Rv or recreational vehicles can be your best partner during camping or a long journey. They can be fundamental to 5-star hotel-level luxury. Whatever it is, you have to stay there and do some basic chores. So, we should not compromise on the quality of an RV. 

There are a lot of companies manufacturing amazing RVs in the market. Therefore, choosing the best RV can be a tough call. Entegra RV can be one of your primary choices. Let us talk about who makes Entegra RV and should you buy them? 

This article can help you to choose the better RV for you. Later in this article, we will also talk about some of the amazing Entegra RVs that you can get. So, let us begin.

About Entegra

Entegra is a high-end RV manufacturer. While they specialize in larger RVs, they also have a wide selection of Class C and Class B cars. Each one features the signature Entegra aesthetic that the firm is known for.

We would love to talk about the company a lot more. Unfortunately, most of their origin story has been lost with time. You can get to know about its history from 2008 after Jayco acquired them, Even on their about us page of its official website they talk about the company after 2008. 

That does not mean that Entegra started its journey in 2008. No, its origin goes far back than that. However, who builds Entegra RV? 

Jayco is the current owner of the company. Jayco has owned Entegra since 2008, as previously stated. Jayco’s ownership has had a significant impact on Entegra’s operations. They are in charge of building Entegra RV. 

So the question is now, where is Entegra made? Entegra Coach RVs are built near the Amish community. Their production facility is in Elkhart County, Indiana, United States of America.

About Jayco Inc.

Jayco, Inc., a Thor Industries affiliate, is an American recreational vehicle manufacturer. Fold-down (sometimes known as “pop-up”) camping trailers, conventional travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth-wheel travel trailers, and motorhomes are all manufactured by the company (Class A and C). 

Jayco is situated in Middlebury, Indiana, and the Amish and Mennonite communities of Indiana account for almost three-quarters of its 3,200-person workforce. They have a modest beginning with only 15 employees in 1968. Their constant hard work and innovation made them what they are.

In 2008, Jayco purchased Entegra Coach, Starcraft RV, and Highland Ridge, in addition to the Jayco brand. Jayco presently produces around 50,000 RVs each year, and in April 2016, it reached the millionth RV milestone.

As Entegra RV is owned by Jayco, the question arises, is Entegra the same as Jayco? To be honest, they are not the same but there are not any significant differences either. 

Aside from the brand and outside decor, there are distinctions between them. The Entegra, for example, has a windscreen built into the front nose cap, whereas the Jayco does not.

Is Entegra Coach Any Good?

Entegra was known for making only Class A motorhomes until a few years ago. This was expanded to cover Class C RVs in 2018. Entegra was able to restart its line of virtually identical devices using Jayco’s created designs and facilities. 

Entegra was able to avoid the poor building decisions that plague many new RV lines as a result of diverse RV production. So to understand whether they are a good brand or not we will divide this section into multiple sections,

🔹 Warranty

Jayco is well-known for providing the industry’s best warranty. They double practically every other company’s standard limited warranty. Entegra offers the same two-year standard warranty coverage as the competition. 

Unfortunately, the entire terms and conditions of the Entegra warranty are not available online. With the standard warranty, Entegra also provides a structural warranty for 5 years and Platinum level roadside assistance for 3 years.

🔹 Durability

Entegra does offer an amazing build for an RV. All of Entegra’s units come with one-piece fiberglass roofing. A single-piece fiberglass roof considerably reduces the number of potential exposure points, making it an important first line of protection against moisture damage.

One of the most important features of the interior is they are completely silent. This is one of Entegra’s main selling points. It is possible because of Entegra’s focus on the practical features as it can be annoying to be in an RV on an Open road or noisy neighborhood.

🔹 Upgradability

If you think your Entegra RV is not offering enough then there are options for multiple upgrades. From front independent suspension to floor heating, Entegra allows you to make your RV a part of you.

🔹 Pricing

Now, what about Entegra RV Price? You can get diesel. Class A starting MSRP $ 225,975.00; Class C starting MSRP $ 344,550.00; Class B starting MSRP $ 201,000.00. As they are a luxury product and considering what they are offering we think the pricing is reasonable.

🔹 Problems

So far, we’ve said a lot of nice things about Entegra. Nothing is perfect, unfortunately. So, what are Entegra RV problems? Alignment concerns, power shed not opening properly, and window leaking is the three key faults that customers have noticed.

Entegra RV Review

If you are ready to buy an Entegra RV and want the best of what they are offering. Here’s what we think about one of Entegra’s best products.

🔹 2023 Cornerstone

This is one of the luxurious products from Entegra. This product allows you to enjoy your journey with maximum comfort and safety features. 

A 15-inch digital dash with an integrated 360° camera, a Reyco® Granning® passive-steer tag axle, and disc brakes on each axle keep you safe and secure on the road.


Entegra has provided us with some amazing products over the years. Previously, they have only offered us class A RV. Recently, they are also offering class B and class C type RV. Now, we can get the quality of a well-renowned brand at a bit cheap price.

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