The first thing you notice when you walk into a room is its color. More soothing to the eyes is a color that is serene and beautiful. Nobody wants to live in a space where the paint is too eye-searingly bright.

And that’s where Color Place’s appealing color palette can help. For your home, workplace, or anywhere else you want to add color, you can choose from a wide selection of calming paints.

To start, let’s learn who makes Color Place paint before learning about all the color options. This article will provide you with detailed information on their paints, including how they function and what customers think of them.

Who Makes Color Place Paint?

The manufacturer of paint and coatings in the Netherlands, AkzoNobel, provides ColorPlace paint. Only Wal-Mart stores offer products under the ColorPlace brand.

Wal-Mart owns the paint brand under its own label, ColorPlace. According to Bloomberg Business, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, and Masco were among the paint brands that previously worked together to produce the paints. AkzoNobel became the only seller of the paints after a change in production began in 2010.

The large corporation, whose total revenue exceeded $15 billion in 2014, also sells chemical products and boat coatings, and as of 2015, it is the primary supplier of paints for Wal-Mart locations. The sole supplier of paint to Wal-Mart stores is AkzoNobel.

Who Owns Color Place Paint?

Sherwin-Williams has been replaced as the brand creator for ColorPlace, Wal-in-house Mart’s brand, as of January 1, 2018, by Akzo Nobel. Beginning in 2022, Walmart will change the name of AkzoNobel, the private-label paint brand Color Place that it currently sells.

Wal-Mart owns ColorPlace, the paint company that operates under that name.

Who Makes Color Place Ultra Paint?

As of 2022, AkzoNobel will begin producing Color Place, Walmart’s private-label paint line. The previous manufacturer was Sherwin Williams. The color and finish options for Color Place paints are numerous.

The Color Place Ultra Interior (Walmart) is a variation of the Color Place Interior paint line.

Color Place Paint Colors

There are many different shades and individual or organizations of paint offered by Walmart, along with:

👉🏾 White
👉🏾 Blue
👉🏾 Black
👉🏾 Green
👉🏾 Red
👉🏾 Beige
👉🏾 Purple
👉🏾 Yellow
👉🏾 Brown
👉🏾 Pink
👉🏾 Flat
👉🏾 Eggshell
👉🏾 Satin
👉🏾 Semi-gloss

Visit Walmart’s website to find more specific paint colors available in the “Color Place Paint Colors” section.

How Good is Color Place Paint?

With ColorPlace Paint & Primer, you can have both great painted goods with fantastic color schemes and exposure and a really tough, very thin primer. No cracking or fading occurs with ColorPlace Paint & Primer.

The advantages of Color Place paints cannot get denied. Customers also praised their paints’ wide selection of color shades, low odor compared to other brands, and exceptional absorbency.

Your best bet for whitewashing the exterior of your home may not be Walmart Color Place paint. They are still applicable to small gatherings, though.

Color Place Paint Review

You can try out some of the Color Place paints listed below.

🔹 ColorPlace Ready-to-Use Interior Paint


👉🏾 The pre-mixed paint from ColorPlace is acrylic latex paint.
👉🏾 Solidly built, simple-to-apply, and simple-to-cleanup prepared to paint.
👉🏾 Prior to painting, adequately prepare the walls and ceilings.
👉🏾 Utilize throughout the house, in any room.
👉🏾 Plain finish paint that dries quickly.

🔹 ColorPlace Classic Exterior House Paint


👉🏾 A long-lasting finish gets offered by exterior house paint.
👉🏾 The warranty for latex exterior paint is 15 years.
👉🏾 Paint that can get removed with soapy water is simple to clean.
👉🏾 Accessible in a broad array of decorator hues.
👉🏾 Use it when painting your home, including for trim, doors, and more.
👉🏾 Simple usage.

🔹 ColorPlace ULTRA Interior Paint & Primer


👉🏾 Suitable for most walls and doors, edging, and roofs that have not been colored or covered.
👉🏾 Size and area covered: 400 square feet for One gal.
👉🏾 Both primer and paint.
👉🏾 There are three types of fully prepared wall paint: flat, satin, and semi-gloss.
👉🏾 To wash your hands and tools, use hot, soapy water. Clean up spills and messes quickly with a damp cloth.

Is Color Place Paint Water-Based?

The ColorPlace Classic interior uses high-quality latex paint with easy application and cleaning options to provide durability and a straightforward appearance. Additionally, Walmart manufactures latex and acrylic paint.

Acrylic is a component of latex paint that functions similarly to latex paint. It is a chemical-based substance as opposed to latex, which is a water-based one. Due to their chemical composition, the outer areas can get painted with paint since they will expand and contract with the weather.

Is Color Place Paint Safe For Babies?

Young children can stay safe in their surroundings by using paint that contains little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s important to realize that even items marked as “zero-VOC” may not be completely safe.

The maximum allowed VOC concentrations for horizontal paint (including non-flat and matte-finished paint) are 250 grams and 380 grams, respectively. Paint from Colour Place does not contain any VOCs (low environmentally friendly).

Is Color Place Paint Any Good?

The extremely affordable Ultra High Definition Residential External Paint & Primer from ColorPlace offers excellent effectiveness. Outstanding paint colors get covered by U.High Definition exterior paint, which is washable and stain-resistant and provides a better protective barrier and hides ability.


We want to emphasize at the end of this article that Color Place paints are a good, cost-effective option for your home. In their extensive paint selection, you can easily find any color.

Here, we discussed who makes Color Place paint, as well as other vital details you should know before making a purchase. This article ought to be more helpful in guiding you.

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