You must be wondering, does heartland make a good RV? Yes, they do. Heartland RV is an extremely new RV manufacturer that has grown in popularity. Brian Brady, a seasoned RVer, launched Heartland RV in 2003. 

Heartland RV expanded by 225 percent and relocated to Elkhart, Indiana. If you want to find out more about who makes heartland RV, then read on.

Information About Heartland RV

Heartland RV is a relatively young RV manufacturer that has gone mainstream. Brian Brady, a seasoned RVer, launched Heartland RV in 2003. The Cyclone toy transporter was first introduced in 2006. 

A few years later, Heartland purchased DRV and Cruiser RV and extended manufacture even outside Elkhart and Howe, Indiana. 

The company’s most recent rebranding effort was themed on Launching Life’s Journeys. As a result, a new logo, brand colors, and narrative were developed.

Heartland RV presently offers six travel trailer types, five fifth wheel types, and four toy trailer models. These units range in length from 21 feet to 44 feet. They have a weight from 3000 lbs to 17,000 lbs, making them as diverse as you’ll find within the same company. 

The Heartland RV portfolio has something for every style of traveler. Thor Industries bought Heartland RV in 2010, seven years after it began. Heartland has risen at an exponential rate in the years afterward.

This was your answer to the question of who is Heartland owned by.

Who is Making Heartland RV?

Thor Industries bought Heartland RV in 2010, as previously stated. At the time, it was the company’s biggest acquisition. Brian Brady resigned in 2012, and Chris Hermon took over as Chairman of Heartland RV.

Heartland RV is still run by its own President, despite the fact that Thor Industries owns it. To the untrained eye, Heartland RV may seem to be its own true self-brand. 

This is a typical assumption since Thor Enterprises owns so many major RV companies and each business has been so profitable. In this Heartland RV review, we focus on who is making these RVs.

Is heartland a Good RV brand?

Heartland RV has always concentrated on producing RVs for all types of campers. As a result, they’ve created a variety of sorts to suit various requirements.

It was formed by RVers, therefore the firm is well-versed in the demands of various travelers. In their camper vans, fifth wheels, and toy haulers, they’ve captured those memories.

Basic romantic weekend units for travelers wishing to go away a few times a year are available, as are more opulent, higher-end versions for travelers seeking to go on longer journeys. 

So, to be precise, answering the question, is heartland a good RV brand? Yes, it is. This is because it has a wide range of camper vans and trailers.

What is The Top-of-The-Line Heartland RV?

The Landmark fifth wheeler is Heartland’s top-of-the-line RV. Each of the five models is over 43 feet long, providing enough living, storage, and culinary prep space. 

Three of the five units include a kitchen design, but they all come equipped with home equipment, huge pantries, and separate dining areas too. 

However, residential finishes aren’t only for the kitchen. Beautiful details, magnificent cabinets, and a laundry prep area are found throughout the units, making these Landmarks seem like home. 

The Landmark fifth wheeler has a retail value of $180,000 to $190,000. So, to answer the question, what is the top-of-the-line Heartland RV? It is the Landmark fifth wheeler.

What is The Price of a Heartland RV?

The price of an RV varies greatly depending on the manufacturer, model, floor layout, and features. New 2022 models range in price from $29,000 for a Frontier camper van to over $190,000 on a Landmark travel trailer.

More About The Current Owner-Thor Industries

Thor Industries, the RV company, was not originally a large conglomeration of RV brands. It began on the right foot in 1980, when it purchased Airstream, one of America’s most famous companies. 

As the firm proceeded to purchase companies throughout the years, such as Dutchmen in 1991 and another one in 2001, it grew to become the world’s largest RV maker.

Thor Industries has added KZ, Jayco, and Tiffin to its brand portfolio since acquiring Heartland RV in 2010. Thor Industries presently owns 17 RV brands in North America and a number of European brands.

Thor Industries is now the world’s biggest RV producer. They own 18 RV firms, but they do a lot more than that. Everything revolves around the trip experience. That is why they also own various travel-related businesses.

Thor offers everything from RV purchase to RV family vacation planning to making road mates.

Typical Features in Heartland RV

Heartland is dedicated to creating unique RVs. They’re a leading towable RV maker that continually creates best-selling models.

High-Quality Materials

For all of their RV constructions, they employ high-quality materials and design. As a consequence, the RV is structurally sound. They also provide a three-year warranty on all new RVs.

There is no carpet in Heartland RVs. Instead, they feature easy-to-clean woven flooring. It’s a must-have if you have allergies.

Interior walls are likewise made of Azdel composite. This innovative paneling is light and resistant to extreme temperatures. Their sliding rooms also come with triple seal protection. Dirt, dust, and water are kept out of your RV using this technology.

Heartland RV offers national servicing as well. This is crucial for full-time RVers since you don’t want to be stuck if anything goes wrong. 

Problems With Heartland RV

However, even Heartland RVs may have some problems such as leaky roofs and even electrical issues. It is easy to fix these heartland RV problems though.


Does Heartland Make Good Campervans?

These campervans have the best features and are readily available. So, yes, they make good campers.

Should You Live in an RV?

Living in an RV may be a good thing because it is economical and even satisfying.


You may feel secure in your purchase now that you know who produces Heartland RV. As you proceed through the decision-making process and discover more, you also know who makes Heartland RV. 

We hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading.

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