Wiping hands or faces, cleaning windows or surfaces, dusting, and other cleaning tasks are all done with paper towels. A good paper towel is essential in any household. The primary function of paper towels is to keep our homes and faces clean.

There are numerous brands of paper towels available on the market. And one of them is Brawny. For decades, they’ve been selling paper towels. To learn more about their paper towels and to gather more information on product details, we’re here.

We’ll talk about who makes Brawny paper towels and how good they are in this article. Here are some details.

Who Makes Brawny Paper Towels?

On December 23, 2005, Koch Industries paid $21 billion for Georgia Pacific. Georgia-Pacific, formerly Georgia Hardwood Lumber Co., is a pulp and paper corporation that manufactures paper, tissue, toilet paper, and construction materials.

Georgia-Pacific Corporation, which originated as a hardwood concrete company and started producing disposable tissues and paper towels in the 1960s, manufactures brawny paper towels in the United States. Atlanta, Georgia, is the company’s headquarters.

Who Owns The Brawny Brand?

Conglomerates such as Procter & Gamble, Georgia-Pacific, and Kimberly-Clark, which owns Viva, have acquired more than half of the top paper towel brands. Another of the world’s leading consumer paper manufacturers is Kimberly-Clark.

Georgia-Pacific owns the Brawny brand of paper towels.

Where are Brawny Paper Towels Manufactured?

As we already mentioned above, a subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific LLC, which produces Brawny paper towels, is based in Wilmington, Del. Both domestic and imported materials go into the manufacture of Brawny paper towels.

Brawny Paper Towel Slogan

A Brawny man gets portrayed on a paper towel slogan. In the 1970s, there was a lumberjack character that appeared in nearly every film of the time, which inspired the original Brawny Man character. With the support of Cincinnati design company Deskey, the brawny man was given modern renovations in 2003.

Everything Brawny gets scrutinized as a result, from the long-standing slogan “The big tough towel” to the instantly recognizable Brawny man identity, which has emerged on packaging since the brand’s geographic launch in 1975 and national expansion a decade later.

How Good are Brawny Paper Towels?

Wood fibers are used extensively in the manufacture of Brawny paper towels, other paper towels, and paper products in general. Fibers can get obtained from pulped trees or recycled paper. Paper towels are usually treated with polymers to prevent them from becoming brittle in damp conditions.

Although the towels appear bigger and more expensive than most brands at first glance, Brawny paper towels scored well when it came to washing capacity, moisture absorption, and absorbency quickness.

Brawny Paper Towel Review

Let’s take a look at some of the products they offer, which you can buy at any time.

🔹 Brawny White Paper Towels, 8 Giant Rolls

Brawny produces a tough outer paper towel. It’s ideal for cleaning. It’s a good paper towel for soaking up a lot of liquid. You don’t need much to clean up spilled drinks or blunders.


👉🏾 Twelve basic rolls x eight giant rolls
👉🏾 There are 50% more sheets for each roll than there are on a standard roll
👉🏾 Each roll has 69 sheets
👉🏾 2-ply in white

🔹 Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels

These paper towels are smooth to the touch and have a cloth-like texture. They consist of small squares that make it easy to use just the adequate quantity for your chaos.

When immersed in water, they are also exceptionally absorbent and sturdy, so they won’t break when you really need to clean up something until it sparkles.


👉🏾 Three different sheet sizes are available for quarter (1/4) sheets of paper towels
👉🏾 Top-quality white paper towels with two layers are firm, absorbent, and long-lasting
👉🏾 They’re ideal for tricky messes as well as slight, everyday cleaning
👉🏾 The quarter-sheet option, for smaller tasks, allows you to get more use out of your roll.
👉🏾 Sheet size 11in X 5.5in – 16 Rolls – 128 2-ply sheets per roll

🔹 Brawny Flex Paper Towels

Brawny Flex paper towels provide the same strength and reliability you’ve come to expect from Brawny but in even extended sheets.


👉🏾 Each three-roll package contains 147 deluxe 2-ply sheets
👉🏾 Extended sheets come with Brawny Flex paper towels
👉🏾 Full, half and quarter-size sheets are available for use
👉🏾 Brawny paper towels continue to provide the same sturdiness you’ve come to expect
👉🏾 With a larger sheet size of 11 in. x 5.7 in., 8 triple rolls equals 24 standard rolls
👉🏾 Quarter sheets are ideal for messier situations that need the strength of a full sheet


Bounty or Brawny: Who’s The Best?

Bounty has been trickier, soaked up more water, mopped up messes faster with fewer sheets, and stood out as being superior to the competition in general.

Brawny captures approximately half a pound more water and is less expensive than Bounty. Because of its resilience, moisture absorption, and wiping force, Brawny-Pick-A-Size is an outstanding towel.

Is It True That Brawny is Closing Up Shop?

The Brawny brand has recently undergone some allocation adjustments.

Nevertheless, many retailers, along with many online retailers, still sell Brawny Paper Towels. Browse Brawny paper towels in a store near you by using the Store Locator.

Who is Playing The Lead Role in The Brawny Commercial?

Actor John Brennan.


For quite some time, Brawny has been involved in the paper towel industry. They’ve already established themselves in the market. Their paper towels are well-known for their absorbency.

Our main goal was to inform you about who makes Brawny paper towels, which we mentioned several times throughout the article.

Hopefully, you will be able to purchase them either online or at a local store. We can assure you that they will not let you down.

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