A Bicycle is one of the healthiest ways to travel from one place to another. A lot of people just want to chill out in the afternoon or have some exercise in the morning. Some may get a little bit daring and go for a mountain adventure. Whatever the case, choosing the right bike can be hard.

You may want to give KHS bikes a chance at this point. Now, Who makes KHS bikes? Let us know about their manufacturer and see what makes them good. We will try to cover some of the KHS bike lineups and a short review of them.

About The Manufacturer

KHS Bicycle started its journey in 1974 from the mind of Wen Hsieh. They mainly operate in the United States of America and Taiwan. However, they distribute their products in over 30 countries. 

Although KHS has dedicated itself to producing mountain bikes they also offer road bikes, folding bikes, tandem bikes, cruiser bikes. KHS distributes its cruiser bike under the name of  Manhattan brand and BMX bikes under the name of FreeAgent. 

The designing and distribution rights to the KHS bikes as well as Manhattan Cruisers and Free Agent BMX Bicycles is in the hands of KHS Bicycles, Inc. of Los Angeles, California.

KHS is a part of KHS Co. Ltd. and UEC (United Engineering Corporation) which manufactures bicycles, motorcycles, and Yamaha musical instruments. What do KHS bikes stand for? You may ask. The word KHS means Knowledge, Health, and Strength.

🔷 United Engineering Corp.

Established in 1988 the United Engineering Corp. was known as the KHS Bicycle factory. Mainly they are the prime manufacturer of the KHS bicycle. Not only KHS, but the United Engineering Corp. is also manufacturing Bicycles for some other brands too.

Are KHS Bikes Any Good?

KHS bikes are making one of the finest bicycles in the United States of America and became one of the top brands. Not only in America but KHS bikes also distributes bikes in different countries.

It doesn’t matter what kind of cyclist you are. For both avid and competitive cyclists, KHS has something special for you. They are determined to provide maximum performance with all of their products and they can fulfill customers demands.

Another great part about KHS bikes is their geometry and weight distributions. All the KHS bikes are comfortable to ride and people who have used the KHS products have used them for a long time and are very much satisfied with them.

KHS also provides the best customer service around the world and their bikes are easy to repair. You don’t have to worry much after facing any kind of problem. You can get a lot of youtube videos on how to fix your product.  

Finally, the pricing, considering the quality they provide you can say KHS bikes are very reasonably priced. Overall you can say that KHS bikes are easily one of the best bicycles in the market.

KHS Bikes Review

KHS offers a large catalog of products and choosing the right one for you can be very tough. Well, if you are considering buying one for yourself then here is our recommendation for you.

Here’s  a clip of a KHS mountain bike participating in professional racing:

🔷 KHS SixFifty

This is one of the best mountain bikes around. If you check the reviews all around the internet for this bike of both critics and customers and plan to have a mountain bike for yourself. You will choose this one.

The Good

The KHS SixFifty has a frame of carbon fiber which allows it to be light, stiff, and sturdy.  The 7200’s full-suspension alloy frame is considered to be of respectable weight by the experts. The curve structure allows it to properly distribute the weight. 

The geometry contributes to compact, nimble, and playful rides. As a mountain bike, you want this bike to climb faster and efficiently. The KHS SixFifty has been tested to be an efficient ride in the sloppy road.

If you get one of  680+, 6600, and 5500 they will come equipped with remote dropper posts. One of the best parts about this bike is the pricing. Compared with the other mountain bikes available in the market the KHS SixFifty is reasonably priced.  

The Bad

The 7500 model of the KHS SixFifty lineup can be a little bit tricky to handle according to some users.  The 3500’s alloy frame and the 6600’s carbon frame feels a little bit heavier than they should be.  Fortunately, none of the problems felt too crucial for a ride. 

🔷 KHS Flight 150

One of the best road bikes in the market, the KHS flight 150 is the best choice for you if you are looking for something that you can use regularly and will be something durable. People who prefer a long and low riding position can have the best experience with it.

The KHS flight 150 offers a long 210mm headtube in their XL size bike with precise handling. The upright steering position and a calm riding experience can be perfect for your calm ride. The price point is also fantastic considering the features they provide.

This bike uses rim brakes, don’t let that confuse you because the medium reach callipers will allow you to have healthy tire clearance. The stock tires are 28mm wide with room for more. Unfortunately, this bike is not fast so it won’t be good as a starter racing bike. 

For a calm, enjoyable ride, this bike can be the best choice for you.


Whether you are going for a calm afternoon ride or an adventure in the mountain you will need something that is comfortable and has good features at its price point. KHS bikes have provided some of the finest bikes all over the world.

With their great track record as a product, you can trust the KHS products and get one for yourself.

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