Engine and Hydraulics are two of the major components of a car. Engine oil plays a crucial role to keep them clean and work efficiently. Different brands of oil filters are available in the market nowadays. Supertech is one of them.

However, there is some confusion around who makes Supertech oil filters or are Supertech oil filters good, etc. In this article, we will try to answer all of these questions of yours and emphasize whether you should buy a Supertech oil filter or not.

Who Makes Supertech Oil Filters?

Supertech oil filters started their journey more than fifteen years ago. But, they are not an independent company. They have a parent company and it is none other than Walmart, the biggest name in the retail industry worldwide.

About Walmart

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of Supertech oil filters, we must know about Walmart. As we know, a better brand will never try to deliver a bad product to hamper its brand image. The better the brand is, the more dependable the product is. 

Sam Walton founded Walmart back in 1950. He started with just a small dime store. But the business saw progress and success. Following that, in 1962, they opened the first Walmart in Arkansas. Walmart changes the landscape of retail management in America. 

For now, Walmart operates in 23 countries with multiple outlets. As per the sources, the revenue of Walmart in the quarter of 2021 was $559.2 billion. They are the worldwide market leader when it comes to retail marketing.

Brands Owned by Walmart

Though Walmart is a retail shop that sells products from many different sellers, they have some product brands of their own. Their product philosophy goes with their business philosophy as well. Give the customer the best you can at affordable prices. 

They have product brands in different categories. Some of their major brands are –

👉🏻 George: Clothing brand for men
👉🏻 Terra & Sky: Women plus size clothing brand
👉🏻 Sam’s Choice: Food and hard good brand
👉🏻 Equate: Pharmacy and Health & beauty item brand

Apart from these, they have additional brands like Allswell, Bikeshop, Everstart, Oak Leaf, Ozark Tail, etc. Supertech is one of these. Besides making oil filters they make other products such as – windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, etc.

Who Manufactures Them?

Now things can get a little tricky here. First, we told you Supertech is owned by Walmart. Now if we tell you that Walmart themselves doesn’t make them, it can get easily confusing for you to understand who makes Supertech oil filters

Well, let’s go step by step.

Supertech oil filters are made by Champion Labs. They are one of the largest names private label filter suppliers in the USA. Yes, you saw that right! Not in China but in the USA. So by default, they have a homegrown advantage to them. 

To understand why they do that, we need to understand the cost model of a product. As Walmart is not a manufacturing company, so to start a new product from scratch they have to invest a lot in the equipment and manpower.

But, if they outsource it, they save money and time. All they have to do is just to sell, which they are good at. That is why Walmart outsources almost all of its brands and their products.

Supertech Oil Filters Review

Now that we know about who makes Supertech oil filters, it is time to find out are Supertech oil filters good or not. 

But before we jump to a conclusion, we must take a quick look at why or when we need to use oil filters. Here are few reasons – 

✅ The engine keeps producing a harsh metallic sound
✅ Gradually lowered oil pressure
✅ Exhaust gas becomes black and emits dirt
✅ Engine power feels low

As we now understand the importance and use of oil filters, we need to decide whether we should pick a Supertech oil filter or not. And the answer is, the choice is yours.

There have always been various brands in the automotive industry. Oil filters are a necessary product and so, numerous good brands have oil filters of their own. And the rivalry has always been there. Such as – Supertech vs Castrol, or Supertech vs Fram, etc.

Supertech has always been a strong contender in the market if not the best one. Though the automotive industry has witnessed a massive surge in the quality of products in recent years, Supertech was a bit late to respond.

However, lately, Walmart has been focusing on the improvement of the product and Supertech has seen significant improvements so far. They have been able to maintain the standard level while maintaining the affordable price tag, which is applaudable.


How well often should I change my Supertech OIl filter?

In general, it is recommended to change the oil filter to around every 5000 miles. However, it can vary on the condition of the vehicle and its engine.

How’s the filtering efficiency?

Supertech oil filters have 99% filtering efficiency. 

What about the OEM specifications?

Supertech oil filters meet all the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Supertech or Fram oil filter? Which one is better?

Well, we can say both. Both Supertech and Fram are affordable and easy to find products. Both of them have a good build quality. However, to some users, the removal of the stainless screen backing of the Fram may cause some issues.

I am planning to go on a road trip. What is the longest I can go without changing the oil filter?

If every other aspect of the engine is in good condition, we can suggest that you should be able to stretch up to 10000km without changing the oil filter.

What model of vehicle suits the Supertech oil filter the most?

This is a hard question to answer! Most of the vehicle supports the oil filters are specified to them. However, we would suggest you ask similar vehicle users to know their experience.

Final Words

So, if you are in the market searching for a good air filter, we can suggest Supertech oil filters. They are capable enough to get your job done. So, now you don’t have to think about who makes Supertech oil Filters or will they be any good or not.

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