Everyone has their personal space. It can be your home, your office room, or anything else that is essential to you. We all want the best outlook and protection for that place. This can help us to calm our minds and make us more focused on doing better work.

Also, paintings in your home and room represent your personality. So to protect and make your personal space look good, you will need good paint.  Behr Paints can help you in this case. So, let’s check out who makes Behr Pains and some interesting facts about them.

Manufacture of Behr Paints

Behr Paints is manufactured and distributed by the Behr Paints company. The Behr Paints Company supplies architectural paints and exterior wood products. They provide these products in the USA and Canada’s Do it yourself markets. 

You can get various kinds of paints from Behr Paints including exterior house paints, decorative finishes,  interior house paints, stains, primers, and surface preparations.

However, who sells Behr Paints? You can get all of these products exclusively on Home-depot, they are the largest home improvement retailer in the US.


Behr started their journey in 1947 from the mind of Otho Behr, Jr. He used to sell linseed oil wood stains to paint stores. He sold those products from the back of his wagon. Behr’s father was a chemist. Behr requested him to develop a redwood stain formula. 

His father’s help was a great boost to his business. To cope with the demand for his new product, he started his operation in  Quonset hut in Pasadena, California. He started the company in an 800-square-foot area. 

The amazing quality of his product has grabbed the attention of many consumers and he has to expand his business more. That resulted in him moving his business to Santa Ana, California in 1950.

Final Destination

In 1988, Behr introduced something phenomenal to the Home Depot. It was a computer color matching. The computer color matching allows customers to bring a piece of cloth or any color sample. That sample was then scanned by the computer and that can be turned into a color formula for paint. 

And finally, in 1999, Behr was purchased by the Masco Corporation. Currently, Masco Corporation has the rights to Behr Paints.

Masco Corporation

Masco Corporation is an American manufacturer. They specialize in home improvement and the home construction markets. They have about 20 companies under their belt including Behr Paints. They have 60 manufacturing plants inside the US and 20 outside the US.


A huge amount of manufacturing them allows them to produce enough products for the USA and also export their products to various parts of the world. Their massive success has allowed them to have their place on the Fortune 500 list of the latest US corporations. 

As of 2007, Masco created jobs for 32,500 employees and they have 6,000 shareholders. Currently, they are in the 373rd position in the fortune 500. In 2010, they were able to achieve a $7.6 billion sale with about 90 manufacturing plants. And the number keeps going up. 

Currently, Masco is under the leadership of Keith J. Allman. Now let us see some history about the Masco Corporation.


Masco Corporation was initially Masco Screw Products Company when it started its journey in 1929. The company was started by Alex Manoogian in Detroit, Michigan. In 1936, the company went public on the Detroit Stock Exchange. 

Initially, when the company was the Masco Screw Products Company, they used to produce automotive parts for Detroit automotive company. Maco’s sells exceeded $1,000,000 dollars in 1952. 

After numerous acquisitions, the Masco Screw Products Company is now the Masco Corporation we know today. From 1997 to 2002 CEO of the Masco Corporation was Richard Manoogian. Mr. Moonigan acquired about 42 companies at that time. 

Are Behr Paints Any Good?

Well, so far we have talked about Behr Paints and its parent company. You won’t like to use any product if it’s not good enough for your company. So the big question is, Are Behr paints any good? We will discuss this in multiple sections.

VOC Free

VOC means Volatile Organic Compound. These compounds are used in various products. Unfortunately, recent research shows that VOCs can be very harmful to the environment. Not only this but the VOCs can also cause serious health issues to us. 

Behr Paints offers VOC-free paints. So you can use that paint in your home and you including your family won’t have any health issues.

No Additional Additives i.e. Primer Needed

It is normal for a lot of paints to mix additives like Primer before applying them. Primer ensures better adhering to the surface. Behr Paints are self-primer paints. Just one coat of paints will be enough for your wall, no additional priming is needed. 

Public Opinion

Users of Behr paint have a lot of positive to say about this paint. Over the year they have released a lot of paints on the market. Those paints have received a lot of positive reviews. For example, Behr was top five paint in the last year according to public review. 

Now if you want to get the perfect Behr Paint Color you may want to visit their official website. Their technology will allow you to get the perfect paint for your need. 

Visit Here: Paint Colors | Explore, Visualize, and Buy Paint in ColorSmart | Behr. Depending on your location you can get the information about who is the official dealer of Behr paints in your area.

Also, check out what other people have to say about Behr Paints here:

Those reviews should give you an idea about users’ opinions on the Behr Paints. 


Masco Corporation will their care and better quality service has become one of the most important American companies that are in the business. Behr paint is another success of their dedication. To get a better paint you can trust Behr and their products.

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