Paint in your home, office, and automobile represents the personality of someone. In the meantime, better paints protect the exterior from dust, rains, and other natural calamities. Paints can set up the mood of an environment. So, good paint can be helpful. 

In this saturated paint market, choosing the best paint can be a bit confusing. So, if you want to get reliable paint, you may want to consider Valspar Paint. Let us find out who makes Valspar Paint and what are they offering. This may help you to make a proper decision.

About Valspar Paints

The Valspar Corporation is an American manufacturer of paints and coatings. They have headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Valspar paint is the sixth largest paint corporation in the world. Currently, Valspar has more than 11,000 employees and they are operating in 25 countries. 

The Valspar Corporation has been running its operation for over two centuries. They started their journey in 1806 as a paint dealer. Back at that time, their headquarter was in Boston, Massachusetts. They got the company name Valspar Corporation in 1932. 

Valspar created the first-ever clear varnish. It came from the mind of L. Valentine Pulsifer. He was Lawson Valentine’s grandson. He was a chemist from Harvard University and invented this clear varnish in 1905. They have acquired a lot of companies by that time and diversified themselves. 

On March 20, 2016, Sherwin-Willams offered to buy Valspar for $9.3 billion. Valspar accepted the offer and the acquisition finished on June 1. 2017. Now, if you want to know who owns Valspar Paints? Sherwin-Williams is your answer. Let us talk about them. 

About Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Willams is an American paint and coating manufacturing industry. They have headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Sherwin-Williams manufactures, distributes, and sells paints, floorcoverings, coating, and related products. 

Sherwin-Williams offers all kinds of products for professional, industrial, commercial, and for retails customers. Primarily Sherwin-Williams supplies in North and South America and Europe. By the end of 2020, Sherwin-William is operating in about 120 countries.


Sherwin-Williams’s origin was found back in 1866 in Truman Dunham & Co. which was a paint distributorship. A Cleveland bookkeeper, Henry Sherwin invested in that company. Unfortunately, the partnership ended in 1870. 

With Edward Williams and A. T. Osborn, Sherwin formed Sherwin Williams & Co. Later Osborn sold his share and on July 16, 1884, Sherin-Williams started its journey. In the late 19th century and early 20th-century Sherin-William acquired different companies to diversify their business. 

They became the leading coating manufacturer in the US in 1920. Unfortunately, in the 1970s Sherwin-Williams was suffering a bit of downfall. Gulf and Western industries tried to take over the company but they failed. It recovered from that loss in the 1980s by diversifying its business. 

In 1995, they created jobs for about 18,000 employees. By 2002, they operated more than 2,500 stores. Now we will talk about various aspects of Valspar paints.

Is Valspar Paint Good?

Valspar Paint is owned by Sherwin-Williams which is the biggest paint manufacturer in the world. They offer some great features to their paints which made them a common name in the US household. So let us discuss that.

👉 Color Collection

For any paint company, every customer expects a great color collection from a paint company. Valspar is no different from them. Valspar also offers a great collection of colors. They also offer a great color visualization tool by which you can compare and choose a better color for you.

👉 Product Lineup

Valspar offers a great line of products. They try to cover all kinds of needs for paints. Let us discuss some of their products with a short note.

1. Valspar Signature Interior

Introducing Valspar’s ScuffShield Technology, the Valspar signature interior offers a rich and fade-resistance color with double coverage. There are some additives added to resist stains and scuff marks.

2. Valspar Duramax Exterior

This is Valspar’s high-end exterior paint. The Valspar Duramax Exterior offers a thick coating and covers all the imperfections and hairline cracks. To protect your exterior paints from extreme conditions, this can be a great choice.

3. Valspar Ultra High Gloss Interior/Exterior

If you do not want to buy different paint for different conditions the Valspar ultra high gloss interior/exterior can be a good choice. It is an all-in-one paint that you can use anywhere you want.


Depending on the paint the price can be different but Usually, Valspar is the more affordable section. A great paint but affordable, you can rely on Valspar. You can get all sorts of Valspar paints from Home Depot. 

Automotive Section

Valspar not only provides paints for your home but also for your automobiles. Valspar offers precise and great quality paints for your car and other vehicles. These paints protect your car’s body from all sorts of issues.

If you want great paint for your car and are wondering who sells Valspar automotive paints? Well, you can get them from home depot, Amazon, eBay, or from their official websites. So, it won’t be hard for you to get your hands on one.

We have tried to explain different aspects of Valspar paints. We hope we covered enough information for you. If you think Velspar covers what you need then you can go for it.


For over a century Sherwin-Wiliams has brought some amazing products to the market. Their paints are one of the top choices for many customers. So, it is safe to say that Sherwin-Williams has put the same love and care as a parent company to Valspar too. 

From home decor to automotive, Valspar can fulfill your need also an affordable price.  The availability of the product ensures that you don’t have to worry about how to get them. So, you can choose Valspar for a full package of paints.

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