You are a sports enthusiast or you are just a regular person who just wants to enjoy a great relaxing holiday with family and friends, arrange a pool party. You may have heard about or considered buying a Moomba boat.

Do you really need one? If yes then what kind of Moomba suits you the best? Are Moomba boats Good quality? Who makes Moomba boats? Well, a better question may be why do you even need one in the first place? Let us journey through the beautiful world of Moomba boats together.

About Skier’s Choice

Before buying a Moomba boat you may want to know, what company makes Moomba boats? Skier’s Choice, A privately owned company in Maryville, Tennessee. They have earned the trust of consumers by providing quality products and premium customer satisfaction. 

They are proud manufacturers and designers of the Moomba boats. They have been around since 1980 but they were incorporated in 1980. With annual revenue of 50.61 million USD per year Skier’s Choice is standing strong and promising us a great holiday.

Are Moomba Boats Good Quality?

moomba boats

In short, definitely! It doesn’t matter if you want to have a chill time with nature or you are a sports enthusiast who wants to challenge the wave Moomba boats got you covered. They are providing everything needed to satisfy consumers’ needs.

They have the same engine as the F Series Super Duty Trucks. The Moomba Smart Plate and Flow 2.0 with the wake offering will make your journey feels like a rollercoaster ride. Providing a joyful ride in the water.

The patented auto wake sensor ensures the best weight distribution by continuous monitoring providing the best wake for everyone onboard. It ensures the adrenaline rush of a sports enthusiast and provides the best wakeboarding, skiing, or water sports in general. 

The hull design with the deep freeboard provides a dry ride. It has 2 mid-ship bags and the G6 Ballast system, weighted around 3000 to 4000 pounds of regular ballast for the 2020 model in a year.

All these fancy specs may be perfect for a sports enthusiast but for regular users of this powerful engine, high torque may mean nothing. Moomba boat has a lot more to offer just to make your holiday a special one.

 A Moomba has a huge storage system, A generous passenger capacity with a very comfortable seat, proper fuel capacity, a full-width sound stereo, wireless charging system makes this boat a perfect place for enjoyment in the water. It just makes you feel at home. 

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to have a personal good time or want to arrange a pool party. All these specifications can definitely make your experience a memorable one.

Driving this majestic beauty is very easy. The 7-inch touch screen provides you a great view around the boat which makes your boating experience a whole lot better. When it comes to quality you can just sit back, relax and have faith in the Moomba’s! They won’t let you down!

Why are Moomba Boats So Expensive?

You have finally decided to buy a Moomba boat then you saw the price tag. It’s expensive!! More than you thought it was in the first place. You may wonder: Why are Moomba boats so expensive?

 First of all, a regular boat itself is very costly. It’s not like everyone needs a boat. A low consumer results in a low production rate. Also creating a boat requires higher production costs. Because of the low production rate, the labor cost for a boat is also very high. 

To increase the production some may think to use technology but the problem is, as we saw before there is not that much demand for boats. Using technology is just not profitable in production.

Moomba boats have an engine so powerful that it can satisfy a sports enthusiast’s need, the high-tech sensor and comfort seat increases the production cost a lot more. The consumers of this product are also very limited. This makes production costs a lot higher.

How long have Moomba Boats been Around?

The parent company of Moomba boats Skier’s choice has been around since 1980 and provides us to this day with their glorious Supra boat. These Supra boats are very costly. 

To make the boating experience more user and budget-friendly also keeping that luxury intact they have come up with the concept of this beautiful boat we know as Moomba. Since then they have evolved a lot with time. 

Originally both Moomba and Supra were ski boats but with the increasing demand for Wake surfing or Wakeboarding, the Moomba’s are made accordingly to meet the demand. They are emphasizing class-leading innovation and industry-leading customer service.

What are The Best Moomba Boats?

i) 2022 Blue Moomba Makai

A fantastic surf boat with a 6.2 Indmar 400 raptor with 18 passenger capacity promises a smooth ride over waves. They provide a wireless Bluetooth remote, 7-inch touchscreen, and comfortable seats making them the best in the high price lineup.

ii) 2022 Moomba Wake Surf Craz

With powerful wake efficiency, this beauty has proved herself as one of the best in wake surfing. The industry-standard design has made it the go-to choice for a lot of boat lovers.

iii) 2022 Moomba Mondo

100% handmade and beautiful design with perfect color combination 2022 Moomba mondo is the perfect beauty for your perfect holiday. A 400hp engine, generous fuel capacity, and passenger capacity of 13 people have made it a perfect surf boat for your friends and family.

Moomba Boat Top Accessories List That You Can Buy From Amazon

  1. BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Transom Tie-Down, 1 Pair
  2. Faria 13751 Chesapeake Black Depth Sounder with In-Hull Transducer
  3. Boat Juice Cleaner Kit
  4. Boat Trash Bag
  5. Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Center Console Boat Cover
  6. EXZEIT Waterproof Led Boat Lights
  7. Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Light


It doesn’t matter whether you are a sports enthusiast or someone else, Skier’s Choice offers everything to satisfy the needs of all consumers with their industry-leading customer service and quality product. 

If you are looking for a perfect boating experience with your family and friends, you can without any doubt trust Skier’s Choice and go for the Moomba boat.

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