Are you having a tough time cleaning snow manually? Thinking about buying a Simplicity Snowblower? Want to know more about who makes Simplicity snow blowers?  

People living in tropical areas may think that it would be great to live in a cold place. The soft snow will shower everything. Lighting woods in the cubby hole, enjoying the warmth, and watching tv can be great moments for many of us. 

However, heavy snow showering causes a thick accumulation of snow. It can block your pathways or courtyard. In this case, the first thing you will want is to clear the snow from your compound. Therefore, you need a good snow blower. 

When choosing a snow blower in 2022, you can pick a Simplicity Snow Blower. I will provide you with detailed information so you can choose a snow blower wisely. 

Who Owns Simplicity Snow Blowers?

If you are living in a snow-falling area, you may need a snow blower. Simplicity snow blowers are one of the best in the market. Are you interested to buy one? Want to know who owns Simplicity Snow Blowers? Let’s get straight to the answer. 

Simplicity is a Wisconsin-based company. Wisconsin is a state situated in the upper Midwestern of the United States and is popular for its dairy production. 

Simplicity Snow Blowers are powered by Briggs and Stratton engines.

Who Makes Simplicity Snow Throwers?

You might be a little confused reading this heading. I know you are thinking about the difference between a snow blower and a snow thrower. But, before answering that let’s understand who makes Simplicity Snow Throwers. 

Simplicity Snow Thrower is also manufactured by the same company and powered by Briggs and Stratton engines.

What is The Difference Between Snow Blower and Snow Thrower?

It’s possible that you are puzzled between a snow blower and a snow thrower. We often see that it is used for referring to the same products. Actually, they are not the same thing. Snow blowers and snow throwers both are used for cleaning snow but they have differences. 

Single-stage snow cleaner machine is called a snow thrower.  It takes up the snow and throws it out from the chute. Here single-stage means that it will throw the snow in one single movement. Simplicity single-stage snow throwers are good for cleaning the light snow on your walkways and yard. 

A snow blower has a two-stage mechanism. In the first stage, the auger scoops up the snow and then puts it into the impeller. And at the second stage, the impeller runs like a fan and blows the snow out from the chute.

If you are looking for a strong snow cleaner, you should go for a two-stage snow blower. You can easily remove the snow from the sidewalk, courtyard, etc. with the snow blowers. 

Simplicity Snow Blowers Reviews in 2022

As I have discussed earlier that a snow blower is a two-stage machine. Simplicity has a variety of two-stage snow blowers. Those who are facing very heavy snowfall can choose this two-stage or dual-stage snow blower. 

These snow blowers are equipped with powerful Briggs and Stratton engines. Also, it has dual trigger steering and free hand control which makes it easy to use. It will not clean down to the ground like the single-stage snow blower. 

However, it is faster than the single-stage snow blower. They are built to be used in harsh winter conditions with heavy snowfall. 

Simplicity Snow Blowers Parts and Features

🔹 Powerful Engine

Simplicity is powered by Briggs And Stratton engine, making it stronger enough to use in heavy snowfall. You can now perform some professional cleaning tasks with this. Briggs and Stratton confirm that the engine can operate at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

🔹 Easy Cleaning

Two-stage Simplicity Snow Blower has a cleaning width of 24-30 inches depending on the model.

🔹 Distant Throwing:

With the dual-stage blowers, you can easily throw snow to a distant place which is up to 40 feet. Duel-mounted chute rotation and deflector controls aid to throw snow where you want.  

🔹 Great Control and Turning

Though Simplicity Snow blowers are bigger in size, they have great controlling and easy turning capabilities. Because they have dual-trigger steering that will help you to make tight turns smoothly.

🔹 Durable Simplicity Snow Blowers Parts

Made with heavy-gauge steel, auger housing, and chute parts, Simplicity Snow Blowers will easily serve you for more than 10 years without any hassle. 

🔹 Free Hand Control

When you are changing speed or adjusting the deflector’s direction, it becomes hard to control the machine with one hand. But you don’t have to be worried if you are using Simplicity Snow Blowers because it has a free-hand control system.

🔹 Led Headlights

You may need to clean snow in foggy weather or at night. Therefore, the headlight is very essential. Simplicity comes with strong led headlights, making it easier to work at night or in fog.

🔹 Heated Hand Grips

This feature is actually a very helpful thing when the temperature is too low. Heated hand grips give you a warm feeling to your hands.

Are Briggs and Stratton Engines Any Good?

Briggs and Stratton’s engines are authentic and trustworthy. Their engines are not limited to only snow blowers. They also manufacture push mowers engines, riding mowers engines, utility engines, racing engines, and other commercial engines and battery packs. 

With experience of more than 110 years, Briggs and Stratton is now the world’s leading engine producer.


Does Simplicity Make a Good Snowblower?

Yes, Simplicity makes some suitable snow blowers with great specifications. They have single-stage and two-stage snow blowers for both light and heavy uses.

Are Simplicity and Ariens The Same?

Simplicity and Ariens are not the same brands. But they both use Briggs and Stratton engines in their snowblower. Ariens also use Ariens new AX series engines sometimes.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of snow blowers in the market. Every snow blower has its own pros and cons. In this article, I have tried to give answers to who makes Simplicity snow blowers and their features. If you are planning to buy a Simplicity snow thrower, this article may help you to choose the best one.

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