You should definitely give Nishiki a try if you’re looking for a bike that you can use for trekking or vintage touring. One of the bike brands that can actually deliver a dependable riding experience is Nishiki.

Here, you can choose from a wide range of options at a low cost. However, learning about the manufacturers is quite amazing. We will discuss who makes Nishiki bikes and all the products in this article so that you can understand the complete production history behind Nishiki.

You can find all the information you need about Nishiki bikes right here. Let’s get to the discovery right away, then, shall we?

Who Makes Nishiki Bikes?

Nishiki is a company that makes bicycles. Bicycles made by Nishiki get produced by West Coast Cycle in the US. They were first developed by the Kobe, Japan-based Kawamura Cycle Co., and subsequently by the Taiwanese company Giant.

The bicycles got sold under the American Eagle and Nishiki brands from 1965 until 2001. Dick’s Sporting Goods assumed control of Nishiki’s license rights in the year 2010.

Following the takeover, Dick’s Sporting Goods has begun selling bicycles and necessary components under the Nishiki trademark. Moreover, Nishiki will have about 50 different bicycle types available by the year 2020. Nishiki wants to give its users the most convenience possible.

Are Nishiki Bikes Good?

An affordable mountain bike is the Men’s Pueblo from Nishiki. Because the front fork only has 60mm of travel, it is suited for novice treks or unpaved roads.

It will be sturdy and last for a very long time because it gets constructed of steel. Riders who were bigger found that the bike could support their extra weight. Here are a few features of Nishiki bikes to help illustrate just how good they are.

👉🏾 Compared to most other brands in the same category, Nishiki bikes are more reasonably priced and accessible.

👉🏾 The very same bike design comes in a variety of frame sizes, letting you choose the one that best suits your needs.

👉🏾 Bicycles from Nishiki often have a shape that is user-friendly for beginners. These bikes are simple to get on and off of, and they let you pedal without putting too much strain on yourself.

👉🏾 Nishiki is fantastic for women because it offers options for them that are on par with the available options for men. These cycles are female-friendly since they have step-through frameworks.

👉🏾 Sturdy bodies are a standard feature of Nishiki bikes, which get built to resist intense cycling and heavy loads.

Nishiki Bikes Reviews

🔹 Nishiki Boys’ Pueblo 20

Boys who are between 45 and 54 inches in height can ride the Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20. Due to its dependable spring fork that easily absorbs the potholes, this steel-framed two-wheel bike climbs fairly well.

As well as being easy to operate, its dimensional brakes also exhibit superior stopping power. Moreover, the flat resin handlebar and steel seat are both very ergonomic.


👉🏾 Twenty-inch wheels
👉🏾 Steel skeleton
👉🏾 Forks for suspension
👉🏾 Brakes that pull linearly
👉🏾 A steel bench
👉🏾 Twist-shifting Shimano Revo gears

Nishiki Mountain Bike

Nishiki manufactures a variety of different mountain bikes that can be used on many types of tracks, not just mountainous terrain.

Their chunky tires get designed to provide optimum grip while quickly rolling over barriers. Surprisingly, they include suspension, whether on their front tire or both, to protect you from the harsh rocks and pits.b

The stabilization is just one aspect of a Nishiki mountain bike that makes it stand out, such as the Nishiki Boys’ Pueblo 20″ Mountain Bike.

How Reliable are Nishiki Bikes?

Having the right bike dimension is essential because riding a bike with the incorrect body frame causes a lot of strain and strain on your back and shoulders.

Nishiki provides many frame sizes. There are four sizes of Nishiki frames: 15′′, 17′′, 19′′, and 21′′. According to these numbers, you can buy a frame size that will accommodate both adults and kids.

Generally speaking, Nishiki pueblo mountain bikes are good entry-level mountain bikes for adults, women, children, and youngsters. They are dependable because of the sturdy, blemished, and constant high steel frame structures they use, which are a little bulkier than wooden structures but are more reliable.

It will last ok if properly maintained and not used too heavily… but check this video out for what can happen with heavier use

Nishiki MTB review

Nishiki Bike Accessories

An excellent way of providing your bike a little extra opulence is with the Nishiki worldwide bikes decal kit.

You need not search any further than Nasshiki for durable and useful bike accessories because they have them. The components are sturdy, so you might be able to bring everything you need for your subsequent ride. Nishiki Access Professional will assist you in any situation. These accessories are available from stores or on Amazon.

Nishiki Bike Price

There is a wide selection of decent-quality, reasonably-priced bikes at Nishiki. The price point can make purchasing these bikes acceptable.

Other high-branded hybrid bikes tend to be more expensive overall, while Nishiki hybrid bikes tend to get considerably more reasonably priced. Decent Nishiki hybrid bikes are readily available for less than $300. Although you may be on a limited budget, Nishiki bikes won’t break the bank.


Who makes Nishiki Bikes in general? Nishiki bikes used to be made by the Japan Bicycle Company but are now made by West Coast Cycles in the USA. The majority of Nishiki’s original structure has been preserved and is currently in use.

Nishiki bicycles are still top-notch bicycles that compete with goods from competing bicycle brands from the 1970s and 1980s. Consider a Nishiki bike if you don’t want to invest heavily in buying one. They provide reasonably-priced goods of fair quality.

Therefore, adult bikes for women and children are available from Nishiki Bikes. Before acquiring the Nishiki bikes, you should be aware that they are typically not lighter.

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