Customers have extremely precise requirements when it comes to engines. They want power equipment that simply works correctly for their chosen application, as well as excellent technical support and replacement parts availability. Predator as a brand has a lengthy history in the power products industry, and they have a wide range of Predator engines and Predator Generators.

They have a solid reputation for offering high-quality equipment at a fair price. Their after-sales customer service is beyond comparison. What more can you ask for than commercial grade engines at a fantastic price?

We’ve written this post to provide you with all of the information you need about predator engines by asking, “Who makes Predator engines for Harbor Freight?

Are Predator Engines Made in China?

The Lifan Group, a Chinese business, manufactures 60% of Predator engines for Harbor Freight. The headquarters of this company is in Chongqing, China. But are Predator engines made by Honda too? Predator engines have been said by many to be clones of Honda engines. Allegedly, some Honda components are even compatible with predator engines, but here at we doubt this.
The most likely fact is that as with many Chinese made products, they are copies of Honda engines but not actually Honda engines rebadged. In fact, in 2004, Lifan was ordered to stop selling motorcycles under their amusingly named “Hongda” brand. This was after a successful lawsuit that was brought by the Honda Motor Company. Lifan engines are sold in China, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America as they have the required certifications.

Some articles have claimed that The Lifan Group no longer manufactures Predator Engines. The company has not gone out of business, but it has been stated that the patents have been sold or that a smaller company has been formed to continue producing engines but we can’t find conclusive evidence of this. Our research shows Harbor Freight still has a strong relationship with Lifan, as the company has been supplying them for years with their engines. Most of the generators that are sold by Harbor Freight are also made with Lifan engines. Due to this strong partnership, Harbor Freight can offer its customers top-quality goods at great prices.

Where Are Predator Engines Manufactured?

A strange twist to this fact hunt is that a big American store that used to just carry Predator Generators now appears to be producing them (using engines supplied to them). Harbor Freight Tools, a well-known California company, manufactures Predator generators (USA) but uses engines and parts supplied to them from their manufacturers. We assume this is because they can keep tighter quality controls in place in a domestic manufacturing facility.

The History of Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight Tools unique selling feature is that they get their tools directly from the manufacturer, allowing them to provide excellent prices to their customers. While this isn’t strictly white labeling, it does make it more difficult to figure out where Harbor Freight engines are manufactured but that didn’t stop the team!

In the beginning, Harbor Freight and Salvage was founded in a modest facility in North Hollywood, California, by Eric Smidt and his father, Allan Smidt, in 1977. The company’s roots are in mail-order tool sales and processing returned and liquidated goods. In 1985, at 25, Eric Smidt was named president of the company, a position he held until 1999 when he was promoted to chief executive officer. 

With its headquarters in Calabasas, California, Harbor Freight Tools—or simply Harbor Freight—is a privately held retailer of tools and equipment. It runs a brick-and-mortar retail operation and an online store. 

The company rebranded itself as Harbor Freight Tools as it expanded. More than 1,300 stores are spread across all 50 states, and the organization employs more than 25,000 Americans.

Since its launch in 1997, Harbor Freight has had a very successful internet presence. Initially, it had a small selection of products, an “About Us” section, and an order form for a printed catalog. Delivery estimates and return procedures were also available via a customer support link. 

The primary website featured ten landing pages! Over 79,000 of the site’s pages have been indexed on the current version of the Harbor Freight website. As of 2023, the Harbor Freight website received over 31 million monthly visits, most of which originated in the United States.

Does Loncin make Predator Engines?

Yes. Loncin is the manufacturer of the new Predator engines. Lifan was the manufacturer of the classic Blue Greyhound engines however Lifan still supplies 60% of engines to Harbor Freight, and Lifan and possibly other manufacturers supply the other 40%. You can verify the information by visiting Harbor Freight’s website. The new Harbor Freight 224 Predator engine is a DUCAR 224cc Non-Hemi Head type clone engine ; Ducar is another well-established Chinese engine manufacturer.

About the Manufacturer

  • Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., based in Chongqing, China, is a civilian-owned Chinese motorbike and vehicle manufacturer. It was formed in 1992 and began producing vehicles in 2005, with Lifan developing a compact sedan and license-built microvans. Passenger cars, microvans, dirt bike engines, entry-level motorbikes, mini-vehicles, and commercial trucks are among Lifan’s vehicle offerings.
  • Loncin Holdings, Ltd is a global distribution firm headquartered in Chongqing, China. Chongqing Longting Power Equipment, Longting, and Loncin (USA) Inc. are some of the company’s trade names. It is well known for its Loncin motorcycle and ATV brands, which are manufactured by its subsidiary Longxin, as well as its Loncin UAV business. Loncin are the people who make Briggs and Stratton engines so they have an excellent pedigree.
  • Harbor Freight Tools, based in Calabasas, California, is a privately held discount tool and equipment retailer that operates a chain of retail locations as well as a mail-order and e-commerce company. The firm has over 1,200 stores across 48 states and employs over 20,000 employees in the United States.

How long do Predator Engines Last?

At 50 percent load, you should receive approximately 6.5 hours of constant operation. A predator engine is expected to last 300 hours+, which equates to 3-4 years, based on user ratings and corporate estimates. When we compare the durability of the predator engine to that of other manufacturers, it’s excellent value and some owners report them lasting a long time even with heavy usage (eg . Predator 212 Hemi in a gokart was reported to be as good as new after 2 years daily use by its owner). No major problems with predator engines were reported and

Predator Engines

Predator engines are now separated into two types:

  • Horizontal engines are the backbone of every small engine manufacturer’s product line. These are the engines that perform the dirty work every day, powering millions of devices from water pumps and predator engine generators to air compressors and construction equipment all around the world. 
  • A wide range of items employ vertical shaft petrol engines. These are the engines that power millions of mowers and other machines across the world every day, including high-pressure washers and construction equipment. 

You need engines regardless of the type that can go the distance to have a robust and durable product range. Predator Power petrol engines have a cast iron cylinder liner, and all major components are manufactured in-house to ensure the greatest quality. Their engines come with a two-year warranty to earn your trust and establish the brand’s reputation as dependable. Knowing who makes predator engines and the fact they have a lot of experience in the field is a definite plus point in any purchasing decision.

Are Predator Engines any Good?

Whether you like or disagree with the concept of clone items (clone Hondas have been leveled at Predators on many occasions), Predator engines have created quite a stir in recent years. 

For example – Predator’s most popular 212cc engine is advertised as a Honda GX200 clone which makes this engine so divisive. This engine, it is said, accomplishes the same function for less money and does not require premium gasoline to run. Regardless of the controversy, this item has received rave reviews and is usually sold out.

Predator Engines Reviews?

Apart from a few minor gripes, Predator engines are consistently praised for being an “excellent engine for the price” and for their ability to reduce noise levels. They are great engines. They are made by Lifan and Loncin who makes most of the good Chinese engines including the Briggs and Stratton engines. There is a ton of aftermarket support as well. The 212cc is most popular and the 420cc is very popular. One user states “I have several on various machines. One of the larger ones on my vac. Love em all. Just replace the spark plug with a quality one.” while another owner states “I have had great luck with the predator series small engines from go karts to a log splitter and a tiller. All of them get a lot of use and I haven’t had an issue yet.”.

The New Harbor Freight 224cc Predator 224 Engine Full Review

Predator Engine Pricing

The price of a Predator engine is determined on its horsepower and size. The more horsepower, the more expensive it is. There are five distinct variants of the Predator vertical shaft engine, with outputs ranging from 13 to 23 horsepower. The 13 horsepower predator engine costs $600, while the 23 horsepower predator motor costs $1300 at the current time.

Predator has a total of 20 horizontal shaft engines, ranging in power from 1 horsepower to 37 horsepower. Depending on the HP, the retail price ranges from $180 to $2600.

Predator Engine has its own webpage that will walk you through its models and allow you to compare them to others. After you’ve chosen a model, you can just buy it online as you would with any other big e-commerce site. You can see more and order one on the Predator engines website.


Predator engines are a great buy and offer excellent value for money. Despite the manufacturing rumors about Honda Clone engines, Predator engines have managed to establish a great reputation among their consumers. To top it off Harbor Freight has a great returns policy and great customer service. You can even buy Predator Performance parts to increase the hp or longevity of your engine.

We hope this has piqued your interest in predator engines. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions regarding the article.

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