An internal combustion engine can face some serious problems when small particles, dirt, or anything gets into the engine via the engine oil. Sometimes this can stop the regular oil flow causing serious engine damage. So, the oil filter is a very essential part of a modern gasoline or diesel engine.

A lot of companies provide oil filters to protect your cars. Motorcraft oil filters are one of the best in the market. Who makes Motorcraft oil filters? Let us help you learn about them and check out what makes them one of the best.

About The Manufacturer

Who manufactures Motorcraft oil filters? The manufacturing and production rights of Motorcraft oil company is owned by Purolator Filter LLC. On the other hand, Motorcraft is an auto parts brand owned by Ford Motor Company. 

Originally launched in the 1950s, Motorcraft is officially part of Ford. So when you are buying products from them you are buying from one of the biggest and most established car manufacturers out there.

Motorcraft is not responsible for manufacturing every part of Ford motors. Their notable product is their lubricants such as Motorcraft oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and many more. Ford products are recommended to use Motorcraft oil.

Are Motorcraft Oil filters Good?

Motorcraft oil filters are one of the main parts used by none other than Ford themselves. A company like Ford will never use something low quality. So rest assured they are without any doubt one of the best you can get for your car.

They can completely satisfy the consumer with their high-quality build and proven pedigree. Essentially you don’t have to worry about your engine anymore after getting one of them.

Motorcraft Oil Filter Review

Motorcraft has a great line of products. It can be overwhelming for someone to choose the correct oil filter for their needs. Here are some of our recommendations based on online reviews for various Motorcraft oil filters.

1. Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter

Motorcraft is assuring you this won’t let a single particle enter your engine. How they are achieving it you might ask. Well, the best part about this particular product is its valve and the way its provides effective pressure which is very unique for an oil filter. At the time of writing, they currently have 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon with several hundred reviews.

It has an anti-rust technology as well that can be helpful for the durability of the filter. . So in extreme conditions, rest assured this filter is built to fight against potential corrosion issues.

2. Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

If you have any worries about dry start then Motorcraft FL2016 got you covered. If you have used any of the other oil filters before you may know how often they need to be changed. But, the Motorcraft FL2016 oil filter doesn’t need that frequent replacement according to reviews but it should be replaced anytime you flush the engine oil anyway. It also offers a secure valve for better pressure management.

3. Motorcraft FL2051S Oil Filter

For those who are suffering from clogged filters, Motorcraft FL2051S may be a blessing in disguise!. They are specially made for anti-clog solutions, especially for high mileage. If you are planning to do high mileage then this could be the oil filter you need.

Its filter media has special coverage which can protect the engine from unnecessary particles. It has great durability for which you don’t need to change your filter frequently. To add to that, the Motorcraft FL2051 fits most modern cars on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Motorcraft oil filters:

Who sells Motorcraft oil filters?

From your local Walmart to Amazon you can get these oil filters from anywhere you like.

How many miles will a Motorcraft oil filter last?

The exact distance actually depends on which Motorcraft oil filter you are using. Usually, the changing periods are more than 5,000 miles. A very high standard for an oil filter.

How much does a Motorcraft oil filter costs?

You can get one of them for around 2$-15$ on Amazon.

Are there any fake Motorcraft oil filters?

We have not read reports of any counterfeit Motorcraft oil filters, but ensure you buy from a reputable seller of a large store.

Are Motorcraft oil filters suitable for synthetic oil?

Yes, Motorcraft oil filters are suitable for any kind of oil. You should check the recommended filter for your vehicle before purchase.


One of the most essential parts of an oil engine car will be its oil filter and there are a lot of products to go for. You can find yourself in an exhausting situation to choose the best one for you. Motorcraft oil filters are undoubtedly one of the best

A car enthusiast dreams of getting a Ford of his own. This Ford brand uses and manufactures Motorcraft oil filters. Not only for Ford, but you can also use a Motorcraft oil filter with different brands too. With their service and almost 5 stars on Amazon, you can trust Motorcraft and protect your engines from permanent damage.

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