A perfect summer demands for a perfect pool party or a sports enthusiast some challenge in the majestic wave. If you want to make your summer holiday special and consider something that you can trust then you may want to consider a Supra Boat.

Who makes Supra Boats? Can you trust them? Supra Boat models, which one of them is the best for you? Are they any good? If you are having these doubts and rest assure and let us help to make the right decisions and make your summer a memorable one.

About Skier’s Choice

Before buying a Supra boat you may want to know, who owns Supra Boats? Skier’s Choice, A privately owned company in Maryville, Tennessee. They have earned the trust of consumers by providing quality products and premium customer satisfaction. 

They are proud manufacturers and designers of the Supra boats. They have been around since 1980 but they were incorporated in 1980. With annual revenue of 50.61 million USD per year Skier’s Choice is standing strong and promising us a great holiday.

Manufacturing and Supra Lineup for 2022

How are Supra boats made? Their parent company Skier’s Choice has been producing them in Maryville, Tennessee since 1981. From their infancy, they have provided customers with industry-leading customer service and luxury. 

They have made their product with proper care to ensure the luxury their customers need. They made all their Supra boat 100% handmade to maintain the precision and care they need.Skier’s Choice has announced its lineup for Supra boats in 2022. You may want to know available Supra boat models before considering buying one.

1. SL

⇨ Overall Length: 23’5″
⇨ Capacity: 17
⇨ Width: 102″
⇨ Standard Ballast: 4,000lbs
⇨ Engine Options: 400 – 450 – 575

2. SE

⇨ Overall Length: 24’5″
⇨ Capacity: 18
⇨ Width: 102″
⇨ Standard Ballast: 4,100lbs
⇨ Engine Options: 450 – 575

3. SA

⇨ Overall Length: 22’5″
⇨ Capacity: 16
⇨ Width: 102″
⇨ Standard Ballast: 3,500lbs
⇨ Engine Options: 440 – 450 – 575

4. SR

⇨ Overall Length: 20’11”
⇨ Capacity: 14
⇨ Width: 102″
⇨ Standard Ballast: 3,300lbs
⇨ Engine Options: 400 – 450

Are Supra Boats Any Good?

The most obvious question to ask before buying a Supra will be “Are Supra boats any good?” In short, definitely! You may want to have a fun time with family and friends or want to challenge nature with your wakeboarding skill. Whatever the case, Supra is perfect!

For Sports Enthusiast

Besides boating, Skiing, and wakeboarding, everyone is moving their attention to wake surfing. Skier’s Jet has patented the Auto Wake technology. This provides a smooth and fun ride in the water. Making Supra an undisputed king for watersports.

Compared to other regular boats you often have to maintain weight for your safe journey but the case is different here. The auto wake sensor measures everything by itself and ensures a safe and fun ride for you and your friends.

The auto wake sensor can scan how deep is your hull, what should be the proper angle, and everything according to your need. Watersports is now easier thanks to the auto wake technology.

While wakeboarding the driver of the boat has to consider a lot of things like, how many passengers they have, how the wave should be etc. Again the mighty Auto wake sensor takes care of everything to ensure a proper wakeboarding experience.

For Regular Users

To make riders’ experience perfect they have something call riders profile. Sometimes when you are filled with passengers you have to adjust the wave and many other factors. Riders profile takes care of that for you. All you have to do is have fun!

It has a touchscreen to control all of these features together. Just touch the screen and Boom! See the magic happen. The boat will adjust itself according to your surfing need.

The cockpit of this boat is truly majestic. The fantastic accuracy of the steering wheel lets you enjoy your moment instead of keeping your eye constantly in your cockpit. There is a dock for your phone too. Everything in the cockpit is as perfect as you can imagine.

Perfect place for a pool party a Supra boat has a huge storage system for your everything. The seat in this beauty is comfortable and doesn’t even get hot in sunlight. Also, the Bluetooth speaker will allow you to jam to your favorite tune. 

Not only that it has a stereo remote to control your music system. Cup holders are placed beautifully just wherever you need them. Moreover, you get to adjust your seat according to your need. There are adjustable seats here and there. Some even feature adjustable tables.

Supra Boat Price

Now you know what to expect, it’s time to know the Supra boat’s price. Well, these pieces of luxury don’t come with a low price tag at all. 

The demand for a boat, in general, is not so much. The powerful engine, luxurious features, and 100% handmade boats have a higher price tag starting from 196,000$  Even a used one will cost near about 150,000$.

Which Supra Boat is The Best for You

To reduce the labor cost of the product a lot of companies use technology for it. The case is different for Supra boats that don’t have this huge demand for it. Economically thinking it won’t be profitable at all. 

But with this massive lineup, it is easy to get confused on which model will be best for your needs. Well, the easy and short answer will be to go for the SE series if you are looking for larger sizes and the SR series for moderately small sizes.

Supra Boat Accessories List That Available On Amazon

  1. Strips Boat Marine Interior Accent Lighting XKchrome App Control Interior LED Accent Light Kit
  2. REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage Security, Heavy-Duty Steel
  3. Better Boat Cleaner Wipes with UV Marine Boat Vinyl and Boat Seat Cleaner and Protectant
  4. Boat Trash Bag
  5. Garmin Striker Plus 4 with Dual-Beam transducer
  6. Monocular Telescope High Power 8×42


Skier’s choice with their industry-leading customer service and the handmade product has earned the trust of consumers since 1981. To this day they are going strong with their products and providing the necessary luxury people crave. 

If you want to have a great time with your family and friends or you just want to do wakeboarding or any kind of water sports. You can rest assured and trust the Skier’s choice and their product. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Supra now! And have a happy holiday.

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