NASCAR( National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) features a lot of remarkable collections of cars. To compete in this race, a car must have some great features, including a powerful engine.

Who makes NASCAR engines? What is so special about them? We will also check on how many manufacturers are involved and learn about each of these manufacturers. Furthermore, we will check the details about NASCAR engines. So without further adieu, let’s get started.

What is NASCAR

The full form of NASCAR is National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. They are an American auto racing and sanctioning company best known for their stock car racing. Founded by Bill France Sr. in 1942 NASCAR has hosted a lot of memorable racing events in this world.

Jim France, son of Bill France Sr., is the CEO of NASCAR. NASCAR has its headquarter in Daytona Beach, Florida. Not only in the United States of America, but NASCAR has also sanctioned races in Canada, Mexico and Europe too.

Check out highlights of their recently hosted race here:

NASCAR Engines

For 62 years NASCAR has used carburetion as engine fuel feed with compacted graphite iron blocks and pushrod valve train actuating two valves per cylinder, and are limited to 358 cubic inches (about 5.8 litres) displacement.

But in this day and age of modern technology, they can use more powerful engines. So, keeping that in mind from 2012 NASCAR is allowing the race cars to use EFI V8 engines. The new engine allows the horsepower of a NASCAR is upto 900(670KW).

These NASCAR engines are more than capable of operating at 10,000 rpm.  A NASCAR cup engine has 4.185 inches of the maximum bore, 3.25 inches of stroke, and at 9,000 rpm the mean piston speed is 80.44 fps. The NASCAR cup engine weighed around 575 lb.

NASCAR Engine Manufacturer

NASCAR is considered to be the biggest event for cars. All the car manufacturers and drivers are here to show their superiority in the field. NASCAR is the biggest event for a car, and the manufacturer of the part shows their capability.

It is not one fixed brand that manufactures all the NASCAR engines available. Different manufacturers are producing their version of NASCAR engines following the NASCAR standard. We’ll talk about them now.

🔷 Chevrolet

Formally known as the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, Chevrolet was founded on November 3, 1911, with the hand of William C. Durant. If you want to know who makes NASCAR engine blocks? Here’s your answer. Chevrolet makes NASCAR engine blocks. 

Chevrolet is known as Chevy among the people. Chevy started their relationship with NASCAR in 1955. They are the founders of the famous V-8 powered engine which is the gold standard for almost all the NASCAR engines that are used today. 

The V8 engine has an 8 cylinder piston. Its components are arranged in a V-shape that says about the V in their name. Chevrolet 1 upped their game in the NASCAR engine with their R07 engine. The R07 is capable of lasting over 600 miles. A true beast in the road.

🔷 Toyota

August 28, 1937, from the hand of Kiichiro Toyoda. Currently, they are the largest manufacturer in the world producing about 10 million cars per year. 

Toyota has its American headquarters in South California. On the other hand, Toyota’s testing facility is situated in the ‘NASCAR country” that is North Carolina. Toyota has followed NASCARs’ strict rules on engines and provided some of the best in the field.

Toyota development team has dedicated itself to producing NASCAR engines. Annually they produce about 350-400 NASCAR engines. They have worked to create pristine engines for 6 NASCAR teams.

🔷 Ford

From the genius mind of Henry Ford, the Ford motor company was founded on June 16, 1903. Since the beginning of Ford’s journey, they are one of the most elegant car brands available and a dream car for many. 

Ford introduced their FR9 NASCAR engine in 2012 with 800 horsepower built. This engine was also used in some notable competitions like the Monster Cup series, the X-infinity series and The Gander outdoor truck series. This engine is based on the FR9 engine.    

Before the FR9, Ford used the R452 design which started its journey in the 1960s. All the 600 parts of these engines are manufactured in Dearborn, Michigan.

🔷 Dodge

Dodge was founded as the Dodge brothers’ company by Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge. Founded in the early 90s, Dodge is providing some of the amazing products in the market and has been a dream for many car enthusiasts.

Dodge started their partnership with NASCAR in 2012. They previously tried to get into NASCAR in 1999 but failed to find a proper team in the competition. Despite their partnership, Dodge’s engines are still not used on the official NASCAR race track because of their strict policy on the engine.

Are All The NASCAR Engines The Same?

To maintain a fair competition all the NASCAR engines have to be the same. They must have the same size and almost everything the same except for some parts. NASCAR has issued some rules on NASCAR engines. Every manufacturer must follow the standards.
One of the major areas where these engines differentiate is in the valve timing. It depends on what the engineers prefer. Some may like the old single camshaft for intake and exhaust valves, and others may prefer the twin camshafts — one for intake and the other for exhaust — which permit variable valve timing.


In a competition like NASCAR, you have to show your best. These companies are providing one of the most remarkable engines in the market and the most famous racers in the world are using them.

All of these companies are working hard to make a name for themselves and providing us with great entertaining races in the field.

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