Paints are like the soul of anything whether it is your home, office, or your dog house. Without a proper paint job, a great space can look soulless. Not only this; but a proper paint job reflects your personality and also it protects your home from dust and wear and tear.

So, great painting is a necessity for almost anything. Now, the question is what brand should you get? Let us take a look at Benjamin Moore Paint. Let us find out who makes Benjamin Moore Paint? Also, some necessary facts about this brand so you can decide whether you should buy it or not.

About Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is officially known as Benjamin Moore and Co, a premium and commercial paint manufacturer. This company originated in Brooklyn in 1883 but they have moved from there and currently, they have their headquarters in Montvale. 

Benjamin Moore operates in the USA and Canada, their products can be found in about 75 countries globally. Now you may ask, where to buy Benjamin Moore Paint? You can find their products via independent retailers, hardware stores and retail co-operatives, etc.

In 2000, Berkshire Hathway acquired Benjamin Moore and since then Berkshire is in charge of manufacturing and distributing the Benjamin Moore product. Now let us talk about the manufacturer, Berkshire Hathway.

About Berkshire Hathway

Berkshire Hathway is an American multinational conglomerate from Nebraska. This company is well-known for its acquisition of the majority of shares in multiple public companies. Berkshire Hathway is responsible for manufacturing and distributing  Benjamin Moore’s paint after the acquisition. 

Berkshire Hathway is also famous for the leadership of Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet is considered the best investor in US history. So when a strong figure like Warren Buffet is investing in Benjamine Moore then that says a lot about the products quality.

Are Benjamin Moore Paints Any Good?

Benjamin Moore provides premium paints to the market which means they are more expensive than most paint brands. However, the real question is now should you spend extra money to get a Benjamin Moore paint? Is it worth those extra bucks? 

In this section, we will deep dive into the Benjamin Moore Paints and check out what are those extra features they are offering as a premium paint so that you can decide whether to get this paint or not.

🔹 Volume Solids

Volume solids are an essential property of paint because they remain solid on the surface after drying. Paint is made up of four components: binder, pigments, solvents, and additives. When we apply paint to a surface, the solvent evaporates and the remaining paint remains on the surface.

When paint consists of more solid parts, then the paint is usually thick, provides bright color, and is more durable than other paint brands. Benjamin Moore usually offers higher solid volume than most paint brands out there which allows Benjamin Moore paint colors to be bright and thick.

🔹 VOCs

VOC stands for “volatile organic compound,” which dissipates quickly. VOCs are hazardous to human health and can cause severe pain; long-term exposure can be lethal. These chemicals are commonly found in cleaning products and other home items.

Unfortunately, paints are also polluted with these harmful compounds. VOCs can stay for a significant amount of time even after you’re done painting. Many people suffer from various lung diseases like asthma just because of VOCs from paint. 

Zero-VOC paints can safeguard us from such problems, and the good news is that most Benjamin Moore products contain low or no VOCs. Keep in mind that this functionality is not exclusive to Benjamin Moore Paints.

🔹 Availability

Now you want to buy Benjamin Moore paint for your home so the question is who sells Benjamin Moore Paints? You can get them in some independent hardware stores, ACE hardware stores, and Benjamin Moore also officially sells them in its proprietary stores. 

For your convenience, check out the store finder from Benjamin Moore’s official site so that you can easily track your nearest store.

🔹 Color

With its extensive color palette, Benjamin Moore quickly became a popular favorite. Benjamin Moore has over 3500 hues to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Benjamin Moore also has an excellent color selector to help you decide what you need.

Benjamin Moore offers a sophisticated visualization tool to help you match the color to your needs. Benjamin Moore provides a program called color a room that allows you to color a select section of a fake room to test your color choices.

Also, another amazing tool is the personal color view where you can capture a photo of the surface you want to color and check how the paint looks on that specific surface.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review

Here we will talk about some of the best Benjamin Moore paints, if you are looking for the best Benjamin Moore paints for you then this section might help. 

🔹 Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152

This is one of the best Benjamin Moore White paints.  It has a vague grey-blue tone that feels like cool white. Applying the super white to your wall will still give a simple and clean white look to your wall. 

🔹 Benjamin Moore’s 2133-10, “Onyx

If you are looking for the best black Benjamin Moore paints then Onyx could be the one you are looking for. It offers a warmer version of black that best suits the dark room and kitchen.


Benjamin Moore’s incredible collection has offered some of the greatest premium colors on the market. Their product has been preserving our inside and exteriors for years while also making them more attractive. We hope Benjamin Moore continues to improve their range and maintain their quality.

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