If you are wet for a long time you may catch a cold or have other problems, you just dry yourself with a towel. Usually, some of us don’t think about a towel that much. We just go into a departmental store and buy whatever we have our hands on. 

But a towel from a good and reliable brand can provide your skin with a soft touch and provides you with a long-term service. Now, the question is which brand we should go for? Here we will discuss who makes Fieldcrest towels and how good they are holding up.

About Fieldcrest

Fieldcrest is one of the oldest companies in the bedding and bath industry for more than 125 years. Fieldcrest started its journey in 1893 and provided us with elegant and luxurious linens at a reasonable price. 

Fieldcrest has targeted America as its main market and managed to become one of the top retailers in North America. Some notable products from Fieldcrest are bedding, basic bedding, bath towels, rugs, and sheets. 

The brand Fieldcrest primarily focus on the woman of all ages, especially brides. You can get your favorite Fieldcrest exclusively at JCPenny. Besides the USA, Fieldcrest also delivers its product globally in Canada, Europe, The Middle East, New Zeeland, and South Africa.

About The Manufacturer

So, who owns Fieldcrest Towels? The brand was owned by Pillowtex Corporation until it got bankrupt and later Iconix brand picked up the Fieldcrest brand and brought it back to its former glory. We will discuss both Fieldcrest and Pillowtex companies here.

🔹 Pillowtex Corporation

Pillowtex was a textile manufacturing company in the USA from  1954 to 2003. Initially, they were a pillow manufacturer, you can see where the name Pillowtex came from. Later, Pillowtex diversified and started manufacturing bedsheets under different brand names.

Pillowtex used to be the industry leader in the mattress, pillows, and blankets industry as they have produced more than 10,000 products. Pillowtex acquired Fieldcrest in 1997 then known as Fieldcrest-Canon.

Unfortunately, debt hit Pillowtex hard. The report says, Pillowtex had long-term debt of $1.01 billion in 1999 which lead to its bankruptcy in 2003.

🔹 Iconix Brand Group

Iconix Brand Group is an American Brand Management company. Iconix licenses brands to retailers and manufacturers. If you want to know who makes Fieldcrest Towels now? Then Iconix is your answer. 

Iconix has the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Fieldcrest Towels after they bought the brand from Pillowtex. You can find Iconix’s products on some famous retail chains like Kohl’s, Kmart, Sears, JCPenny, etc.

Iconix was known as Candie’s, inc. in the beginning. Iconix has a long list of companies under its management that Iconix is maintaining like a champ. 

Fieldcrest Towel Reviews

Fieldcrest has a versatile amount of products to choose from. Now, it can be a bit confusing to what towel from Fieldcrest will be worth your money. We have used each of these towels for a significant amount of time and now we are sharing our opinion about these products. 

Not every Fieldcrest towel has everything it can offer. Different models from Fieldcrest offer different features. So we have handpicked some of the finest Fieldcrest Towels that we could get our hands-on.

🔹 Fieldcrest Reserve Cashmere Bath Towels

Are you looking for something sneaky that will blend with your bathroom design and no one will know there is a towel? Then the Fieldcrest Reserve Cashmere Bath Towels are just the towel you need. 

Not only the Cashmere looks good but also it is a luxurious and comfortable product. The build material inside a Cashmere towel is excellent that can provide you with a durable towel. The Terry fiber manages to hold it tight and stop fraying issues. 

The look of a Reserve Cashmere Bath Towel can make you feel like it is a harsh towel. Fortunately, the reality is far from it. Your skin will feel the softness and excellent touch it. Fieldcrest also proud itself with the fantastic absorbance that absorbs water quickly.

The Reserve Cashmere towel has an OEKO-TEX certificate which means this towel can provide a fantastic service without using any harmful chemicals. If you are looking for a secure, safe, and comfortable towel then the Fieldcrest Reserve Cashmere Bath Towel is a fantastic deal.

🔹 Fieldcrest Spa Newark Bath Towels

If you thought that the Reserve Cashmere Towel was cool then this towel is about to blow your mind. The Spa Newark Bath Towel has a bluish shade in it that will give you a relaxing warm feeling. You can also have different colors in the Spa Neward if you want to.

The design choice in a Spa Neward is interesting. If you look carefully, you will find a strip-like design at the edge of every Fieldcrest Spa Neward which gives the towel a simple yet elegant look.  

The Spa Neward is 100% cotton providing you with a soft and comfy feel on your skin. Not only that, a Spa Neward is made to take abuse and multiple washing cycles. But it is recommended to keep the temperature in control and not to use too many extreme chemicals to wash the towel. 

Unfortunately, one downside to the Spa Neward Bath Towel is we couldn’t find an extra-large variant of this towel. Based on what the Spa Neward Bath towels are offering, it is a 100% recommended product from our side.


To keep yourself dry and give your skin a touch of softness, Fieldcrest Towels have been working hard for more than centuries. Despite some bad memories from its previous parent companies, Fieldcrest has moved on and under new management, they are doing better. 

With over 100 years of glory and an amazing product lineup, Fieldcrest can be your next shower partner.

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  1. I came to this website looking for information for Fieldcrest bath and bedding products. I have purchased this brand for many years, and that’s a lot because I am old. The last set of towels I purchased are thin and not the quality of the past. I also noticed the tags said made in India. What???? The reviews on retail sites for this brand relay my same opinion. Has Fieldcrest become another company pushing imported junk? I will be searching for a new quality brand to spend my money. Fieldcrest can put their line of good at the dollar store.

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