Power Tools are very handy when it comes to doing tasks that might require a lot of physical strength if done directly by hand. There are quite a few power tool brands in the market and Kobalt is one of them.

In this article, we will know who makes Kobalt Power Tools and every other detail about it. We will also discuss whether you should buy them or not. Let’s begin!

Who makes Kobalt Power Tools?

Kobalt Power Tools is a renowned name in the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) industry. In any big Hardware store you pick, you would see a good number of Kobalt products there, and that is because Kobalt is owned by Lowe’s, the second biggest hardware chain worldwide!

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s was founded in 1946, North Carolina. It is included in Fortune 500 American company list. Their main business is to sell hardware items for home improvement and appliances. Lowe’s has around a six percent share of the US home improvement market. 

L.S. Lowe started the journey in 1921 with a regular hardware store in North Wilkesboro, NC. After his death, his son James Lowe and son-in-law Carl Buchan took over the business. They switched to the wholesale business of selling hardware and building supplies. 

Lowe’s masterstroke was to capitalize on the do-it-yourself mindset of the Americans that started to grow in the 70s. They started selling everything the customer need to either repair anything in their house or to build something entirely. They have also kept the price affordable. 

Within 1982, their sales revenue hit $1 billion, and just after a year, it increased around 40%, resulting in an astonishing $1.42 billion sales revenue.  In 2020, amidst the Covid- 19 pandemic, Lowe’s recorded a brilliant $89.6 billion Us dollar.

According to data, Lowe’s has 1974 shops all around the world in 2020. Till August 2021, Lowe’s net worth was $141.94B, and it was on the rise! Apart from selling other brands, they have their own family of private brands and projects. Kobalt Power tools are from there. 

Who makes Kobalt Tools for Lowe’s

Kobalt tools started their journey in 1998 by J.H. Williams, to compete with tools like Craftsman and Husky manufactured by Sears and The Home Depot respectively. However, The Danhar Corporation started to manufacturing Kobalt Tools in 2003.

Again, in 2011 the manufacturing authority was changed. It went to J.S products, and since then they are making the tools. However, the answer is not the same when it comes to who makes Kobalt cordless tools because they are made by Chevron.

Do you need a power tool?

Before we give our opinion on Kobalt Power Tool, we would like to give you a quick idea of how to pick the right power tool for your need. There are so many options that it is quite easy to miss the mark. 

Now, we are not going to talk about every tool and their details, but there are few general questions often comes to the main when picking a power tool. We will discuss them here. But remember this, this discussion is focused on home uses in mind.

Cordless is better?

Cordless tools have an obvious advantage over cords, and that is they are portable. It can be carried any place without any worries of finding an electric source. Moreover, there is no risk of electrocution. Even if you’re a beginner user, you can use them effortlessly.

Look for cordless items that use lithium batteries. Due to their higher energy storage, they can offer more capacity and power. They also hold their charge for a longer period of time over different batteries of the same size.

Don’t get overpowered

Your choice of tool should be based on the requirement of your need. Let’s say, you need a cordless drill for your general household need.  Generally, a drill of around 800- 1000 watts should be perfect for you. Anything more than that is overkill. They are aimed for professional usage.

What you should rather do is save the extra money and buy good accessories. Every electric machine often requires some accessories for smoother operation. We suggest you to spend those extra savings here and make the machine even more complete.

Built and size is the key

Built and size is the most important fact you should look at whenever you’re buying any power tools for your use. If the product is well built, not only it will last longer but also it can handle some unprofessional or wrong uses without any major malfunctioning.

Size and weight are super important because you want your household work to be done with ease, not by getting yourself tired. Pick a product that is easier to maneuver and on the lighter side.

Safety is the priority

Whatever tool you are about to buy, from a drill to a jigsaw or a leaf blower, safety should be your top concern. Not only you but also your children might have access to the product or use it. So buy a product built in a way that minimizes the risks of any unprecedented events.

Quality over price

Finally, try not to buy a less expensive product with even an average rating. Power tools are quite sophisticated and come with injury risks. You don’t want to cause any severe injuries just because of saving a few extra money.

Should you buy Kobalt Power Tools?

Kobalt tools are a sensible choice according to us. They are American-made, backed by big-name brands like Lowe’s, ensuring superior quality, and also they are almost everywhere in the US. So finding any parts won’t be an issue.

Kobalt is not as focused as Dewalt or Makita, as they are more industrial usage-focused brands. But they are very good when it comes to DIY home improvement activities. 

Here are few different types of Kobalt Power tools we picked up from Amazon –

  • Kobalt 24V MAX Brushless 2 Tool Combo kit
  • Kobalt 24V MAX 6-1/2in Cordless Circular Saw Brake
  • Kobalt 18 – piece Cordless 24V Max Oscillating tool kit
  • Kobalt 24V MAX Volt Variable Speed Cordless Reciprocating Saw
  • Kobalt 40V – Li-ion – 480CFM – 110MPH Medium Duty Baretool Cordless Electric Leaf Blower
  • Final Words

    So here we are. finally, you know everything from who makes Kobalt Power Tools to whom makes Kobalt Tools for Lowe’s. We think now you can easily pick your favorite Kobalt tools without any confusion.

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