Regular vehicles are insufficient for off-road travel. For the road, you’ll need a customized car. Dirt bikes are a popular mode of transportation in this regard. You want the greatest brand for your money while you travel down a not-so-forgiving path.

Now, if you are not so sure about what to buy, let us help. Here we will discuss SSR dirt bikes so let us find out who makes SSR Dirt Bikes? And some amazing well-known facts about this vehicle that may help you in your buying decision.

About SSR Motorsport

Now, who made SSR? SSR bikes are manufactured by its parent company SSR Motorsport. 

To provide us with a fun time with cutting-edge technology and the best engineering SSR Motorsport always dedicated itself to innovation. SSR Motorsport also tries to provide something affordable without compromising the performance section. 

This fantastic manufacturer SSR Motorsport introduced itself to the world in 2002. Primarily, SSR Motorsport focused on pit bikes, they are small off-road motorbikes. Later SSR Motorbikes expanded its business to more off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs. 

SSR Motorbikes did not limit itself to off-road vehicles; it also expanded its product line to include scooters, which are both attractive and fuel-efficient. Pit bikes from SSR Motorbikes range from 50cc to 170cc, while dirt motorcycles range from 150cc to 189cc.

SSR Motorbikes received multiple honorable awards for better engineering, pricing, and customer service for its product.ย  They are determined to be a frontrunner in the Powersports market and based on what they are doing, we can say SSR Motorsport is the right path.

Is SSR Dirt Bikes Any Good?

SSR dirt motorcycles are built in China and are a less expensive alternative to several high-end American brands. It’s natural to have reservations about the product, especially because it’s being offered at such a low price. So let’s take a deep dive at SSR dirt bikes to see if they’re worth it.

๐Ÿ”น Pricing

As we have established before, SSR is a Chinese brand. Every Chinese brand is famous for providing fantastic deals at a cheaper price. SSR is no different from other Chinese brands. They are offering a fantastic deal in the dirt bike market with amazing performance. 

Dirt bike riding can be very expensive and with what SSR is doing with its product we can proudly say more people will be interested to join this field. The dirt bike sport can be more versatile with their contribution.ย 

๐Ÿ”น Versatility

SSR dirt bike is offering a versatile product for everyone, whether you are a teen wanting to start dirt biking or you are a professional. SSR dirt bike provides multiple models with various features so that you can have a good time with its product.

๐Ÿ”น Engines

An engine is the heart and soul of a dirt bike, and it must be one of the best. Because your dirt bike will be subjected to the harshest conditions, the engine must be able to endure it. SSR Motorcycles has teamed up with Benelli Motorcycles in the United States to create incredible engines.

The engines from SSR dirt bikes can withstand the most extreme conditions which allows SSR dirt bikes to be a part of professional dirk biking competitions. The SSR Bike engine also comes with great mileage. 

๐Ÿ”น Parts

No matter how perfect a dirt bike is, nothing last forever. Even if your dirt bike is performing better, some parts can wear off with time. SSR dirt bike parts are easy to get and you can find them in various eCommerce stores like Amazon and eBay. 

If you prefer to buy SSR dirt bike parts from a local dealer, then visit here Parts to find a local dealer near you.

๐Ÿ”น Reliability

Is SSR a good brand? Can you put your trust in them with your money? SSR is an excellent brand, in our opinion, if you’re seeking something reliable. Even after a long period of use, SSR dirt bikes retain a high retail value.

SSR Dirt Bikes Review

We tried to explain whether SSR dirt bikes are good for you or not. If you think you want an SSR dirt bike but donโ€™t know which model is better then here is our recommendation on SSR dirt bikes and what we think about it.

๐Ÿ”น SSR 125 Pit Bike

For those who are looking for something economical, the SSR 125 is the best choice. Simplistic and sporty design with full-size dirt bike excitement, the SSR 125 bike feels like dream comes true. The design for SSR 125 was inspired by the Honda CRF50. 

The SSR 125 is the greatest option for individuals seeking a low-cost option. The SSR 125 bike is a dream come true, with its simple and athletic appearance and full-size dirt bike fun. The Honda CRF50 inspired the design of the SSR 125.

The SSR 125 has the engine of Honda technology YXโ„ข or BangEnโ„ข 4-Stroke power mill. Itโ€™s a single-cylinder arrangement with an air cooling system. The setup is already perfect, but if you want to have the option to further upgrade, you can do it.ย 

๐Ÿ”น SSR Motorsports SR450S

The SR450 also has a 4-stroke with a single-cylinder but has a water cooling system. The engine is powerful 450cc for SR405S. Often people mistake this bike for a Honda because of its almost identical looks. You can call it a Honda master copy as everything is almost same to same.

Some common dissimilarity between Honda and SR450S is the carburation. The SR450S has a 35mm carburetor instead of 40mm. The SR405S offers 40 horsepower engine and the sound is exactly what are you expecting to be.


SSR Motorsport is working hard and taking inspiration from other companies like Honda (Sometimes 100% copying them) and is trying to improve themselves as we have seen from other Chinese companies. For something affordable and reliable, SSR Motorsport is a great choice.

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