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Are Kohler Engines Any Good?

Depending on the model you buy, Kohler engines are quite dependable.

For its engines, Kohler provides a range of fuel alternatives for its engines. Although some of its engines utilize gasoline, the most fuel-efficient versions use propane instead of gasoline and do not require a carburetor. The Command PRO EFI engine from Kohler can save you up to $600 in gasoline per year.

Some of its air-cooled engines will survive no more than 2,000 hours. Other users say that their Kohler engines have lasted for almost 4,000 hours without issue. Kohler engine warranties are determined by the intended usage of the product. Residential warranties are generally longer than commercial or rental warranties.

Residential warranties from Kohler range from one to five years. The warranties for commercial and rental usage range from 90 days to three years. The length of a Kohler warranty is also determined by the type of engine you have. Customer support is accessible Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Kohler. Kohler is recognized for its excellent customer service.

Who Makes Kohler Engines?

Kohler Engines is a subsidiary of the Kohler Power Group, which manufactures a wide range of products, including generators for commercial, industrial, maritime, and residential use. Many prominent outdoor power equipment manufacturers use Kohler engines, which are available in gasoline, natural gas, and propane.

Kohler Co. is an American manufacturing business located in Kohler, Wisconsin, that was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler. Kohler is most known for its plumbing, but it also makes furniture, cabinets, tiling, motors, and generators. Destination Kohler also owns a number of hotels and restaurants in the United States and Scotland.

Kohler Co. bought Clarke Energy which was an MNC in various sectors like engineering, construction, installation, maintenance of engine-based power plants in 2017. Kohler made headlines throughout the world from this purchase.

About The Manufacturer

Kohler Kitchen and Bath wholesalers sell their bath and kitchen products. Other renowned retailers also sell them in hardware and home improvement sections around the United States. Kohler is one of the few American manufacturers still producing classic cast iron bathtubs. Kohler also makes commercial bathroom fixtures in addition to home ones.

Hand-painted sinks and toilets are among the company’s creative bespoke work. Kohler was recognized “most used” and “best quality” in the “Bath Accessories” category by Builder magazine in 2015, as well as “brand familiarity,” “most used,” and “quality rating” in the “Bath Fixtures” and “Whirlpool Baths” categories.

The Kohler Walk-In Bath Division creates a next generation bathtub that is easier to get into than standard bathtub types. This particular division is also special because of their bathing items for handicapped people. This specialized subsidiary has distributed the products via different retailers around the United States since 2015.

Kohler also produces a variety of tiny industrial engines. The business used to just make gasoline engines, but after buying the Italian manufacturer Lombardini, it expanded its range and currently produces diesel engines with up to 134 horsepower. Kohler engines are used in a variety of applications, including water pumps and off-road vehicles. Man from the Global Power group.

Best-Sellers Kohler Engines

🔷 XTX Series XTX675

The XTX Series TM engine for walk-behind mowers and utility equipment never has to be oiled; simply check the level before each usage. It’s made to last and comes with professional-grade capabilities for taking on difficult tasks.

🔷 HD Series HD775

Designed to give a 2x increase in usable engine life. HD Series engines use cast-iron cylinder liners instead of aluminum for improved durability and engine protection. They are based on Kohler commercial engine designs.

🔷 Command PRO CH940

You put in more than 12 hours every day. This engine ensures excellence to the next level. Kohler Command Pro engine also gives extended maintenance intervals and fuel-efficient running to make it a more soothing experience.

Are Kohler PRO engines good?

The performance of Kohler PRO engines is outstanding. They may be divided into three categories.

🔷 Advanced Performance

  • Starts easily in every weather condition, from 0 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Power is delivered faster with a standard 10% governor.

🔷 Lasting Durability

  • The use of an automotive-grade head gasket enhances the longevity, dependability, and cooling of the engine.
  •  Hydraulic lifters eliminate the need for valve train maintenance.

🔷 Better Service and Support

  • Our global network of over 13,000 dealers keeps spares on hand to reduce downtime.


How many hours do Kohler engines last?

With good maintenance, Briggs and Kohler motors may run for over 10,000 hours.

Does Kohler have a lifetime warranty?

For as long as the original consumer purchaser retains his or her house, Kohler Cast Iron kitchen sinks installed in North America come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Kohler Company.


Engines are more than just a component of a vehicle; they are one of the most critical since they must carry a load and roll on the ground in all types of weather. They affect fuel economy, durability, safety, and the driving experience. Kohler engines are the best when it comes to satisfying all expectations at a reasonable price.

You’re probably already familiar with  Kohler engines, including who makes them, what they’re used for, and so on. All you have to do now is decide which type to use based on the make and model of your vehicle.

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