Someone may have an interview, a family gathering, a BMX ride to the rocky mountain, or a formal program. It doesn’t matter the occasion people have been choosing Invicta watches as their go-to product for a long time.

Why is this the case? Why do a lot of people choose Invicta as their preferable product? Who makes Invicta watches? Let us know about Invicta Watches together. If you have any queries about them, this article might help. Besides, we’ll check some of their products too!!!

About The Manufacturer

Who makes Invicta Watches? In 1837, Invicta Watch started manufacturing watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Unfortunately, they went bankrupt in the ’80s, and they sold their rights to Ondix S.A. 

Ondix kept the production running for a long time. However, they had to sell the Invicta brand due to disappointing production and sales rates. An American company now owns it. They are continuing their operation in Hollywood, Florida, in the United States.

The Manufacturing

Invicta watches are produced in different production houses depending on the product. However, most of the manufacturing parts are outsourced. They are providing luxury products at low retail prices, which prevents them from being manufactured in America.

Most of their products are manufactured and assembled in Japan and China, depending on the model. Despite outsourcing the manufacturing parts, Invicta designs and makes all the watches in their catalogs. In addition, Invicta’s Florida headquarters maintain services and support technicians.


Invicta watch has done a lot of exciting partnerships over the years. If someone is a huge comic nerd and a superhero fan, then good news Invicta has a unique DC/Marvel collaboration model. 

Not only that, they have a great collection and collaboration for other fans too. Some of their notable collaborations are Disney, Star Wars, and NFL. They even collaborated with both the US Army and the US navy also.

You may ask, Who wears Invicta watches? Celebrities like Shaquil O’Neill, Jason Taylor have done partnership and collaboration products with Invicta Watches. So, someone who’s a sports enthusiast might want to get one for himself.

Are Invicta Watches Good?

In short, absolutely yes! Considering its price, the stunning look will make your money worth it. Unfortunately, even these days, a lot of premium watches have failed to provide a great design which is disappointing.

Some bad decisions have put some marks on Invicta, but they have overcome it perfectly. Is Invicta a high-end watch? It depends on which product you are talking about. They have all sorts of watches in their catalog. 

Their Swiss-made watches are considered high-end products. On the other hand, they manufacture their low-end watches in China.The most potent factor of their product is their design. 

Invicta is enjoying its success just because they are focusing on the design and the aesthetics. However, their Swiss lineup is not being profitable as much. Therefore, they have set their goals and made these watches to continue their Swedish heritage.


In a lot of 200$-300$ dollar watches, you may find many features like water resistance, stainless steel cases, and Japanese automatic movement. But, the best part about Invicta watches is you can get all of them below 100$!!!  

As I’ve said before, Invicta uses stainless steel in its products. Even the brands of the steels’ are top-notch. Some products don’t use stainless steel but use polyurethane and silicone. Their dial covering uses “Flame Fusion Crystal,” which is somewhat similar to minerals.


Invicta has both high and low price products in their lineup. It depends on where and how the watch is being manufactured. Their Chinese-built watches are cheaper products. On the other hand, the Swiss lineup is the more luxurious lineup. Swiss-built watches are costly too.

Invicta Watch reviews

Invicta has a lot to offer with their products. Here are some of our recommendations and reviews for anyone who is looking to try Invicta.

1. Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Watch

This watch offers some classic exterior belts that we all saw back in the days. This watch provides Japanese auto movement, which offers accurate timing and less dropped time. The flame-fusion material prevents unnecessary scratches on the watch surface.

2. Invicta 14330 Specialty 18k Yellow Gold Plated Watch

This luxurious product is a feast for the eyes. The elegant look has made it one of the top-notch watches for the Invicta brand. In addition, the gorgeous lather design can draw the attraction of the crowd in a functional gathering.

3. Invicta 9212 Speedway

The first thing about this watch which will draw any attention is that gold is wrapped in the steel alloy. So whether you are wearing jeans and a jacket or a suit, this watch will suit you.

4. Invicta 0489 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia Accented watch

Many people complain about the lack of feminine collections. This gorgeous watch has the perfect feminine beauty in it. The Angel lineup is dedicated to the women’s collection. 

It has a professional look and design. This professional-looking design has Swiss quartz movement and gold-plated steel—a true beauty like a woman.


Invicta Watch has crossed a lot of nooks and crannies since its birth and is still going strong. They have earned consumers’ trust with their exciting and quality products over the years. Despite going through some bad decisions, they have tackled them well and earned their lost trust again.

The gorgeous aesthetics and exciting collaborations over the years have made Invicta Watches the first choice for all kinds of people. Notable celebrities are also collaborating with this brand and creating their collaboration products.

The excellent customer service and the availability of the product are also a strong side of them. Doesn’t matter who you are; you can trust Invicta watch with the majority of their products.

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