Camping is a great summertime hobby that can make you feel refreshed and ready for work. Usually, people go like full cavemen and spend some time with nature. Most prefers to have a bit of modern touch in their camping experience and an RV can give you that.

Now it is hard to choose the best RV when there are tons of brands selling the same product. In our quest to find the perfect RV, why not check out who makes Starcraft Campers and what they are doing differently compared to other RV brands.

About Starcraft

Starcraft started as a farm equipment manufacturer in 1903. Later Starcraft expanded its business in marine manufacturing and from 1964 Starcraft campers manufactured campers. Starcraft has its base of operation in Amish County, Northern Indiana.   

By the 90s Starcraft became one of the most prominent RV manufacturers in the US. To keep up with the latest technology Starcraft is always focusing on innovation. You will see the different lineup of Starcraft RV revealing themselves when there is a new technology. 

So, who owns Starcraft RV, and who makes Starcraft Travel Trailers? The answer to both questions is the same, Jayco industries. Jayco was acquired by Thor industries recently. So, you can say Thor industries has the manufacturing and the distribution rights to Starcraft Campers.

About The Manufacturer

Jayco inc. is one of the prominent RV manufacturers in the US and a subsidiary of Thor industries. Jayco inc. is from Middlebury, Indiana. Jayco is providing jobs for about 3300 people from Indiana and closer areas. 

Thor Industries is another prominent RV manufacturer in the market. Thor has acquired so many RV manufacturers that whatever brand you are checking out is one way or another maintained by Thor industries. Its manufacturing plant can be seen in Indiana, Ohio, Idaho, and Oregon. 

Some well-known subsidiaries of the Thor industry are Jayco, Heartland, Airstream, Keystone RV, and many more. Thor Industries has significantly changed the RV market with excellent and latest technologies. Starcraft is just an example of it. 

Jayco Vs Starcraft

So, are Starcraft Campers good quality? To answer this question we will compare its parent company and one of the veterans in the RV industry Jayco with Starcraft to understand are they keeping up with the current market.

๐Ÿ”น Build Quality

Starcraft has been serious about the build quality and keeping it constant among its various models. Even the oldest Starcraft model in the market has one of the best life spans of most RVs. Starcraft’s Magnum Roof system is 50% durable and stronger. 

For any RV the roof system is one of the key features most users look for. Starcraft has put some extra emphasis on that segment but they have also made sure that other features are also up to the mark. 

Starcraft uses high-quality fiber-glass in walls, metal backers, and aluminum chassis. Jayco also offers some best roof systems. You can get options on what kind of roof system you want in a Jayco RV. The magnum truss can bear about 4500 pounds load and Jayco has them in its RV. 

Jayco offers protection from various climate issues that ensure the durability of the product. Also, Jayco offers custom-made frames whereas other brands use stock frames. 

๐Ÿ”น Models

Starcraft has more options when it comes to models. Jayco is the parent company so people think they have more collection. Surprisingly, Starcraft has beaten Jayco in this regard. Here are some notable brands from Starcraft. 

  • Comet
  • Emblem
  • Travel Star
  • GPS
  • Centennial and many more.

And here are some of the models that Jayco is offering. 

  • Hummingbird
  • Jay Flight
  • Seneca
  • Melbourne

๐Ÿ”น Pricing

We donโ€™t think so we have to talk a lot about this segment as Starcraft is just a part of Jayco. Both of these brands follow a similar business model. Both Jayco and Starcraft offer different models targeting different consumers. 

Both Jayco and Starcraft Campers’ prices are in a competitive range. So, we think it is ok to say both Jayco and Starcraft have something for everyone.

๐Ÿ”น Warranties

Same we can say about warranties of both brands for the reason we mentioned. Jayco offers two years of warranties that cover 24,000 miles for newer models this warranty is three years. The warranty covers everything that your Jayco RV has. 

Jayco claims to have the best RV warranties out there and all their RV brands have the same warranty policy whether it is Starcraft or Jayco itself.

Starcraft Campers Review

As we have mentioned before, Starcraft has a lot of models so it will get confusing when you are trying to buy one. So, here is our recommendation on Starcraft Campers finest. 

๐Ÿ”น Supercraft Super Lite Travel Trailer

The super lite travel trailer features a Tuffshell fiberglass wall. As a light version of a trailer, this building material is built to last longer and provide fantastic durability. The Starcraft Super Lite Travel Trailer has a roof made of PVC. 

The PVC roof is easy to maintain, flexible, puncture-proof, and also has lower maintenance costs. Some of the notable features of the Supercraft Super Lite Travel Trailer are a 30-pound liquid propane tank with a hardcover, a ladder in the rear to access the roof, and many more.

๐Ÿ”น Starcraft Autumn Ridge Travel Trailers

If you are looking for the best comfort then the Autumn Ridge Travel Trailer can be a great choice. The 96โ€ exterior width, fiberglass insulation, and fantastic Magnum roof system made this Camper one of the best on the market. 

If something feature-packed is your choice then the Autumn Ridge Travel Trailers is easily one of the finest.


The parent company of Starcraft Campers, Jayco inc. is one of the prominent brands in the RV industry. Jaycoโ€™s parent company Thor Industries is also working hard to change the RV game. So, you can trust Starcraft Campers as a reliable brand and bring them on your next holiday. 

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