A snowy winter has two sides, fun time with friends and family making snowmen, messing around with snowballs, etc. Another side is the extreme snow covering your driveway and you can’t even move your car a bit. 

To help you with this annoyance a snow blower is a life-saving tool. Powersmart is one of the providers of this tool. So, let us talk about who makes Powersmart Snowblower and can they be your perfect helper in the winter or not.

About PowerSmart 

PowerSmart started its journey in 2005 in Itasca, Illinois where they have its headquarters.

They specialize in producing outdoor equipment like snow blowers, raging lawn mowers, generators, etc.

Since its journey, the amazing product has made them a reliable American brand.

About The Manufacturer

However, PowerSmart is not responsible for producing its products.

PowerSmart often outsources its product to a different manufacturer and the same case is for its snow blowers. Now the question is what company makes PowerSmart snow blowers? 

For the snow blower, PowerSmart has given the responsibility to Amerisun Inc.

🔹 Amerisun Inc.

Amerisun Inc. is a part of the wholesale industry for Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies Merchant. They started their journey in 2011 and provided some of the best products in the market. Amerisun’s headquarters can be found in Itasca, Illinois. 

Amerisun Inc. is in charge of producing and selling the PowerSmart snow blower. Also if you want to know who builds PowerSmart snow blowers the answer to this question is also Amerisun inc. 

However, they do not manufacture every component for snow blowers. The engine is made by a different firm.

Now the question arises again, who makes the PowerSmart snow blowers engine? For its 212cc OHV engine which is used in the PowerSmart snow blowers, they took help from a Chinese company Loncin Motor Co.

🔹 Loncin Motor Co.

This Chinese company started its journey in 1993. Since its journey, Loncin has determined itself to create eco-friendly low carbon emission products. The company specializes in manufacturing motorcycles, generators, engines, etc. 

Loncin’s products are distributed globally in more than 100 countries. They have also collaborated with some well-known companies such as PowerSmart. Loncin Motor Co. also has one of the industry-leading research centres to innovate and make its products better.

Are PowerSmart Snow Blowers Good?

PowerSmart has been producing some amazing outdoor products. Customers are satisfied with the service and others about PowerSmart Snow Blowers. But not every product is for everyone. So in this section, we will discuss the PowerSmart snow blower.

🔹 Pricing

Pricing for PowerSmart Snowblowers is on the cheaper side. Compare with other products of the same calibre you will find them more reasonably priced. If you are tight on budget then PowerSmart has just the package you are looking for.

🔹 Build Quality

PowerSmart uses some high-quality materials to ensure the product is durable. They use a 212CC engine that can throw snow away to a great distance which makes your cleaning experience better.     

Tires have designed to have a good grip in snowy conditions. Without a good tire, it will be near impossible to use your snow blowers.

🔹 Performance

Now the price can make you think about whether a PowerSmart can deal with your heavy snow or not. The powerful engine and 24-inch clearing width have made cleaning snow a piece of cake. You won’t face any critical issues even if there are extreme piles of snow gathering. 

🔹 Assembly

When you buy a new snowblower and come to your home, you have to spend a good amount of time just assembling the product. PowerSmart comes with an easy manual and assembling them is also easy and simple. You don’t have to waste a day on it. 

🔹 Parts

Even if your machine is made to be durable it is not meant to last forever. The parts of your PowerSmart snow blower can wear off with time. You can get parts for PowerSmart snow blowers on Amazon.

PowerSmart Snow Blowers Review

Now, what model of PowerSmart snow blowers you should buy? Here’s what we think about some of PowerSmart’s finest snow blowers.

🔹 PowerSmart PSS2240-X Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSS2240-X is a 212cc is powered with gas and has a clearing width. The clearing width is measured at 24 inches and a clearing path of 20 inches. It is self-propelled and has six forward and two reverse speeds. 

The PowerSmart PSS2240-X sports 13-inch inflatable tires with exceptional snow traction. The chute can be rotated 180 degrees, and the metal skid shoes may be adjusted in height. 

Assembly is quick and easy; remember to apply oil before starting it up. The strong frame and auger system are built of high-grade steel.

🔹 PowerSmart DB7624E Snow Blower

The 212cc engine of the PowerSmart DB7624E snow blower produces 7 horsepower and 9.5 lb-ft of torque. The PowerSmart DB7624E has a clearing width of 24 inches and a clearing path of 21 inches. It, too, is self-propelled and has four forward and two reverse speeds.

The assembly of the PowerSmart DB7624E 24-inch 212cc snow blower is quite straightforward, however, the instructions might be improved. The majority of the device is well-built and strong, however, certain sections feel a little flimsy, such as knobs and handle made of cheap plastic.


PowerSmart with some outdoor equipment has made our life easier. One of these amazing addition is the Snow Blowers. Reviews for PowerSmart Snowblowers in various eCommerce sites like amazon is positive. 

With the price and what PowerSmart is offering at that price, you can get one of its snowblowers and make your winter better and less tiresome.

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