Working on a construction site, hunting, or hiking in any extreme situation can be risky if you are not careful enough. Good boots are great accessories if you are attending to any kind of extreme situation. 

So for good protection, you want something more reliable and a good build that can protect your feet. So let us check out who makes Irish Setter Boots and try to answer if the Irish setter boots can protect your feet or not.

About Irish Setter

Irish Setter Boot has a fascinating story to tell, and they have been producing sport and work boots for years. You can find the touch of experience in all the Irish Setter Boots. Its origin can be dated back to the 1920s when Red Wing Shoes was producing outing boots. 

The Legendary White Crepe Shoes was monitoring Red Wing Shoes when they were making the most practical shoes available at that time. By functional, we mean the sole of those shoes was mud and debris-proof. 

Irish Setter made its grand appearance with the Oro-iginal leather, which was a rich element made to last longer. The brand’s name came from its leather color, similar to an Irish Setter Dog. According to legend, the color was inspired by redwood tree bark. 

So, where is Irish Setter Boots Made? The Red Wing Irish Setter is still following the years of traditional design, operating in the USA, and all the Irish Setter is made in the USA.  

Is Irish Setter a Good Brand?

To understand whether Irish Setter boots are good enough, we have to look at everything they offer and compare them with other brands. If you are planning to buy an Irish Setter Boots then this section can help make a buying decision.

🔹 Build Quality

Irish Setter boots use the fantastic, S.B Foot Tanning lather in the upper section. This is an American full-grain leather that is a fan favorite for its phenomenon durability. Inside for foot padding, Irish Setter uses the removable PU hard.

This foot padding will deteriorate over time, fortunately, as they are removable you can easily replace them when one wore off. In its Mock toe shoes, it uses the Goodyear Welt construction. The Irish Setter features additional leather paneling and thinner triple stitching in some areas of the uppers.

🔹 Sole

Irish Setter uses christy wedge rubber sole, the shallow lugs allow this to shed muds easily. So walking while a muddy environment you don’t have to think about mud getting on your head. We have mentioned how the Irish setter has always emphasized practical situations. 

You can find that practicality on its sole. Irish Setter made sure that you don’t slip while working on a rainy day or in wet conditions. Irish Setter Boots also protects you from electrical hazards as it met the ASTM F2413-11 safety standard.  

Not only that, but Irish Setter boots also protect your feet from extreme heat as their shoe can handle up to 475 degrees. The Irish setter also has abrasion, slip, and oil resistance.  

🔹 Comfort

Now if your boot provides discomfort it will be hard for you to concentrate on work, rather you spend more time confirming your comfort. So, are Irish Setter Boots comfortable enough? 

Irish Setter has an amazing extra padding and wedge sole. So, Irish Setter provides more comfort than most boot brands. The variety of sizes and fits allows you to have the best fit for anyone.  

🔹 Water Resistance

If you want to work on rainy days you may ask, is Irish Setter Boots waterproof? Irish Setter boots in some of its models offer waterproof leather and moisture-wicking nylon lining. These amazing features protect your feet from the water.

🔹 Availability

So, this is all that we think about most Irish Setter Boots. Now if you think it met all your demands of your then you can get them from most online markets places like Amazon, eBay, etc. You can also get them from your nearest retailers.

Irish Setter Boots review

Now you are convinced that Irish Setter is something you are looking for but you got confused after you visit its catalog. So here’s our recommendation on some of Irish Setter’s finest. Hope you find your next boots from here.

🔹 Irish Setter Wingshooter

For hunting season, the Irish Setter Wingshooter is the best choice that you can make. Since the 1950s the Irish Setter Wingshooter was the number one choice for the Hunters in the USA.

The primary layer is 100% lather with a proprietary layer. 

The height of an Irish Setter Wingshooter is 7 inches tall for an ankle fit. This model comes with two pairs of speed hooks per boot, a heal molded counter, etc. Before buying this shoe you must consider what will be your used cases and bye accordingly. 

Go for the lighter version if you want something for hunting or hiking. If you want something for the winter then emphasize height, try the nine inches. As a work boot emphasizes the mock toe as it will provide the extra protection you need.

🔹 Irish Setter Crosby Work Boots

The Setter Crosby work boots are an excellent alternative for anyone seeking a low-cost, high-quality pair of work boots. The Crosby boots come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you obtain the right fit.

Proper padding is added inside a Crosby Work Boot that allows you to have a comfortable time at work. And a much more fascinating feature to get excited about is the Irish Setter Crosby Work Boots.


Protection of the workspace is the top priority for us as there was a time when workplace hazard was a common thing. Tools like Irish Setter Boots did some amazing job and provided the best boots for work, hiking, and many more extreme situations. 

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