There was a time when wristwatches were only meant to tell the time. Nowadays, a wristwatch is an essential part of your fashion. You want your watch to look elegant and fit your current situation, and be reasonably priced. Finding the right one is confusing. 

You may want to check on Rumours watch in this regard. Now, who makes Rumors watches? Here we will learn about its manufacturer and see what makes Rumours watch different from other products available in the market.

Later in this article, we will check on some of their fantastic product and a short review about them. If you want to get one for yourself, this section will help.

About The Manufacturer

The manufacturing and distribution rights to the Rumours watch is in the hands of A Classic Time Watch Company, Inc. They have been in the business since 1984 and provide customers with their finest products. 

A Classic Time Watch Company, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing and wholesaling Men’s, Ladies’, and Junior kids’ watches. They have partnered up with various retailer stores for mass distributions. They keep working hard to expand their product suppliers all over the world.

A Classic Time Watch Company, Inc has done extensive research to improve their watch’s quality and provide a quality product at a competitive price.  They are close to the audience. They listen to different bloggers and reviewers to improve their product quality.  

A Classic Time Watch Company is very much committed to hiring the best people in their team. They do not want any compromise with their product, and they are very proud of their product and the working group.

🔷 JCPenney

Usually, if anyone wants to get Rumours to watch for themselves, JCPenney is the place to get them. This company is officially known as Penney OpCo, LLC( formerly known as J. C. Penney Company, Inc). They are an American Departmental store chain.

JCPenney has 689 locations in the United States of America and Puerto Rico. They sell merchandise, jewelry, saloon by InStyle, etc. You can find their shops in various Suburban shopping malls. Before 1966 those shops were mainly in Downtown areas.  

Sadly, in May 2020, JCPenny filed for bankruptcy, and  Brookfield Asset Management and Simon Property Group agreed to purchase JCPenney for around $800 million in cash and debt, Under new management, JCPenny is going strong again.

Are Rumours Watch Good?

What makes a watch suitable? You want your watch to tell the time properly. You will want the design to be top-notch. You will want your watch to be durable, and additionally, you may expect to have some extra features as nowadays it is normal to have some additional features.

In short, if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on one of the Rumours watches, you will admit they are one of the high-quality products in the market. The design is suitable for almost any occasion you are planning to attend. So, you can easily get a product according to your needs. 

Rumours use high-quality raw material to ensure durability, precise time-telling, and elegant design. You can get yourself a Rumours watch and can worry less for almost 3-4 years. It has stainless steel, so you can expect the mechanism to be ok if you accidentally drop the watch.

🔷 Pricing

Rumours watch price can be a decisive reason for the customer if someone wants to get one for himself or not. The pricing for the Rumours watches is kind of on the budget side. Don’t let that confuse you. You may think the low-quality raw material may be responsible for this. 

All of the Rumours watches are hand-made with proper care and the best kind of raw materials. You can check the product description and understand that the raw materials aren’t responsible for the low prices.

Rumours Watch Review

Rumours offer a great collection of products. So choosing the right option can be very exhausting. Here are some of our recommended Rumors watches.

🔷 Vintage Rumours Ladies Wrist Watch

Vintage Rumours ladies’ wristwatch is one of their Rumours quartz woman watch lineups. This 1990 vintage-looking watch can give you the premium look and feel you are looking for. This looks gorgeous in the hands and can be an attention catcher in a gathering.

The build quality of these watches is excellent. Rumors watch stainless steels are known for the best quality in the budget segment. This watch is built with stainless steel. Also, this watch has a potent battery to power it up.

🔷 Rumours Watch Women’s Rectangular Quartz Watch

This is a vintage collection before 2000. It has a unique design and comes with good packaging. The band is made from plastic and is of very good quality. Glass, Stainless steel, and steel are used to make this product.

This watch has a unique mid-century design. Whether someone likes it or not, it will surely get some attention and curiosity. A powerful battery and also power up this watch. With amazing built quality and unique looking design, someone collecting them can be a great choice. 

Consumers have loved this product and given almost perfect ratings on all the websites. Some have been using this product for a long time and keep using it. The durability in this price point is really unique.


Wristwatches are now an essential part of our fashion culture. It represents a person’s taste and personality in some cases too. You want to get a suitable wristwatch; otherwise, you may not create that perfect first impression you are craving for. 

If you have a tight budget but you also want something beautiful and durable, the Rumours watch can be a great choice for you. You can stop worrying about your tight budget and the durability of the product in this case.

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