The Ice Bear Scooter is highly popular among young people. It earned a place in customers’ hearts as a result of its outstanding performance. You are here to know about Who makes Ice Bear scooters?

As a result, We’ve put together an article that will provide you with all of the information you need about Ice Bear scooters. We hope that this has satisfied your need to understand all about Ice Bear scooters.

Are Ice Bear Scooters Any Good?

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a scooter that makes you cry every time you see it in the morning because it looks like a wart on your driveway. There are particularly 150cc scooters, an engine size bracket that is less appealing to budget customers, who prefer smaller 50cc versions.

Ice Bear scooters that are stylish attract attention and make you happy when you watch them running through town or down country roads. Nobody wants to ride a scooter that can’t bring them to their destination in comfort.

We all want a combination of performance thrills and practicality, therefore it’s a crucial consideration when evaluating a scooter or moped. When considering the practicality of any vehicle, we must examine MPG, reliability, cost, and storage, and motor scooters are no exception.

Because one of the most well-known selling features of gas scooters is their MPG, I usually analyze how a scooter or moped compares in terms of the distance it can travel before needing to fill up.

The importance of dependability cannot be overstated. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a car, you need to know that it won’t fail you down when you least expect it. It’s also useful to know how simple it is to fix a scooter if something goes wrong. Although that would be amazing, no scooter is bulletproof and infallible.

No one likes to ride a motor scooter that is sluggish, dull, or dangerously slow, thus it is critical to consider the performance of a motor scooter during buying. The most critical elements to consider are top speed reports, handling capability, and braking.

They also provide a free trip so that you may determine whether or not this product is worthwhile. Ice Bear Scooters, I assure you, will not let you down. So, let’s make a try.

Who Makes Ice Bear Scooters?

Since 2006, Pacific Rim Int’l West Inc. has been producing and marketing high-quality Powersports equipment under the “Icebear” brand. Over the last nine years, Icebear has established itself as the top brand in the Powersports industry, with a product that flawlessly combines quality and price.

About The Manufacturer

Ice Bear is headquartered in California, with branches in Georgia and Texas to serve their dealers more conveniently. Their product development center is in Japan, whereas their plant is in China. Icebear has its own line of products, such as Trikes and Maddogs.

They are still making an attempt to maintain their compliance. They are a one-stop shop for a wide range of Powersports equipment. Every Icebear member strives to make your Icebear experience as enjoyable as possible. That’s why, they believe: In the journey of life, everyone deserves to ride in style!.

Ice Bear Scooters Models

🔷 SHADOW(PMZ50-1)50cc Scooter

It includes a 49.5cc air-cooled automatic transmission, front disc, and rear drum brakes, a trunk, and a 10″ aluminum wheel. Actual goods may differ from photos due to ongoing development.

Price: $1,468.99

🔷 ROCKET(PMZ50-4J)50cc Scooter

49.5cc, air-cooled, automatic, front disc, rear drum brake, 10″ wheel, trunk included. Rims have different colors: body color, black color, silver color.


🔷 BULLET 150(PMZ150-5N)150cc Scooter

It has a 150cc air-cooled automatic with front disc and rear drum brakes and a 10″ aluminum wheel. Due to continuing development, actual products may differ from images.


🔷 HAWKEYE(PMZ150-3C)150cc Scooter

150 cc, air-cooled, automatic, front disc, rear drum brake, 13″ aluminum wheel, trunk included.

Price: $1,399.00

Those products are available on their official website. You can buy these amazing Scooters from their website.

Ice Bear Scooters Review

When someone says “economical,” the image of a bare-bones, bland, and low-cost product usually comes to mind. That’s the kind of term you’d use to describe something you’d buy out of necessity rather than pleasure. That is no longer the case. When you get the brand new Ice Bear scooter, you’ll be receiving something that’s not just affordable, but also not boring.

This moped will start saving you money right away. It has a mileage range of 80 to 100 miles per gallon. When compared to a hybrid automobile, which may cost up to $30K and only get 55 MPG at best. When you buy this low-cost sporty scooter, you will save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the scooter.


How fast is the Ice Bear scooter?

A 150cc scooter can reach 60 mph and get up to 70 mpg, whereas a 250cc scooter can reach 75 mph but only get about 60 mpg. However, you may not be permitted to ride a scooter on the highway; verify your local engine size or horsepower requirements.

Where can I buy Ice Bear Scooter parts?

You can buy Ice Bear Scooter parts from Amazon.

Is the ice bear scooter have any warranty?

The factory limited warranty begins on the date of sale to the Dealer’s customer or two months following delivery to the Dealer’s location, whichever comes first. Ice Bear will cover either parts alone or parts and labor during the warranty period, depending on the model.

Are Ice Bear scooters reliable?

Yes, this scooter’s make and model have a solid reputation among scooter enthusiasts. First and foremost, Ice Bear has a stellar reputation. It’s a well-known ATV and scooter manufacturer, so you’ll discover that purchasing from them is a good choice.


Ice Bear Scooters are lightweight, simple to operate, and stylish. Ice Bear Scooters are ideal if you want a scooter that is both affordable and of high quality. So, pick your model right now. Ice Bear Scooters wishes you a safe and enjoyable ride. I hope that reading this article has given you all of the information you require.

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  1. Robert W Hart Reply

    I have an Ice Bear Rocket 49.5 scooter. This week it began running awful after a few minutes. I ride it to work which is about 3 miles. I can almost make it before it starts acting up. I pulled the oil stick and the oil smells of gas. I changed my spark plug, which didn’t look bad. I really like the scooter, but it has begun being unreliable.

  2. Robert W Hart Reply

    by the way, please email me. And where can i get a shop manual?

  3. LEO SCHULZ Reply

    where can i get , both repair and owners manuals for ICE BEAR VISION PMZ 50 2023?

  4. thomas hughes Reply

    i bought the ice bear 150 trike 5 months ago. so far have usede it for 1 hour. since the has been staying in and out of repair shop. and yet at 20 mph it front end wobbles all over the place . at 40 it seems to get a little better, but still scary.
    bought new rim and new Michelin tire trying to solve. had many electrical problems thats been corrected.
    its an authorized ice bear repair shop and they’re starting to say its a lemon.
    can’t get anyone from ice bear to help correct the situation.

    • Avatar photo

      Eesh, sorry to hear this thomas. It does sound like a friday afternoon build! Hope you get it sorted soon.

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