The Palomino Puma brand is one of the best RV manufacturers out there. Palomino motorhomes produce a diverse line of recreational vehicles. They presently offer 14 distinct brands covering a wide range of motorhome types.

Puma campers are one of the few camper types that cater to different types of campers. Let’s look at the article further to find out who makes puma campers and more details about it.

Where are Puma Campers Made?

In North America, the Palomino campervan brand has a few production plants. Colon, Michigan, Middlebury, Goshen, and Indiana are all home to these establishments.

Furthermore, the firm offers factory tours, with the truck camper production plant being one of the most popular. So if your question was where are Puma campers made, then we’ve probably answered your question.

What Manufacturer Makes Puma?

Palomino campers production was started by Vern Landey and his firm Vanguard Industries in 1968. Landey chose to extend out into camping trailer buildings in 1968 after successfully operating a firm focusing on tent trailers distribution for many years.

His ambition was to bring to the RV business motorhomes that were better designed and built than what was accessible at the moment. Palomino pop-up tent trailers were the first design Landey produced.

Landey relocated his whole business to Colon, Michigan in 1972, believing that the firm had grown to the point where it would be advantageous to produce RVs near major industries in Elkhart, Indiana.

In 1976 and 1978, the firm expanded its metal manufacturing capabilities and established its needle section. The 1993 Palomino model was introduced in 1992. The firm continued to build and improve with new trailer types until 1998.

New Owner of Puma Campers

However, the revolution was on the line, and in 2002, Vanguard Industries was purchased by Forest River Inc., North America’s biggest RV maker.

Following the acquisition, the Palomino brand saw fast expansion, with several new models being created and produced. Berkshire Hathaway purchased Forest River Inc. in 2005, bringing about yet another significant upheaval.

Because Palomino is a part of Forest River Inc, the Palomino brand is ultimately owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

You were probably wondering, what company makes the Puma camper? Here’s your answer to the question. 

Types and Styles of Puma Trailers

Palomino RVs come in a variety of styles and sizes.  With such a large selection of recreational vehicles available, you are virtually certain to find one that meets your needs.

Truck trailers, fifth wheeler, toy trailers, destination campers, and travel trailers are all made by Palomino.

What are Palomino Puma’s Most Popular RVs?

Palomino RVs have a few popular models among RVers after being in for more than five decades in the business.

The company is noted for lightweight models with unique floorplans, as well as a track record of producing high-quality models made of reliable materials.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Palomino Puma brand and what they have to offer, take a look at some of its most popular models below. 

It has a toy hauler called Puma XLE Lite 27QBC. There is also a fifth wheeler known as River Ranch 392MB. A Travel Trailer called Revolve EVI is also very famous. Its destination trailers are quite popular too. 

Are Puma Trailers Suitable for All Four Seasons?

Palomino RVs are suitable for all four seasons. When planning a new campervan camping trip, think if you want a vehicle that can be used in all four seasons.

If you plan to use your RV in exceptionally cold or hot locations, you’ll need to be sure it has the right characteristics.

Although many Palomino RVs are capable of four-season travel, their Puma versions are noted for being really four-season.

Most Notable Problems With Palomino Puma Campers

Palomino Puma campers are the best and the most easily available campers out there. But these campers have their own problems as well. 

Mediocre Construction

Some users of the Puma campers mentioned that the roof had quite poor construction. Moreover, the vents do not have proper construction either. 

The door handles and knobs may come off when you are camping if you are not careful when you are using them. 

Windows may be a problem too when it comes to Puma campers. It is difficult to open and close the windows of these campers. 

Inappropriate Wiring

Poor wiring and damages to the electrical wires are other problems of the Puma campers. Current leaks may also be a common problem with these campers.

Does Puma Make Good campers?

This is one of the puma campers reviews that cover the answer to your question, does Puma make good campers? Indeed, Puma makes good quality campers. 

Palomino Camper owners are continually raving about the camper’s storage space and capacity. There are certainly more cabinets and storage compartments than you need. There is also a storage box under the queen-size mattress.

A Palomino Puma Camper’s interior living area is equally amazing. You may save room by collapsing a few objects in the campground, such as the table. The queen-size mattress has enough room for three individuals to sleep comfortably.

Palomino Puma Camper users are also thrilled with the camper’s refrigerator. The refrigerator is large, allowing guests to bring more items. It may also be powered by AC, DC, or gasoline, depending on your preferences.

So, the answer to your query, Is Puma a good brand, will be yes.


Who Makes Puma Campers Now?

Forest River is responsible for manufacturing Puma by Palomino at the moment.

Can You Use Puma Travel Trailers For Every Season?

Puma travel trailers can be used all four seasons, which makes them ready to be used anytime.

Final Words

Puma trailers have budget-friendly options and options for every lifestyle out there. Overall, investing in Puma trailers would not be a loss because of their versatility and multi-purpose functions. So, you may invest in one!

That’s all. We hope you have enjoyed this article on who makes Puma campers and will stay tuned for more.

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