One of the most essential parts of an engine car is its oil filter. Oil engines are very sensible; a few unwanted particles can cause heavy damage to your car. Today a lot of companies manufacture oil filters for oil engines. You may want to consider Valvoline as your go-to choice for oil filters.

Who makes Valvoline oil filters? What makes them unique in the market? We will learn about their manufacturer and will try to check their track record. Later in this article, there will be a short review of Valvoline oil filters.

About The Manufacturer

Valvoline oil filters are owned by Valvoline inc. They are an American manufacturer and the distributor of Valvoline-brand automotive oil, additives, and lubricants. Since 2016 Valvoline is considered to be the second-largest oil change service in the United States of America.

Valvoline was founded by Dr. John Ellis on September 6, 1866, in Binghamton, New York. He moved his business with his son-in-law to Brooklyn. They have worked with many race cars over the years and you can see their names to this day in various race cars, as they are proud sponsors of a lot of racers.

In 1949, Ashland Inc. acquired Valvoline and Valvoline is responsible for Ashland’s 37% of yearly revenue in recent years. What company makes Valvoline oil filters? 

The Valvoline oil filters were previously made by Champions Lab but currently, Porulator has the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Valvoline oil filters.

🔷 Champions Lab

They had a humble beginning in 1936 as automotive filter and manufacturing and currently, they are one of the leading brands across the United States of America. They were the main manufacturer and the distributor of Valvoline oil filters for a long time and in recent years they have lost the right to Purolator.

🔷 Purolator

Purolator’s name originated from pure oil later, Purolator is the short form of this. They started their journey in 1923 with the hands of Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh.

Purolator has the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Valvoline oil filters. They are a subsidiary division of a German-based liquid air filter MANN+HUMMEL Gruppe. 

Purolator has manufacturing sites across the United States of America. However, they have their headquarters in Fayetteville, North Carolina where they also have a manufacturing plant of themselves.

Are Valvoline Oil Filters Good?

Valvoline has proved themselves are one of the best in the market with its oils. A company like Valvoline inc. has been committed to high-quality products. They have proven themselves and became a household name in the United States of America and in other parts of the world.

They use sturdy steel cases as protection for high-pressure surges. In adverse conditions, a filter may collapse. To prevent this situation Valvoline uses a heavy gauge inner core. And finally, the Lubricated Gasket Helps condition the gasket for easier filter removal. 

Valvoline is the best for OIC(Oil Change Interval) and they can give you a premium feel to it. Despite having some negative reviews most of them are fairly positive. So, you can say that Valvoline oil filters are no doubt one of the best and premium feel to their products.

It is a common question that what kind of filters does Valvoline use? According to Valvolines’ official website they use spin-on filters. Also, They use the Double Rolled Locked Seaming can withstand excessive hydrostatic pressure.

Valvoline Oil Filter Chart

Before buying an oil filter you must check the oil filter guide from the manufacturer. If you are considering buying a Valvoline oil filter then there is a filter guide on the chart from the manufacturer themselves. You can check the official oil filter chart from here: 2019 Valvoline Filter Guide.

Why are Valvoline Oil Filters So Expensive?

If you compare other oil filters available in the market you will find Valvoline oil filters are the expensive ones. Why is that? Well, if you take public opinions you will find a lot of people think Valvoline oil filters are better than others. Others think it’s the brand value that makes a Valvoline oil filter so expensive.

You may think of any of them but brand value indeed affects the product pricing. Valvoline has been around for a long time and earned consumers’ trust. So, people trust them more than other brands. However, that trust has made Valvoline a necessity for a car owner.

Valvoline Oil Filters Review

Valvoline has a lot of notable products. Here are some of our recommendations if you are considering getting one for yourself.

🔷 Valvoline Vo-108 Engine Oil Filter 

They are considered to be one of the best in the market. They have an excellent filtration system and a great capacity. You can easily worry about fewer long rides and also you can use this product for a long time.

Your engine can be safe from all the problems it can face. At the time of writing this product has 4.7 stars on amazon!!!

🔷 Valvoline Vo-106 Oil Filter

You can easily recommend a Valvoline VO-106 to anyone. It is designed to remove metal debris and harmful contaminants without interfering in oil’s regular flow. Most of the customers who got this product for themself have only positive things to say. You can see that on product review pages.


Valvoline has a great history as a company and proved itself as one of the best. They are an American household name and the first choice for a lot of people. Although they are mainly known for their synthetic oils they are also the proud manufacturer of oil filters. 

With their great track record and almost 5 stars ratings on various eCommerce sites, you can also choose Valvoline as your trusted oil filter.

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