Hey! What should you call a sleeping paper towel? A napkin. Jokes apart, be it a paper towel or a napkin, their role in our life is so important that a day cannot be passed without using them. 

Nowadays, Bounty gained quite a popularity for its great technology and the price. Hence, everyone is curious to know who makes bounty paper towels? Trust me, our team was too. And that made us jump right into Bounty’s history and all about its production. 

Before getting into all the details, here is one of their many creative commercials for you to watch and enjoy:


What Company Makes Bounty Paper Towels

Proctor & Gamble’s makes Bounty paper towels. They are also known as P&G in short. Around 57 years ago, they introduced Bounty in the market after years of experimentation. They did not do their research to gain more money, they rather focused on customers’ needs. 

While other brands were all into ‘softness’ and ‘strength’, they figured what customers really care about is the absorbent properties. As a result, they focused on that and introduced this 2 ply towel in the market in the year 1965.

About The Manufacturer

P&G was already conducting great business with the Charmin paper towel and profit from that area made scope for them to research more. Clearly, Bounty is the result of that decade of research and interviews. 

A conventional paper-making system was used to make the 1 ply Charmin paper towels since 1957. Every other competitor in the market started using those technologies and came up with new brand names for paper towels. 

As the demand grew, P&G decided to do in-depth research and came out with this in the end. They did not only focus on the absorbency alone but also on the thickness and softness of the towels so that it does not break easily. 

After coming up with Bounty, P&G earned the hearts of many customers and continues to do so to this date.

Is Bounty Paper Towels Good?

Bounty has been rated as the top performer among many other paper towels brand due to its outstanding performance. It has some of the best features that you usually get when you are paying a little more for other bigger brands. 

Why not check out some of their best qualities? Also, we will not act like a miser and will most certainly include the cons if we find any in our research.

🔹 Thickness

Users of bounty have been going crazy for Bounty’s thickness. They also mentioned that this thick tissue does not even feel harsh on the skin. The thickness and the softer surface have been balanced with such a ratio that it does not break while cleaning and gives the hand a plush feel.

🔹 Absorbency

The thickness must be a helping factor for its great absorbent property. Johnston mentioned on their website that these papers are 2X more absorbent than any other big brands. 

They also say that these towels are quite sturdy and hence can be rinsed and reused. Although, we are not sure about the last statement they made. 

On the other hand, other reviews clearly mention Bounty’s strong properties for being greatly absorbent.

🔹 Pricing

We can not say that they are the cheapest paper towels on the market. No, they are not because you mostly get what you pay for in today’s marketplaces. However, they are definitely a good value for your money. 

Bounty’s pricing is kept in the mid-range but made sure it offers great features like any other good brand.

Are Bounty Paper Towels Toxic?

Certainly not, because they are made so that they can compete with the compost system. Hence, there is no way that Bounty paper towels can be harmful to you, your family, or the environment. 

They are made with 100% virgin fiber. Alongside that, they are elemental chlorine-free (ECF).

What is Bounty Paper Towel’s Tagline? Are They True to It?

“The quicker-picker-upper!” This may seem like a tongue twister to many of us, but yes, this is their revolutionary tagline and we are delighted to say that they are true to their tagline. They pick quickly and is staying on the upper grounds with their top-performing towels.

Kirkland VS Bounty Paper Towels, Which Is Better?

We will not just mention the better one here. In spite, we will let you know about their pros and cons and leave it for you to decide which one best suits you.

🔹 Kirkland Paper Towels


✅ Great Absorbency 
✅ Feels soft on the hand
✅ Great price


❎ Breaks easily in water

🔹 Bounty Paper Towels

The pros and cons of Bounty paper towels are as follows:


✅ Super absorbent
✅ Great thickness
✅ Able to take harsh scrubbing
✅ Does not break easily


❎ Due to their sturdy making, these towels may feel less soft than other brands.


Is Bounty Made in The USA?

Yes, they are mainly made in the P&G’s largest manufacturing plant in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, the USA.

What is The Parent Company of Bounty Paper Towels?

P&G or commonly known as Procter & Gamble’s is the parent company of Bounty. 

Who Manufactures Bounty Paper Towels?

Proctor & Gamble’s manufactures Bounty since 1965.


After their great revolution of 2 ply paper towels in the year 1965, almost everyone became interested in knowing who makes Bounty paper towels, who is the actual manufacturer, and where are they made. 

We came across such questions as well and decided to dive into a bit more detailed research so that we can quench our readers’ thirst. So, here we are, trying to put all our research in one place so that you do not have to go here and there and find everything just here.

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