The engine is the powerhouse of your car or anything without a proper well functioning engine your machine is just a piece of plastic. Unfortunately, engines are very sensible as a few unwanted elements can destroy your engine.ย 

So to protect your engine from unwanted junk, oil filters are a blessing. MicroGard has been a prominent manufacturer of oil filter manufacturer in the industry. If you are interested in them let us talk about who makes MicroGard Oil Filters and what is so good about them.

About The Manufacturer

So now the question is, who is responsible for manufacturing this brand? MicroGard oil filter is manufactured and distributed by Purolator. To ensure that you can check the steel/aluminum backplate design.

Purolator is a Canadian courier that is owned mostly by Canadian Post and Rainmaker Investment Ltd. Initially, this company was supposed to be a Trans Canada Courier but in 1967 the company was owned by Purolator filters and became a part of it. 

Purolatorโ€™s base of operations is in Fayetteville, North Carolina where they manufacture and distribute their products. Since 2013 they were a part of German manufacturer Mann+Hummel. Purolator has been selling some amazing oil filers since the 1920s. 

With over a hundred years of experience, Purolator has been improving its oil filters and users are satisfied with the performance.

Are MicroGard Oil Filters Any Good?

An oil filter will do its best to protect your engine from any outside contamination, So, a better and more reliable brand would be our priority. Here we will discuss deeply MicroGard filters and try to answer some common questions globally.

๐Ÿ”น Specs

Before we talk analyze a MicroGard oil filter, let us see what is inside one. The main ingredient of a MicroGard oil filter is cellulose and fibrous wood pulp with inconsistent pores. Height depends from one model to another.

You will get a Gasket in most MicroGard oil filters but a removable screw is absent in most models. Also, most MicroGard oil filters do not provide Anti-Drain back valve. 

๐Ÿ”น Filtration Condition

As MicroGard uses Cellulose as its main build material, and wood pulp with inconsistence pores. The inconsistence pores play a major role in filtration. Cellulose also plays a role in water contamination absorption. 

A better filtration can be done using fiberglass or synthetic material because of its smaller pores than Cellulose. Despite that Celloluse mostly gets the job done.

๐Ÿ”น Efficiency

A MicroGard Oil Filter can effectively filter 95% of the oil. Even though it seems like a marketing ploy, numerous independent testers have attested to the claim. These third-party testers used the ISO 454812 standard for their laboratory testing.

A MicroGard Oil Filter can filtrate up to 29 microns. Another important factor is the glued clits. The glued clits also ensure a proper efficiency to MicroGard Oil Filters.

๐Ÿ”น Capability

MicroGard has a wide range of capabilities, their oil filter can be used with multiple car brands. No matter what kind of car you use, there is a MicroGard filter for it.

๐Ÿ”น Sealing

An oil filter has to be properly sealed otherwise there will be a chance of contamination. To ensure proper sealing MicroGard uses Gasket.

๐Ÿ”น Warranty

With every MicroGard oil filter, you have one year of warranty. To have this warranty, you have to buy the MicroGard oil filter from an official seller or distributor. Within the warranty period, the MicroGard oil filter ensures your oil filter is free of defects and built properly.

๐Ÿ”น Pricing

MicroGard offers some fantastic oil filters at a reasonable price. If you want something with a tighter budget then MicroGard is a life saver. But do not worry, despite being cheaper than most oil filters, MicroGard isnโ€™t compromising in quality. 

You can expect some of the finest oil filters from MicroGard at a cheaper price.

๐Ÿ”น Usage

MicroGard oil filter is suitable for normal driving. By normal driving, we meant driving in a city or highway. MicroGard Oil filters are not ideal for extreme or harsh environments. So, if you are not doing some driving in extreme conditions a MicroGard oil filter can be a great choice.ย 

๐Ÿ”น MicroGard Select

This MicroGard oil filter comes with more modern features and filtration technology. The MicroGard select employs synthetic filtering material in place of cellulose.

 The use of synthetic filtration media is significantly superior to that of pulp made from wood, as we have already explained in previous sections.

While a basic MicroGard filter has a 95% effectiveness rate and can remove particles as small as 29 microns, a MicroGard choice oil filter has a filtration capacity of up to 25 microns and can offer 99 percent efficiency.

MicroGard Oil Filter Review

MicroGard offers different kinds of oil filters for different cars. In this vast majority of oil filters, hereโ€™s our recommendation about the finest Microgard oil filter.

๐Ÿ”น MicroGard MGL57204 Oil Filter

The MicroGard MGL57204 is a standard oil filter. So, like any other standard MicroGard filter, it is made from cellulose with wooden fibrous pulp. For sealing you are getting a Gasket with a diameter of 2-15/16, 2-7/8 (inside), 3-1/8, 3-1/8 Inch(outside). 

The height of this oil filter is 6-1/8 inches. So, if the size matches your requirement and you are not someone who will drive in extreme conditions, the MGL57204 Oil Filter can be a fantastic choice for you.


Protecting the engine is a priority for every car user. Contamination with oil can ruin the engine by downgrading its performance. So to protect the engine, an oil filter is important. Purolator, the manufacturer of MicroGard Oil Filters, has experience in this field for over a century. 

In this long time, Purolator has perfected how an oil filter should work. The result can be seen in its reviews on various sites. MicroGard not only offers budget oil filters but also has some premium-grade filters. As they are a veteran in the industry, you can trust MicroGard in your car.

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