Winter can be fun with all the snowfalls, Christmas, thanksgiving, new year, and fashionable jackets. But in some places snowfalls take a serious turn and lifestyle can be hampered because of that. 

In current weather, a snow-covered road in front of the house, the rear, or the front yard is a severe problem. To clean up all these problems, a good snow blower might be your best friend. So why not check out who makes Toro Snow Blower and what’s so special about them?

About Toro

Toro or The Toro Company is an American company that designs and manufactures lawn mowers, Snow Blowes, and irrigation system supplies for both personal and commercial purposes. Toro has their base of operation in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota. 

The company started its journey as the Toro Motor Company in 1914 and manufactured tractor engines for The Bull Tractor Company. The success of its initial product allowed Toro to diversify its business and hop into the mower market in 1948 by acquiring Whirlind Corp. 

Toro did not stop there, they keep improving themselves and diversified their business further, and got into the lawn and garden tractor business in the 80s by acquiring Wheel house which is the product division of American Motor Corporation. 

And for many years, Toro has actively pursued corporate expansion and diversification through the acquisition of other companies. The most recent one was in 2019 when Toro paid $700 million to acquire The Charles Machines Works.

About The Manufacturer

Despite making the majority of the snow blower, Toro does not make the engine. Loncin Holdings, a power equipment manufacturer in China, produces all of Toro’s engines, including the ones in snow blowers.

The business is well-known for the ATVs and motorcycles that its affiliate Longxin Motorcycle Industry Co Ltd manufactures. A division of this business called Loncin UAV produces the UAV from Loncin. However, Loncin bicycles are offered under many brands in various nations, including Voge in Italy.

Unfortunately, Loncin has to face a lawsuit by the United States Environmental Protection Agency because their imported bikes of them have violated the clean air act. The lawsuit ended with Loncin paying about $680k. 

Are Toro Snow Blowers Good?

Although it is a bit overwhelming for many to clean up the December snow the right tool can give you joy in cleaning up those messes. Is Toro Snow Blower the tool you are looking for? Let us find out everything you need to know about the Toro Snow Blower.

🔹 Design

The design is probably one of the most integral parts of a Snow Blower as it determines how easy it is for you to maneuver. The best part of the Toro Snowblower is the design and the speed also matches your walking speed therefore maneuvering this device is not a problem.  

To speed up Toro Snowblower you have to press the handle in toward the body and reduce the pressure to slow it down. This fantastic mechanism in the Toro Snowblower makes it the easiest to maneuver and very comfortable and fun to use. 

The very responsive nature of this speed-up mechanism also allows you to move comfortably in a tight space. Compared with other snowblowers sometime it will feel like you are pushing something very heavy but Toro has changed the game and made it easier. 

If you have used other Snowblowers before and started to use Toro Snowblower now then you can understand how just one feature can change the whole experience.

🔹 Time-Saving

An ordinary snowblower would take a long time to clean something in the January snow but Toro has literary cut that time in half. So with the Toro snowblower, there is a low chance of you being exhausted after cleaning everything from your yard.

🔹 Unique Steering System

Power steering is a function found on the majority of common snowblowers, but not on a Toro Snowblower. Although it may sound a little uncomfortable to some, the lightweight design of the Toro snowblower has rendered the power steering unnecessary.

🔹 Where to Buy Toro Snowblowers?

Toro snowblower is easy to find, you can get them from your nearest Walmart. If you prefer an online marketplace then eBay and Toro’s online marketplace is also great choice. Toro also offers help to find out a shop based on your location on its official website.

Toro Snow Blower Review

Toro has set a market standard with its multiple product lineups so let us talk about some of Toro’s finest and share what we think about them.

🔹 Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE

If there is a competition among different snowblowers then the Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE will obliterate everyone in that competition. Undoubtedly, the best snowblower is this beast from SnowMaster. 

The SnowMaster 824 QXE is a 24-inch device that is suitable for almost all driveways. The unique design of the SnowMaster has combined the best design idea from both and created a unique design that is both good-looking and practical.   

Additionally, SnowMaster includes a god-given pace driving system that makes it simple to navigate and enjoyable to use. According to their marketing manager, the SnowMaster’s auger moves 10 times more quickly than standard snowblowers, halving the cleaning time.

You don’t have to worry about losing your control at a high speed with the SnowMaster you can sure have a comfortable and fun time.


Toro has shown us how can you make cleaning January snow while enjoying the moment with its excellent innovation. Toro is still working hard to make its machines more capable and user-friendly.

With the service and quality Toro offering, you can get a Toro Snow Blower now to make your winter a bit more comfortable. 

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