If you want strong but at the same time soft paper towels that are gentle enough for the skin, then you should look no further. Kimberly Clark Corporation manufactures Viva Paper Towels, and these are the perfect match for your daily necessities. 

If you want to know more about what goes into making these paper towels, who makes Viva paper towels, etc., then you should keep reading this article.

About the Manufacturer- Who Makes Them?

Kimberly Clark manufactures Viva paper towels. Kimberly Clark is responsible for manufacturing tissues and personal hygiene products in more than 41 countries. 

The manufacturing facilities of Kimberly Clark have over 66,000 employees across the world in their manufacturing facilities. The company has a huge customer base in at least 76 countries of the world. 

Kimberly Clark is not just the second-largest tissue producer in the world, but also the largest tissue manufacturer in the US. At least a quarter of the world’s population, or a billion people, use the products of Kimberly Clark every year.

Where are Kimberly Clark Products Made?

Kimberly Clark set up its operations in Neenah, Wisconsin. Then it shifted its working facility to Irving, Texas, although its products are still produced in Neenah. 

The firm mainly expanded its operations in the 1950s as it set up its plants in West Germany, Mexico, and the UK. In the 1960s, the firm set up its facilities in 17 more places. In 1991, Kimberly Clark sold the paper mill it owned in Ontario. 

Kimberly Clark expanded its operations into Argentina in 1994 as well.

Features of Viva Paper Towels

Like its competitors, Viva paper towels also have their own benefits and disadvantages. The users of these paper towels rave about their cloth-like feel, the softness, and yet the sturdiness. 

The main question is what are Viva paper towels made of? Viva paper towels are made of bamboo and wood pulp, which makes them unique. 

The sturdiness of these paper towels also ensures that they are immune to wear and tear which is typically seen in other paper towels. The best part is that users may either use these paper towels dry or by soaking them in water. 

What we love about these Viva paper towels is their versatility. They are the best choice for cleaning up greasy messes after food spills, cleaning the countertops, or even for other purposes. You could even dry your dishes with these paper towels. 

But, are Viva paper towels biodegradable? Yes, they are. They are easily decomposed by bacteria and microorganisms over time.

Supporting The Economy With Better Partners And Thoughts

The brand aims to support the economy by ensuring that none of the plastic packaging ends up in landfills. This is a leap towards a much greener and more sustainable economy. 

The environmental partners of Viva paper towels also own brands in Australia. Together, they strive for a much better environmental impact and even economic efficiency.

Carbon Neutral Solutions Adopted by The Brand

The brand has set the aim of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030. Carbon dioxide and other carbon emissions are aimed to be reduced in the firms involved in producing Viva towels,  including Millicent mill.

The firms producing these paper towels are switching to cleaner energy sources or renewable energy sources. This will ensure that the carbon footprint of these firms is reduced. 

Since the year 2015, the Viva towel producer has reduced its firm’s emissions by 35.4%. Since that year, the brand is trying to aim for a much cleaner environmental impact by reducing emissions.

Viva’s Plan to Give Back to The Community

Viva plans to help the community and its people. The community aims to support the Indigenous people, the people from New Zealand, and Australia as well. The aim of the brand is to support the Indigenous population through their endeavors.

Viva Paper Towels Price

Viva paper towels come in a wide variety of prices. They are sold in several places including online stores and even Walmart.

The website of Walmart reads that the price of 6 double rolls of toilet paper is $9.98. On the other hand, one double roll costs only $1.98. 

The prices may also vary depending on the type of paper towel rolls. The kitchen towels and the multipurpose Viva paper towels have a much greater price range compared to the others.
So, if you wanted to know about the Viva paper towels price range, then this was for you!.

Tips And Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean With Viva Paper Towels

It is never easy to keep your home squeaky clean, especially if you have little children at home. If children come into the kitchen, or if you are in a rush, there may well be a mess in the kitchen. 

If you want to know more about how to keep your kitchen counters, floors, etc. tidy, you should read further. 

You may need to often clean a range of spills in the kitchen. Viva paper towels are well reviewed for the absorbancy and resistance to tearing.

Most Viva paper towels reviews suggest that these towels are also great for wiping kitchen floors clean.


Is It Possible to Clean a Newborn’s Essentials With Viva Paper Towels?

It is absolutely possible to use Viva paper towels to dry the newborn’s essentials after they have been washed and sanitized.

Can I Keep My Pet-Friendly Home Clean With Viva Paper Towels?

Yes, it is possible to keep your pet-friendly homes clean and pristine using the Viva paper towels. 

Final Words

Whether there is an emergency in your kitchen or anywhere else in the home, Viva paper towels will always be there to clean the mess. 

With all that being said, we have come to the end of this article. We hope that you have found this article on who makes Viva paper towels helpful.

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