With a history dating back to the year 1968, Jayco is responsible for making recreational campervans for campers. Jayco makes different kinds of travel trailers, campervans, and even haulers. 

The brand is based in Indiana. About three-quarters of its manpower is in the Amish and Mennonite regions of Indiana. Jayco is a sister concern of the Thor Industries, the biggest manufacturer of recreational vehicles. 

If you want to find out further about who makes Jayco campers, then read on.

History of Jayco Campers

The company was first discovered by Bertha Bontrager and another person. In its first year of operation, the company was able to sell off 132 campervans. The company continued to expand. In 1978, it established another plant in Kansas. 

After a period of slow growth, the company recovered to become the second-largest manufacturer of the world’s most towable vehicles. 

Lloyd Bontrager, one of the co-founders of the brand was killed in a plane crash. Later, his wife and sons became the people in charge of the brand. Currently, it is owned by Thor Industries. 

More About The Manufacturer

Jayco RVs manufactures its recreational vehicles under Thor Industries. 25% of all the campervans in the US are sold under the name of Thor Industries. So, if your question was who owns Jayco campers, then we hope we could answer that. 

It is possible to buy and sell shares in the Thor Industries as it is on the New York Stock Exchange. Thor Industries is the biggest manufacturer of recreational vehicles in Europe. 

The current president of Thor Industries is Bob Martin. The Indiana-based company has 17 other franchises including Airstream, Starcraft, Keystone RV, and even Jayco.

🔹 Where Does Thor Industry Sell?

Thor Industries sells its world-class renowned campervans in places such as Canada, US, and even Europe. There are domestic operations in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and even places like Idaho and Oregon. 

However, Thor mostly sells in the US, accounting for around 70% of the sales of recreational campervans. It has been one of the top manufacturers of RVs in the US since the year the 1980s.

Are Jayco Campers Good?

Jayco campers are the best in town because of their layout, different models and varieties, etc. So, if your question was, are Jayco campers good, then we have got you covered. 

The owners of the Jayco brand focus on the luxurious feel of the campervans but remember to make it affordable for the crowd. The brand focuses on quality workmanship and innovation to bring the best campervans to the enthusiastic campers out there. 

Being the Bronze winner award for bringing the best of all worlds in their campervans, Jayco focuses on excellence. If you are thinking about investing your money in a good campervan, then Jayco is the brand that you should opt for.

Unique Features of Jayco Campers

One of the standout features of the Jayco campervans is its roofing system. The roofing system of these campervans can withstand up to 4,500 lbs. of weight. The Jayco campervans also provide protection against extremes of weather patterns. 

The climate shield of the Jayco trailer vans ensures that they can prevent the people inside from feeling the extreme weather patterns. 

According to extensive Jayco campers reviews, the brand covers a warranty span of up to 24 months or 24,000 miles. Jayco RVs also provide structural warranty in terms of the roof, flooring, and the other areas of the campervans.

Jayco’s Sustainable Practices

If you are someone who believes that all brands should adopt sustainable practices, then look no further. Jayco is a brand that focuses on sustainable practices by aiming to reduce the carbon footprint. 

The company tries its best to reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating plastic packaging as much as possible. Moreover, it uses recycled water in the tests that it carries out. To top it all off, the brand has curated a way to ensure that there is no energy wastage in production. 

The brand even runs extensive campaigns to inform the mass about its sustainable practices. For example, the brand tries its best to inform drivers about eco-friendly and sustainable driving practices.

Jayco even tries to educate the public about saving gas or fuel and employing conservation-friendly approaches or methods in driving.

The Best New Jayco Campers

If you have been wondering which new Jayco campers you should buy, then we assure you that this section is going to fill you in on the important details pertaining to it. 

Jayco has its own line of travel trailers such as Hummingbird, Jay Feather, White Hawk, Jay Flight, Jay Flight Bungalow, Eagle Travel Trailers, etc. 

Just as the name suggests, the Hummingbird is Jayco’s line of the smallest campervans. Jay Feather is a line of lightweight trailers that range in weight from 3,000 to around 6,500 lbs.  

Another unique line of travel trailers by Jayco is the White Hawk. The White Hawk ranges in weight from around 5,000 to 7,500 lbs. The beautiful woodwork design of this campervan line makes it stand out.


Is Jayco a Reliable Brand For RVs?

Jayco is definitely a reliable brand for RVs. It also depends on how old or new the RV is. But typically, Jayco is a trustworthy brand because of its excellent craftsmanship. 

What is The Disadvantage of Owning a Jayco Trailer Van?

Some of the most common disadvantages of owning the Jayco campervans is that the costs of owning them are high. There are maintenance, utility, electricity, as well as insurance costs.

Final Words

Jayco is an amazing brand with a killer reputation in the world of recreational campervans. With different models of campervans catering to the multiple needs of the campers, Jayco is a solid brand. 

The variety of campervans, as well as the maintenance of the standards, are what makes Jayco stay in the business. With that being said, we are ending this article on who makes Jayco campers. 

We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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