Out of several brands for tools, Hart has owned the heart of many shoppers for its affordable price and availability. On the other hand, Hart has started a new lineup at Walmart, people confuse Hart’s real owner with Walmart. We will give every information related to that in here as well.

We will make you wait no more and enlighten you with who makes Hart tools and all other info that you need to know before purchasing any tools from this brand. Let’s jump into all the details together.

What Company Makes Hart Tools?

Techtronic Industries Company Limited or shortly known as TTI is the owner of Hart tools along with other brands like Milwaukee, Ridgid, Ryobi, Hoover, Orek, Vax, Dirt Devil, etc. In the beginning, they used to make hammers only under the Hart brand.

That was the time when they gained a praiseworthy introduction and customer’s trust. At this time, they have hundreds if not thousands of line-ups of products for their customers.

About The Manufacturer

TTI is headquartered in Hongkong and as a result, most of Hart’s products are manufactured in China and then supplied all over the world.

Should You Buy Hart Tools?

For daily chores at home sometimes people need some basic tools. On the other hand, It is better to remind you all that not everyone that uses these hardware tools are not professionals. So, are Hart tools any good in this case? Some of the useful Hart Tools list from Amazon is here:

  1. Hart HPCK402BPTA 20-Volt Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit with 200-Piece Accessory Kit and 16-inch Storage Bag
  3. Hart 20v drill and impact driver kit
  4. Hart Tools 20V Inflator (Battery Not Included)

These inexpensive yet functional tools are more than perfect for all the unprofessional technicians out there. But it does not mean that they are a bad choice for the professionals. When coming with that reasonable price, they are meant to have their shares of weaknesses.

If you are a regular customer at Amazon or Walmart, make sure to check the new lineup that they recently launched. And then make up your mind if they are the ones you need to get. However, with more budget, you will get sturdier tools at any Home Depot or other dedicated hardware stores.

Is The Brand Hart Better Than Hyper Tough?

While both the brands can be found in Walmart and they are some of Walmart’s special house brands, they are still not the same and shares individual sets of features and prices. As we are talking about hyper tough tools it is common to wonder: what company makes hyper tough tools?

While TTI owns Hart, hyper tough is owned by Test Right Tools. According to thousands of users and shoppers of both brands, Hart is a better brand than Hyper Tough. Along with that, you should also know that to get Hart tools, you must pay some extra money than you would have paid for Hyper Tough tools.

But we should not be intimidated because the difference is similar to the difference between nineteen and twenty aka there is not much difference and nothing special about it though.

New Hart Tool Line up Deal at Walmart

Have been wondering about who makes Hart tools for Walmart as they just recently announced it? Also, seeing that huge stock of all types of tools it is normal to think if Walmart bought the ownership of Hart tools or not.

No, they did not. Hart tools are still owned by TTI (Techtronic Industries Company Limited) and it was more like: when Walmart went looking for an affordable tool brand for its customers, TTI stood up and let Walmart launch this exclusive hardware for its customers.

This new line-up comprises almost every tool a home repair or a home improvement market needs. Starting from different hand tools, cordless power tools, outdoor power equipment to storage and safety; you get it all.

Moreover, for Walmart shoppers, here is a bonus tip in the form of video. You can watch this and know if these tools are worth buying:

Additionally, several DIY and home repair accessories are also available in this new line. Along with all this, we are providing you with a list that Walmart will primarily sell from Hart’s:

  • More than 20 types of Outdoor Power Equipment Tools
  • More than 180 types of Hand Tools and Storage Options
  • More than 70 types of Power Tool Accessories
  • More than 45 types of Core Power Tools

Hart Tool Problems

Some Hart tools problems are discussed here for your convenience. Hence, if you are having second thoughts, try considering these as well.

Battery System

When you are using battery-operated Hart tools you will not have many options as they are not compatible with any other brands of batteries. Just like your tool, you will need to run to Walmart every single time you need to change your batteries.


While other brands are offering a lifetime warranty for their hand tools, most of Hart hand tools comes with only a three-year warranty. But there is not much room for complaining as well, as you are getting these tools for just a fraction of those big-name brand’s tools.


Are hart tools made in the USA?

No, they are manufactured by TTI; based in Hongkong.

Who makes hart battery-powered tools?

TTI makes them.

Who makes hart yard tools?

Techtronic Industries Company Limited(TTI)

Are Hart and hyper tough batteries interchangeable?

No. They both are two different brands and their batteries are not compatible with other brands.


People searching for affordable tools will have a win-win deal by going with Hart tools. The Home improvement and DIY market are already in love with the tools from Hart’s. If you are a Walmart shopper, do give those Hart shelves glance and see their value for yourself.

Last but not the least, if you made up your mind about buying a Hart tool already, do not forget to check with their warranty and after-sales services.

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