An industry where the manufacturers are more focused on making customers’ experience easy. This moto of the Grand Design has made them the top choice for the consumers.

Grand Design RV has created job facilities for over 1600 employees that are currently working in the company. Currently, they are the third-largest RV manufacturer in the USA. Despite being a new company they are improving rapidly. 

Grand Design’s massive success caught the attention of the Winnebago industry and in 2016 they have acquired the Grand Design RV for $500 million, plus undisclosed shares. 

However, what company makes Grand Design RV? The company is Winnebago Industry. So now let us talk about the history and some interesting facts about Winnebago Industry.

About Winnebago Industry

Winnebago Industry is an American motorhome and Recreational Vehicle (RV) manufacturer. Recently in 2018, they expanded their business and started manufacturing motorboats. Winnebago is named after where they established their first headquarter, Winnebago County. 

Winnebago County, on the other hand, is named after a Native American Tribe that used to live there during the 70s and 80s. Winnebago Industry also respects that by naming their products according to the Native American history and tradition. 

Winnebago industry started its journey in 1958. From the mind of John. K Hanson was a businessman in Lowa. 

How Good Is Grand Design RV?

Well, we have talked a lot about Grand Design RV as a company and how they are one of the giants in RV manufacturing. So, let us check out what makes them so good? The bigger question is, does Grand Design RV deserve all the attention it gets? Let us find out.   

We will discuss various aspects of the Grand Design RV. So this section should give you an idea of whether you need a Grand Design RV or not.


Pricing can be a big issue for a lot of customers. Everyone wants to have a great value for money with their products. Usually, you can get a Grand Design RV within the range of $30,000 MSRP to $160,000 and above depending on what model you’re choosing.

If you are looking for some affordable models then go for Transcend Xplor. They offer a great deal starting at $75000 MSRP. You can always go for a used RV if you want something cheaper.

Build Quality

One of the strongest sides of the Grand Design RV is its design quality. According to both users and critics, Grand Design RV offers an above-average build quality. Some of the Grand Design uses an aluminum shell over a wood frame.  

Depending on your preference and how you will use them the build quality for the Grand Design can be a great choice for you.

Great Forum

Well, any equipment can face problems, and solving them can be hard to fix or find an expert to solve them. There is good news for you, The Grand Design RV has a great community and members of the forum are very helpful. 

You can visit their website and can get all kinds of help from the experts. Whatever you want to know there will always be someone who can answer your question.

Easy Replacement Parts

If you face a problem in any particular part of the RV you don’t have to replace the entire RV as it can be very costly. You can visit their official website to look for your required Grand Design RV parts. You can also find Grand Design RV dealers on this website.

Visit here: Parts Lookup | Grand Design


Grand Design RV is a relatively new industry but with their hard work, they quickly became the public’s no 1  choice. Despite the Winnebago Industry acquisition, they did not change any business method that Grand Design is already using. Why fix something that’s not broken? 

To have a great time and journey, the Grand Design RV can be your companion and make your time better than ever.

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