After the industrial revolution when everyone need to know the exact time, the watches started to get smaller. From pocket watches to hand watches, watches used to be mechanical and expensive. Like properties watch handed down to the next generation. 

Electric watches came and made watches affordable and since that everyone knows has wristwatches in their hands. Wristwatches are also an integral part of our fashion, Porsche Design Watches are one of them. Let us check out who makes Porsche Design Watches.

About The manufacture

When we talk about Porsche the first thing that we think of is the designer of fancy cars but you may not know that they have some excellent mechanical wristwatch collections. Yes, you heard it right just like Rolex Porsche Design also manufactures some mechanical watches. 

Porsche design is part of the Porsche brand that you know as the fancy car manufacturer. To make its business model more diverse, Ferdinand Alexandar Porsche, the designer of the Porsche 911 and grandson of the Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche started the Porsche Design brand. 

As you are already aware, the Porsche 911 was a cultural phenomenon due to its performance and design. They opened a design studio as a result of the popularity of the Porsche 911. Porsche began its watchmaking career by collaborating with the Swiss firm IWC Schaffhausen.

So, where are Porsche watches made? The entire process of the watchmaking of Porsche Design happens in Solothurn, Switzerland.  

Are Porsche Design Watches Good?

Around 50 years ago when the founder of Porsche Design left the family business to start the design studio, the products were unreal. Whether you are looking for something slick and elegant or sporty like a sports car Porsche Design got you covered.

Every mechanical watch is meant to last longer than your average watch. So as a mechanical watch, we can expect the same quality as the Porsche Design. Let us look into the dials and find out what Porsche Design is offering and if they are worth your attention or not. 

🔹 Is Porsche Design a Luxury Brand?

If you check the Porsche Design Watch Price, you will find these watches on the more expensive side. Porsche Style has consistently concentrated on high-end men’s accessories with classic designs since the firm was founded in 1972.

So if the watches are that luxurious, Are Porsche Design watches collectibles? With a history of over 40 years, Porsche Design has brought some fascinating products to look at. Some of the watches from Porsche Design are also great collectibles.

🔹 For Whom Porsche Design Watch Is?

When we hear about Porsche we immediately think of those supercars or sports cars. It is normal to think that Porsche Design watches only comes with a sporty look. The actual case is Porsche Design offers all sorts of watches for all kinds of people. 

Yes, Porsche Design is the brand you’re looking for if you’re a watch aficionado who values a watch’s outstanding construction. Porsche Design Sports Chrono watches have changed and breathed new life into the neo-vintage aesthetic.

Some Notable Innovations From Porsche Design

Over the year Porsche Design has introduced us to some unique designs and functionality. Let us check out some of those notable innovations from Porsche Design.

🔹 The Compass Watch

One of the earliest unique watches from the Porsche is the compass watch which they build in collaboration with the IWC. As the name suggests this watch came with a compass that you can access by flipping the watch. 

As we know compasses work with metals and to keep this watch running properly they have to make it using Aluminum to reduce metallic interference and also made the watch lighter despite having an extra compass with it. 

The compass watch from Porsche Design was easy to use good look and was a perfect tool for going on an adventure.    

🔹 World’s First Titanium Wristwatch

Like we don’t understand how important this phenomenon is as there are tons of Titanium Wristwatches available. But in the 80s Porsche Design introduced the Tinutinium watch and Titanium was an exotic material at that time. 

IWC made it possible with their expertise in watchmaking and the fantastic craftsmanship has made that watch one of the finest of that time. 

🔹 The Legendary Ocean Watch

The experience Porsche Design and IWC gathered from the First Titanium-made watch has inspired them to make the Legendary Ocean Watch. This watch was focused to made for the German Military and came in different variants. 

One of the variants was the Ocean 2000 which can survive 2000 feet under water. This was the most pressure resistance watch of that time. Porsche Design also made a lite version of this watch Porsche 500 for female divers.

Porsche Design Watches Review

Porsche Design has been manufacturing some well-made watches with neat customization. So let us talk about one of the finest Porsche Design watches that can be a great choice for you.

🔹 Porsche Design Custom Built Chronograph

I think you all know about the Porsche 911, the design the performance, and everything about this car was perfection. Porsche Design has introduced a custom-made watch that took inspiration from the Porsche 911 and it looks just as awesome as the car itself. 

You have complete control over the design and color of your watch. We advise choosing a color that complements the Porsche 911. You can count on getting a lot of attention if you wear this watch in front of any automotive fans or other types of folks.   

One of the nicest features is that you may use the same leather from your Porsche 911 seat, ensuring complete comfort. So why are you still waiting? Get yourself a clock that goes with one of the greatest automobiles ever made.


Porsche Design has brought a wind of fresh air to the elegant and luxurious watch. The quality and design have made this watch the perfect collectible for any enthusiasts. 

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