It’s been a long week, and you’re looking forward to reconnecting with nature and finding yourself. You don’t want to go all caveman, and you’d want to have some modern amenities as well. What you’re looking for is a recreational vehicle (RV) or a camper.

Now let us address the elephant in the room and talk about what brand you should get. So let us check out one of the Campers that you may be considering buying,  Dutchman Campers. Now, who makes Dutchman Campers, and are they worth your money? 

About Dutchman Campers

Dutchman Campers was founded in 1988 by a group of RV enthusiasts. Dutchman Campers has something for everyone, from a toy hauler to a fifth wheel. They’ve also earned a reputation for providing an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Dutchman Campers’ headquarters are in Indiana, where they manufacture and examine their products to ensure that we receive the best possible product. Dutch campers are also known for providing excellent customer service.

Now the question is who owns Dutchman Campers? One of the subsidies of Thor industries, Keystone RV is responsible for manufacturing and distributing Dutchmen campers to its customers. You can technically say Thor industries own Dutchman campers

So in the next section, we will discuss Thor industries and Keystone RV simultaneously.

About The Manufacturer

If you’ve ever done any research on the internet about RVs, you’ve probably come across Thor Industries. They are the world’s second-largest RV manufacturer. Almost all of the well-known RV brands, such as Four Winds Inter, Jayco, and Forest River, are under Thor’s control.

Thor’s subsidiary Keystone RV started its journey in 1996 and within a short time, it achieved a place in the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies. Thor industries took note of its success and purchased Keystone RV for $145 million. 

Dutchman campers maintain its operation in the RV capital of the world Goshen, Indiana. Most of your favorite RVs are manufactured here.

Are Dutchman Campers Good?

Dutchman has a wide range of products, including Toy Haulers, Fifth Wheelers, and Travel Trailers, all of which are reasonably priced and of excellent quality. 

The question now is, how excellent are Dutch campers? We’re going to take a look inside a Dutchman Camper and try to answer that question.

🔹 Pricing

As we have mentioned before, Dutchman Campers from its dawn has emphasized great products but at a reasonable price. Nowadays the case is still the same and you can get some amazing RVs at relatively cheaper RV from Dutchman than others. 

Does Dutchman make Coleman campers you may ask? Yes, For only $20,000 you can get a Coleman trailer, and not only that Dutchman provides some luxurious RVs.

🔹 Build Quality

In short, we cannot give you a definitive perspective on the Dutchman camper’s build quality. It is because Dutchman camper’s build quality differs from model to model. You won’t get the same build quality from a budget camper as a luxury one. 

But, regardless of price, you can count on Dutchman campers to provide you with the most value for your money. To maintain its high standards, Dutchman conducts a 253-point pre-delivery inspection. This inspection team ensures that whichever Dutchman camper you choose is of the highest quality.

Now, all that sounds super fantastic and all but at the end of the day, they are not perfect. If you check on RVinsider which is a reliable source of RV reviews you will find a lot of people say they are a “mid-level manufacturer”. 

It is mainly because of the issues a lot of customers get in the build quality after buying them. Yes, there are some common problems in the Dutchman campers but there are also easy to solve and solutions are available for everyone online.

🔹 Customer Support

You can contact Dutchman Campers customer care via its website or customer care number. During the working hour, you are guaranteed to get proper customer service from Dutchman. 

Dutchman prides themselves in their customer service as they claim very few calls get into the voice messages.

🔹 Warranty

When you are buying something at this price you are expecting a better warranty service from the company. Dutchman offers three years warranty on its product which they market as the best industry-leading warranty. 

Well, they provide a part-by-part warranty and if you compare this with other RV brands then yes, Dutchman does provide a better warranty than most RV brands.

Dutchman Campers Review

Now it is time for us to help you find the best model from the brand we are talking about. 

Dutchman does have an amazing collection of products in its catalog and Colman is like the budget-friendly section. As the majority will look for something cheap, here’s our one of Dutchman Coleman Camper Review.

🔹 Dutchman RV Coleman Light Travel Trailer

This fantastic budget-friendly camper has 3.3 stars review on RV insider. The Dutchman RV Coleman Light Travel Trailer is packed with multiple premium features that are sure to catch your attention. 

To help you with the setup it has a power stabilizer jack and a power tongue jack. These Dutchman Coleman campers feature amazing resident-grade vinyl flooring so you can have the touch of your home even if you are miles away from it. 

The windows have anti-UV glass in them so you can protect yourself from harmful UV lights. It also has good water protection from rain or extreme situations. The Dutchman Coleman camper is lit with powerful LED light and the best of all you can connect your TV here.


Dutchman campers are providing an amazing and luxurious camping experience with amazing prices and premium quality. Their product lineup and quality service have made them a part of the Thor industry. Dutchman is still innovating and providing the best to its customers.

The Dutchman campers can improve your camping experience with their incredible innovation in customer service and product quality.

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