What could be better than a camper that works well if you want to purchase a home that you can take with you wherever you go? Crossroads is among the more recognizable names in the RV industry.

In Crossroads RV Zinger’s range, travel trailers with wood frames and aluminum skins are more popular. The CrossRoads Zinger can add memorable touches to your journey. However, the company charges reasonable prices for a variety of reputable fifth wheel and travel trailer brands.

In this article, we will talk about who makes Zinger campers. Zinger campers primarily fall under the Crossroads Travel RV lines. Here, we go into more detail about it and provide a general overview.

Who Manufactures Zingers?

A travel trailer and RV manufacturer named Crossroads has manufactured these trailers since 1996. This outstanding business offers exceptional trailers that are very convenient and functional.

RV manufacturer CrossRoads is Thor Industries. Airstream, Entegra Coach, Dutchmen, and a host of other prominent and smaller RV producers are among the many brands owned by Thor. They have been able to establish themselves as a reputable brand in the RV industry because of their broad brand portfolio.

In 2004, Crossroads got purchased by Thor. This acquisition broadened Thor’s range of towable RVs. Many different RV models are available from CrossRoads RVs. Additionally, the Zinger range gets listed under the Travel trailer series.

Who Owns Zinger?

A fifth wheel, a travel trailer, and a toy hauler are all produced by CrossRoads RV. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has experienced rapid expansion. The biggest RV producer worldwide is Thor.

They also own recognized companies, including Jayco, Heartland Recreational Vehicles, Hymer, Four Winds, and others, along with the ones already highlighted.

Additionally, they are the owners of Crossroads RV. Zingers are held by Thor’s industry as well since they fall under the Crossroads brands.

Are Zinger Campers Good?

CrossRoads has models like Zinger, which are among their most well-known trailers. In recent years, Crossroads has updated the Zinger Travel Trailer to have a more upscale appearance in general.

Simplicity and safety, coupled with elegance, are the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a CrossRoad travel trailer. Additionally, the CrossRoads Zinger travel trailer offers everything. CrossRoads is glad to provide you with excellent options to ensure that you may enjoy the greatest ease, security, and elegance.
Every trip will benefit from the thoughtful design of the CrossRoads RV Zinger travel trailer, which optimizes capacity and comfort.

Moreover, you will feel very secure and protected thanks to the backup camera configuration, which can be seen visually behind the travel trailer and can aid in backing up.

Zinger Camper Reviews

Here is a small review of Zinger Travel Trailers 290KB.

It has a microwave, 13.5k BTU air conditioner, a three-burner stove with an oven and glass top, a TV antenna, a tub surround, a hot water system, a smoke sensor, and an LP analyzer.

The bathroom will have a power exhaust, a black tank flush, and a stainless steel sink, while the living room will have pleated shades.

Lastly, the minibar, standby camera, solar prep, and 30″ fireplace are all included, as well as the kitchen faucet, which gets made of stainless steel.

Who Makes Zinger Lite Campers?

Introducing the thoughtfully designed and constructed Zinger Lite, a member of the CrossRoads RV family. Since 1996, the travel trailer and RV production plant Crossroads has been creating trailers.

You’ll be certain to find the perfect match thanks to the wide selection of floor layouts available. The Zinger Lite comes with a variety of amazing features usually found in travel trailers that are more expensive.

How Much Does a Zinger Lite Camper Weigh?

Zinger lite campers belong to the travel trailer category. The answer to the question “How much does a Zinger lite camper weigh?” is that it depends on the model. Like the Zinger, which is only 3,343 pounds heavy and 21 feet long. On the other hand, the Zinger Lite is 3386 pounds heavier.

What Is The Zinger Convenience Package?

There are several building plans and features available with the Thor Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer, so you can choose the RV that best suits your needs. The Zinger line provides a variety of characteristics typically found in more costly travel trailers, along with a ton of storage capacity.

The Zinger convenience package has a lot of features that will make your trip as smooth as possible. Below are the features that come with buying a Zinger camper.

There is plenty of room to roam about and relax in the Crossroads Zinger Trailer. Diverse styles can suit your household and visitor circle thanks to the numerous floor plans, a few sliding components, and all the conveniences of home.

The travel trailers from Crossroads come with a few standard features. A fashionable characteristic of them is a resistor stabilizer jack (only available on twin shaft variants). Gas and electric refrigerators, both eight cubic feet in size, are the two varieties that get offered.

Furthermore, Each Crossroads Zinger traveling trailer configuration has a convention center with a movable canopy control center that enables users to view every tank at once. Stainless steel appliances, cherry tree cabinets, and tile countertops make this kitchen charming, helpful, and practical.

Zinger Camper Prices

Starting prices for the manufacturer’s compact Zinger range are under $24,000. In contrast, the base model of its premium Redwood RV line costs just under $150,000. Other product lines are also produced by the corporation, with prices ranging from low to high. Additionally, if you purchase them from a retail location, you can do it for a little less money.


In order to wrap up this article, we already mentioned who makes Zinger camper. Hopefully, that answer has cleared up any ambiguity. However, we also discussed the attributes, costs, and offerings of Zinger here. You can now buy without any hesitation.

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