When you are a cowboy, construction worker, and hiker you cannot wear your regular footwear for the occasion. You have to go through some extreme conditions that can be harmful to your feet. Great boots can be helpful to protect your feet from these conditions. 

If you are looking forward to buying a pair of boots then the number of brands can confuse you. In our quest to find the perfect boot, why not check out who makes Cody James Boots and some of the fantastic features Cody James is offering to its product. 

About The Manufacturer

So, who made Cody James Boots? Boot Burn exclusively manufactures Cody James Boots and distributes them globally. Boot Burn also sells another well-known boot brand, Sheplers. Cody James boots came to the market in 2012 as a rival of Red Ranch Boots. 

Cody James gained popularity by producing cowboy accessories like boots, hats, jeans, etc. The founding father of the company himself is an Arkansasian professional rodeo cowboy, Cody James. From what he heard, Cody James does not own any part of the company. 

Although Cody James is an American company, they do not operate here. Rather,s Cody James maintains its operation in its manufacturing plant in China and Mexico. Boot Burn has to ensure the top quality of Cody James boots and the results can be seen in the review section of various eCommerce sites. 

Are Cody James Boots Any Good

Cody James Boots offers a huge variety of models that offers various features. Depending on the price and model you will get different kinds of quality. We have compared Cody James with other brands so you donโ€™t have to. 

This section will be our detailed analysis of are Cody James Boots good quality? We have divided this section into multiple sub-sections so you can understand how good Cody James is as a brand. 

๐Ÿ”น Pricing

In the previous section, we have mentioned that Cody James does not manufacture in the US rather they operate in China and Mexico. Due to low labor costs and other reasons, Cody James can provide its product in a competitive price range and also provides the best quality possible.

๐Ÿ”น Build Quality

Cody James is one of the finest when it comes to the build quality. Boot Barn, Cody James’ parent company, has emphasized hand-crafted shoes that follow the hundreds of years of western boot-making traditions. 

Cody James has used some of the premium grain leathers that will last the longest time possible. As they are handcrafted boots, you can find the sign of fines in their stitching and joints. 

Besides, Cody James boots warranty is easy to access and after-sales service is also great.

๐Ÿ”น Design and Outlook

Probably the most eye-catching feature of any Cody James boot is its look. Cody James has some of the most unique designs in the market that will give you the feel of classic western with a bit of modern touch. 

If you are looking for boots that will give you the vibe of old western then Cody James got you covered. You have the choice of which boot design suits you the most. 

๐Ÿ”น Water Resistance

Those who have to work in muddy or wet areas can ask, are Cody James boots waterproof? Cody James uses waterproof composite toe pull-on work boots that protect your shoes from water. You wonโ€™t feel the water at all when you use Cody James boots on your feet.

๐Ÿ”น Comfort

Cody James boots are made for style and comfort. The fantastic design of a Cody James boots not only makes you look good but also provides proper comfort to your feet. The breathable leather lining and insole ensure that your feet are tight and have maximum comfort.

Cody James Boots Review

So now is the time when we will talk about Cody James’ finest boots. We have explored every corner of the internet to find the best Cody James Boots for you. So here is our recommendation on what Cody James Boots is a better choice for you.

๐Ÿ”น Cody James Men’s Flag Western Work Boot

This western work boot features an edgy look with super comfort. For build material, this boot offers a full-grain leather and composite safety toe. If you are a biker or do a bit of horse riding then these are the perfect boots for you. 

The thick outer layer of the Western Work boot will protect your feet from extreme cold during winter. If you do heavy-duty work then this boot can protect you from unnecessary problems. You can also move around in the wet and muddy areas as these boots are slip and oil resistant.  

Menโ€™s Flag Wester Work Boot comes in different sizes. So, no matter what your size is you can get the best fit for your need. The proper ventilation in the boots ensures your feet feel comfy.

๐Ÿ”น Cody James Men’s Decimator Skull Western Work Boot

Buying a good boot can be a bit heavy on your wallet so if you are looking for something affordable then this is what Cody James has to offer. For collectors, the decimator Skull western boots can be a fantastic choice because of the skull-shaped design. 

For some interesting features, the Skull Western work boot has Xero Gravity Xyclone which decreases the stress from your feet to provide maximum comfort. The Skull western work boot also features full-grain puncture protection so dust or other stones does not enter your shoe. 

With maximum protection and a stylish look, the Skull Western Work Boot can be a great pair of boots in the affordable section.


Boot Burn has always prioritized the best value for money. The Cody James boots are a great example of it. With Cody Jamesโ€™ amazing reputation and great reviews on the internet, you can choose them as your next shoe. 

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