In this expanding economic era, people are stooping more & more to enjoy luxury. They want to avoid the boredom of daily life, go out for a picnic & chill. Boating industry has been able to provide this delicacy for the last decade.

Among the many companies, Sportsman Boats are quickly rising sales and getting incredibly strong market demand for the last couple of years. They are innovative, fast, and transparent with their radical unorthodox approach.

If you are planning to upgrade your life with some luxury from Sportsman Boats, I will be able to help you with some practical information answering this very question – who makes Sportsman Boats. In this article, you will be provided related information with a little bit of background story so that you can rely on Sportsman Boats to get a safe, smooth & enjoyable ride.

Are Sportsman boats any Good?

While making boats, Sportsman Company always tries to make a boat that can handle various purposes like fishing and family touring. Their robust structure has proven the boats’ toughness even in some nasty weather situations. With an excellent seating plan layout & storage facility, customers can truly get what a quality boat means.

Another criteria that makes Sportsman Boat top notch is their amazing dealership and after sales services. Whether its freshwater fishing or salt water sailing with family – most of the customers from around the world find Sportsman Boat as a versatile brand. Their strong equipment has always stood out top even after many years of usage.

The company owners have only one goal in their mind – make everything under one roof to attain the best quality with lots of amenities you only see on much larger boats.

History of the Company

Sportsman Boats are made by Sportsman Boat Manufacturing Inc., currently owned by Tommy Hancock and Dale Martin. Both of them were competitors at first, possessing individual boat companies. They sold their business in 2003 & 2004 separately but didn’t go far from the maritime marketplace. In 2012, these two longtime friends built this company to fill the gap in the marketplace by intelligently constructing center consoles and bay boats.

At the 2012 January Charleston Boat show, Sportsman Boat officially started its journey by launching a 229 center console boat with 6 loyal employees. Since the warm reception of the inauguration, they have quickly been able to design six models ranging in size from 20 to 30 feet in their 40000 square foot facility. After that, they gained fame in the boat making industry selling boats to over 26 dealerships all around the world.

About the Manufacturer

Situated in Summerville, South Carolina, United States, Sportsman Boats Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the leading Ship & Boat Building Industry. You can get a clear idea about how big this company is by looking at its annual revenue which is $9.36 million in sales (USD), with 35 hardworking employees.

With several versatile designs & layouts they have been able to provide 2 lines of offshore center console and 2 lines of inshore bay boats. Currently, there are 3 industries incorporated with the company – Ship & Boat Building, Transportation Equipment Manufacturing & Manufacturing with additional sections like boats, fiberglass building & repairing.

Sportsman Boat problems

Sportsman Boat always focused on a true family friendly boat which provides relaxation as well as safety. While there are some mixed opinions about the skewed view of the center console boats, people who have a decent knowledge about boats always highly praised Sportsman Boats for its durability and excellent customer service after sales.

Lots of people don’t know about the top notch quality of Sportsman boats due to its lack of consumer affairs and reviews from the boat company. During the timeline, they have faced some complaints about the pricing, wiring, drainage capacity & roughness of the boat in saltwater which has been fixed later on.

Types of Sportsman Boats

Sportsman Boats are currently available in 4 different types of models, enabling the consumers to enjoy them for different purposes. Under the most popular center console Open series, there are 9 designs available for the serious anglers with fishing purposes. For a family cruising friendly center console boat, you will get 4 Heritage models to choose from with top notch design.

Sportsman Boats also provide boats for special situations. For shallow water performance, Masters Model is available with 6 different bay boats. You want to win a tournament? Sportsman Boats provide solutions with 4 different super-fast speedy bay boats for competition minded anglers or fishing business owners.

How to Order a Sportsman Boat

Building from scratch, Sportsman Boats always provide full customization with all features included as per buyer demand. The process is quite easy – you select a boat from their website, configure it, and you get it priced exactly the way they will build it for you. If you insist, you might even get extended warranty for added equipment.

Sportsman Boat will then refer that to the appropriate dealer so that when you are ready to buy, all the details are already worked out. In the meantime, Sportsman Boat will build your boat with all the features included and installed by its own factory-trained technicians.

Sportsman Boat Prices

Due to different models, you can’t expect a straight line in the Sportsman Boat pricing graph. The Open models vary from $40000 to $350000. The Center Console Heritage models start from $50000 to $130000 based on its features.

The Masters & tournament series bay boats are a little bit pricey due to its special structures. You can either get a simple plain bay boat with $40000 upfront or get a luxurious one with $200000.

What makes Sportsman Boats stand out from other boat companies is their customer care services. You won’t be charged with any hidden cost with fully transparent hassle free convenience & accurate pricing. Furthermore, the ordering process is way too easy for the customers with the internet pricing facility.

Time Needed to Make a Sportsman Boat

One of the main challenges for Sportsman Boat Manufacturer Inc. is their shortage of skillful boat making people. Due to lack of automation in the boat industry, they are having a tough time recruiting new people and engaging the youth. As a result, it takes a little bit of extra time to make a boat.

To make any boat from the available 17 models, they take roughly 8 to 12 weeks – yet relatively short time compared to other industries. According to them – success behind this is the usage of leading innovation techniques and up-to-date technologies.


If quality matters to you, Sportsman Boats should be the first choice for your boat purpose. I think I have been able to deliver some handy facts about them. From this article, if you are slightly benefited, leave a comment and ask any more questions you have in mind.

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