In the vast sea of varieties of tools for DIY lovers, Hyper Tough has earned its fame within a short time for all the features it delivers. That too is on a pocket-friendly budget. 

As a result, the question of who makes Hyper Tough tools has been rising more than ever. We believe you too are also here for that. Therefore, why wait? Let us take you straight through all the info on who makes them, how good they are, best reviews, and many more. 

Before we start, please note that Hyper Tough is mainly a mid-ranged well-built tool line for home DIY enthusiasts. You will most likely find tools that are less priced, hence less quality. Also, more expensive ones with greater quality.

Who is the Owner of Hyper Tough Tools?

In the year 1993, a new line of tools was launched by Walmart. They marketed and sold them by declaring that it is one of their home brands for power tools and hand tools. Therefore, Hyper Tough was born. 

To sum up, Walmart is the owner of Hyper Tough Tools. However, they are not the one who makes them. Hyper Tough’s products are made and assembled elsewhere by another brand and get supplied to Walmart later. 

To know all about what company makes Hyper Tough tools, please read on to the next section.

What Company Makes Hyper Tough Tools?

Test Rite Tools is the company that makes Hyper Tough tools. Test Rite is a Taiwan-based company that has its factories in China and Taiwan. On the other hand, they also have their headquarter in New York, USA. 

It is very well known among DIY enthusiasts and home improvement sector-related individuals that Hyper Tough is associated with Test Rite Tools and is being made in Test Rite’s facilities.

Line of Hyper Tough Tools

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Hyper Tough tools that are currently available in the market. Hyper Tough’s two main divisions are Power tools and Hand tools. Here, some of the most used tools are named

Other than all of these, you will find different combos and kit sets, where several useful tools will be sold by making a combination at a much lower price than when bought individually.

Power tools

  • Drills
  • Saws
  • Grinders
  • Planers, etc.

Hand tools

  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Files
  • Scrapers, etc.


  • LED headlamps
  • Fastener
  • Cables
  • Toolboxes, etc.

Who Sells Hyper Tough Tools?

If you want to find all types of Hyper Tough Tools in one place, there is no better option than a Walmart store. Being Hyper Tough Tool’s one of the biggest distributors, Walmart excels at its availability.

However, the brand has now extended due to increased popularity as a result many small shops are also becoming interested to be the distributor of these products. 

Also, for those who do not have a Walmart shop or any other shop where they can find Hyper Tough, Amazon is there for them. Nowadays, more products from this brand are coming to Amazon.

Are They Any Good?

If they will be a good purchase this year, will depend on a few factors. We will try to discuss all the factors briefly so that you can decide if you are going to get products from this brand next or not.


For the pricing it comes with, Hyper Tough has outsmarted many a time for its well-built tough features. They can withstand any wear and tear that most of the other less expensive brands simply can not.


This will depend on who is using them. People who are used to using big branded ones will find these to be of low quality. But again, the price you are paying is also less. Hence, you are mainly getting more with that kind of pricing.

Wide Range of Variety

Hyper Tough comes in such a wide range of various tools that it is easy to get confused about which ones to go for. In this situation, know what you want and choose exactly in accordance with that.


Though they are priced a little higher than the most inexpensive brands, they surely deliver the extra quality for the extra expense.

Best Hyper Tough Tools Review

Among an ocean of products to choose from, here we have come with a few that has won customer’s heart, no questions asked.

1. Hyper Tough 77-piece Ratchet Driver Set

With 27 Stubby driver sets, 24 t-handle driver sets, and 26 pieces precision driver set the combo is perfectly a heavy-duty constructed combo for any DIY experts.

2. Hyper Tough Cordless Screwdriver

This 4.8V cordless tool has forward and reverses technology alongside a 5pc Screwdriver bit Set and 1- Magnetic Bit Driver and a 1-year warranty.  

3. Hyper Tough LED Headlamp

An amazing rechargeable headlamp with a 2-way adjustable head strap. Meets ANSI standards while giving you the hands-free work experience for added efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hyper Tough vs Hart, which is better?

With Hyper Tough, you might need to pay a little more than Hart. However, that money will give you all that it worths. Hence, if you are within an extremely tight budget, Hart will be good otherwise Hyper Tough wins the argument with no doubt.

Who makes Hyper Tough cordless tools?

All Hyper Tough Tools are manufactured by Test Rite Tools and marketed by Walmart.

Who makes Hyper Tough 20v tools?

Hyper Tough 20V tools are also manufactured by Test Rite tools and later distributed to Walmart for marketing and selling.


With a Hyper Tough tool at hand, the success of your job is almost secured. Because they are well-built, rugged, has long life and whatnot. For some, you might require paying a bit extra but all your money will be spent in the right place. 

Due to all of these positive aspects people these days are more interested to know about who makes Hyper Tough tools. Thank you for reading this far and for being a shareholder of our researched knowledge.

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