The most important tools for a house or any other institution may be its hardware tools. There is always a way we need to use any type of hardware tools anywhere. Without proper good quality tools, the regular functionality of any program can be seriously hampered.

You may want to consider Kimo tools in this regard. Now, who makes Kimo tools? Let us check out their manufacturer and see what makes Kimo a better tool. We’ll also check what kind of tools they offer too.

Later in this article, there will be a short review of Kimo tools. If you are planning to get one for yourself, this section may help you in this regard.

About The Manufacturer

The company Kimo started their journey in 1990. They started their journey humbly as a small workshop but they have grown big and become one of the top manufacturers in the market. They have earned the trust of gardening enthusiasts, housebuilders, auto repairers and mechanics.

Kimo has committed itself to the development, research, design, production and sales of lithium-ion power tools. Kimo tools have done several types of research over the year and become the best in cordless tools. 

Kimo has achieved this massive success in cordless tools by optimizing the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Kimo has determined to uphold the fundamental values of honesty, reliability and credibility to innovate to become a world leader in the power tool industry.

Is Kimo a Good Tool Brand?

Kimo with its humble beginning as a small workshop provided great services to their customers and earned their trust. Kimo is now supplying power tools worldwide and almost everyone around the world is satisfied with their performance.

🔷 The Revolutionary Cordless

While working with a power tool one of the big problems can be the wires. You can stumble in the wire or it can get unplugged, the worst situation can be a small load shedding hampering the momentum of your work.

To tackle all these problems Kimo has revolutionized cordless power tools by optimizing lithium-ion batteries. Now you can work without disturbing your momentum. The cordless tools have a great battery backup to work for a long period too.

🔷 Build Quality

Another reason people love Kimo tools is because of their build quality. Kimo tools are durable and built with great materials. The drill bits they offer fits with the drills smoothly and easily. People are using these tools for a long time and are very much satisfied with them.

🔷 Pricing

Finally, it doesn’t matter how good the product is if it doesn’t match your budget you won’t get one. Well, the good news is compared with the other products and the quality of Kimo tools you can check they are reasonably priced. You can easily get one for yourself.

Kimo Tools Review

Kimo offers huge amounts of tools. Not all the tools are great and not all the tools can be good for you too. If you are planning to get one for yourself then here are some of our recommended products on Kimo tools.

🔷 Kimo 20V 13809S

This is one of the budget cordless drills from the Kimo tools. It is one of the best budget tools and for an entry-level light-duty DIY project the Kimo 20V 13809S can be the best choice for you.

This tool offers a flexible attachment to losing and fastening in some places where reaching your hands can be hard. So you shouldn’t face too much hustle while doing so. But be careful about putting too much force. You may break something in it.

🔸 Drilling

Let us address the elephant in the room and check how good their drilling performance is. We have said that before this tool is specially made for entry-level projects. Naturally, the Kimo tools didn’t manage to live up to the top tools. It was somewhat average.

Despite the overall performance being average. The beginning of the drill was great. Unfortunately, performance dropped more than expected when the gear was down. Despite this problem, the overall experience was good.

🔷 Kimo Cordless Leaf Blower

Kimo cordless leaf blower offers a 20V 2.0 Amp-hour battery. A charger with about 15” nozzles and a couple of reusable vacuum bags. Very few leaf blowers offer a reusable vac with the product. 

The lightweight design allows the user to easily and comfortably move around his/her yard and get the job done. The Kimo cordless leaf blower doesn’t make that much of an annoying sound and the battery backup is great too. You can easily work with this leaf blower for a long amount of time.

A very good blower with proper worth distribution can easily be worth your money and time. 

🔷 Kimo 20V Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

This tool features 6 different speed settings which allow you to customize your tools according to your need. The  3° oscillating angle provides the best balance for this tool. And finally, zipper tools so you can easily carry the tools with you.

Unfortunately, the only drawback we think is the battery life is not enough for this kind of tool. Without this drawback, the multi-tool is almost perfect.


A proper set of tools is a necessity almost everywhere. No one knows when the situation demands one. Kimo can be the helper in this regard. With their amazing set of tools and customer service, you can easily get one for yourself.  

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