It is no fun to live or work somewhere if the place lacks personality. Good paint can provide a new life to any place or wall. Not only that, but good paint can also protect walls from unwanted clouds of dust, water, and many more. 

You do not want to give such a huge responsibility to some unreliable product. As many brands provide excellent paint, finding the best one for your home can be a bit hard. So, let us talk about who makes Glidden Paint and some interesting facts about them.

About Glidden Paint

Glidden has an interesting origin story to tell. Glidden started its journey in 1875 by Francis Harrington Glidden, Levi Brackett, and Thomas Bolles in Cleveland, Ohio. Initially, Glidden was a varnish manufacturer for furniture, wagons, pianos, and carriages. 

Later, Glidden expanded its business and opened the largest varnish manufacturing plant in 1908. The company has changed its name multiple times starting as Glidden, Brackett & company. Later in 1890, it was Glidden & Joy Company and finally Glidden Varnish Company. 

A British multi-industry company ICI bought Glidden in the 80s. Later in 2008, AkzoNobel bought this company from ICI, and finally, PPG industries bought Glidden for $1.05 billion in 2012.

Now, you can say PPG industries has the manufacturing and distribution rights to Glidden Paints.   

About The Manufacturer

One of the successful companies in the USA that managed to get a place in the Fortune 500 is PPG Industries, the parent company of Glidden paints. PPG earned the place for success as a global supplier of paints, coating, and specialty materials. 

PPG Industries has its base of operations in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania but PPG maintains its operations in more than 70 countries globally. PPGs success made them the second most successful coating company after AkzoNobel. 

The headquarter of PPG Industries is a piece of beauty, as this building is popular for its excellent glass facade design by Phillip Johnson. 

Glidden Vs Behr

Glidden has been doing some fantastic service to consumers as you can see they have been around us for about 150 years. But nothing is perfect in the world, and neither is Glidden paint. 

Is glidden Paint Good? To answer this question we are comparing Glidden paint with another famous name in the industry Behr paints. This will give you an idea of whether buying Glidden paint is a good idea or not.

🔹 Price

Well, let us address the big issue first, which product is better for the budget segment. Behr offers more premium paint at a high price. So, if you are a bit tight on your budget, go for Glidden rather than Behr. 

Usually, a Behr paint starts from $14 for a quart and each gallon costs $34. Whereas Glidden will cost you about $14-$18 per gallon depending on the model. If you want something premium from Glidden, then check out their Diamond brand which is a bit expensive too. 

🔹 Coating

The Coating of paint alone can be a decisive situation for buying paint. So, how many coats do you need for the surface in Behr and Glidden? Behr is the champion in this regard. In our tests, Behr usually takes just one coat to cover the surface. 

On the other hand, It took two or three coats to cover the surface with Glidden. Also, Glidden’s darker paints took more coats to fill the surface than lighter paints.

🔹 Purposes

As we have mentioned before, not every painting is good for every situation. You have to choose your brand and model according to what you need. From the above points, you may think Behr is the clear winner, you can just take a Behr and apply it anywhere. 

But the reality is a bit different. If you want to paint a concrete wall or brick wall then Glidden is the perfect choice for you. The premium paints from Glidden can work best in stucco and wood too. The main reason that Glidden works better is its breathable paint. 

A breathable paint means moisture from the surface can easily work its way out. For this reason, molds and mildews can not grow properly in these conditions. 

This is what we think about both Behr and Glidden paints. We can’t recommend a specific paint as both Behr and Glidden serves different purpose. We tried to offer as much information as we can, you may choose Behr or Glidden according to your need. 

Glidden Paints Availability

Now you’re ready to buy a Glidden paint so you may wonder who sells Glidden paint? Glidden Paint is not hard to find, as almost all eCommerce service like Amazon sells Glidden Paint. 

If you are someone who loves to buy products from physical shops then Glidden has got you covered.

Glidden Paint Colors

Glidden Paint has an amazing collection of colors. Whatever you have in your mind Glidden Paint can offer something that can fulfill your vision. If you want to check out all the Glidden Paint colors then we recommend you to have a look on their website.

Glidden Paint Review

Let us check out the finest Glidden Paint and share our thought about it.

🔹 Glidden High Endurance Paint

The High Endurance paint from Glidden has zero VOC means it can be healthy to apply them on walls. The excellent resistance to the wall can make Glidden High Endurance paint a perfect choice for you. 

Unfortunately, the High Endurance paint from Glidden needs to work on its finishing and coverage as we found it dull.


For more than 125 years Glidden has provided some excellent products to us. PPG Industries has seen the fantastic service and potential of Glidden paints and bought the brand. With such an experience under Glidden’s belt, you can have it as your next paint.

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