A wristwatch not only tells the time but is also a huge part of our look. Whether you have an important meeting or an interview, Hiking or some late-night party every occasion demands different types of watch. Pulsar can be a good choice in this regard.

Who makes Pulsar watches? Let us learn about its manufacturer and find out what makes them great. We will explore the world of Pulsar watches and in the meantime, we will check on some of Pulsar Watches’ amazing lineup of products too.

About The manufacturer

At the time of rapid technological advancement, Pulsar watches introduced themselves in the 1970s. At that time the computer and anything digital was one of the most significant topics in the market. And Pulsar made their name known by introducing LED watches for the first time.

An American company named Hamilton Watch Company announced the LED watches for the first time in the market and made jointly by Hamilton and Electro/Data inc. Hamilton watch marketed Pulsar for the first time in 1972.

Pulsar introduced their digital watch with an 18-carat gold case. In 1975 Pulsar brought another revolution in the market by adding a calculator on it. Finally, in 1978 one of the most renowned brands in the watch industry Seiko acquired the Pulsar brand.

🔷 Seiko

Currently, the manufacturing and the distribution right to the Pulsar watch is in Seiko’s hands. Seiko’s full name is Seiko Holding Corporation. They are one of the most popular brands in watches, clocks, and the semiconductor market. They are from Japan.

Seiko has made its presence known by introducing one of the first quartz wristwatches and also the world’s first quartz watch with a chronograph complication. in the market. They were founded in 1881. To this day they are a household name all over the world. 

You may want to know what country makes Pulsar watches? Seiko manufactures and distributes all the watches from Japan or Malaysia. They are determined to manufacture watches for people of all ages and genders.  

You can check this video to see how popular the brand Seiko is and how much people love them:

Are Pulsar Watches Any Good?

Pulsar is considered to be one of the best in the world. Yes, they are that good. Customers who have used their products for a long time and are very much satisfied with them. Even on various eCommerce sites, these watches have almost perfect 5stars reviews. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of function you have. Pulsar watches have collections for almost every occasion. From simplistic stainless steel watches to luxurious gold watches, Pulsar has everything according to your needs. Pulsar also has a chronograph and sports watches too.

You can use a Pulsar watch for almost two or three years without worrying about anything. This time period is very much an industry standard for a wristwatch. Depending on the brand you may get a lot of fully waterproof watches too.

🔷 Pricing

Is Pulsar an expensive watch? If you check on the Pulsar watch price list, you can consider a Pulsar watch as a mid-tier product. You won’t find their watches often priced over 1000$. Pulsar has made its products for the average consumer. So you can choose your favourite design from their vast catalog.

You will find these watches with some great features like  Japanese quartz movement, chronographs, and nice straps. Considering the price point they are providing the best possible in this range.

🔷 Repairing

If you use something chances are it may have some problem at one point or another and you may feel the necessity to repair it. Finding a proper repair place can be a big headache. A Pulsar watch user can rest assured knowing that there are a lot of places to fix your Pulsar.

Even on youtube, you can find a lot of videos about fixing your Pulsar watch repair. Here’s one of them:

Pulsar Watch Review

Over the years, Pulsar has introduced us to a lot of top of the line products from them. If you are planning to buy one here are some of our recommendations for the Pulsar watch.

🔷 Pulsar- Black Urethane Strap Watch

Pulsar made its presence known in the market by introducing LED watches to the world. This Pulsar- Black Urethane Strap Watch is one of the LED watches that they are producing now. Easily one of the best models accessible in the market.

It has a watch case of stainless steel, dials of hurdles steel that prevents the watch from unreasonable wear in the dial. The build quality is so great that it is durable and cannot be broken that easily.

🔷 Pulsar Women’s Crystal Jewelry Watch

This is one of the Pulsar rectangular watches. With its fantastic display and gorgeous outlook, this watch can easily steal the crowd’s attention with all its charms. Like any other Pulsar watch, this Pulsar Women’s Crystal Jewelry Watch also has a great built quality. 

The round glass is made from stainless steel. It has a golden colour dial and has some strong minerals to prevent unnecessary wear. It has a Japanese quartz movement and a day window. The bracelet has a shiny gold design that makes it beautiful to look at.


A perfect outfit requires a perfect wristwatch. Choosing the right watch according to your need can be a big headache sometimes. For a long time in the history of watchmaking, Pulsar has made a significant revolution and provided whatever the customer needs.

With great reviews and legendary watch companies like Seiko backing them up. Pulsar watches can be the first choice for a lot of people. If you are also looking for a perfect watch you can give The Pulsar watch a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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