Citizen watches started after the brand Seiko evolved. The manufacturers of the Citizen watch brand have combined innovation and technology to bring the latest technology watches for all its users.
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Who Makes Citizen Watches?

Citizen watches are the product of the company Citizen Watch Co. Ltd., which is a conglomerate company based in Tokyo, Japan. It is well-known for its Eco-Drive watches, which are essentially powered by light.

The firm’s motto pushes it to strive to make better watches for its consumers. As a consequence, more features, such as beautiful designs are added to these watches to meet the growing demands. 

Its parent firm currently owns a variety of well-known watch brands, including Alpina, and Bulova to name a few. As a result, it produces a wide range of timepieces, including tuning fork watches, and Swiss watches. The brand also produces a variety of electric watches. 

One thing that is common to all Citizen watches and products is the Citizen logo or the Citizen brand name. 

Citizen Watches Review

Citizen manufactures a number of watches that are meant to fit the personality of all kinds of watch wearers. You will find a number of citizen watches review on the internet. But this review is meant to be the most insightful.

Types of Products

There are several different types of Citizen watches in the market today. It holds great brand value and reputation to date. Let’s dive deeper into the types of watches available. 

🔷 Citizen Eco-Drive watches

Citizen Eco-Drive watches are a kind of Citizen watches that are currently bestsellers in the market. You can easily hover over to the Citizen watches website to learn more about the Citizen watch price list. 

The Citizen Eco-Drive Watch price is listed on bestselling websites such as Amazon. Those who are looking for good-quality watches can definitely try out the Citizen Eco-Drive Watch. 

The two-toned simple yet elegant design of these beautiful watches has attracted many customers. Its protective mineral display protects the watch from any scratches.

🔷 Citizen Titanium Dress Watch

AT4010-50E is a dress watch with a design that is as lovely as it sounds. This watch is made of titanium and will not scratch or scuff as easily as other versions.

The high-end watch has beautiful bluish contrasts. Its dial pane is made of anti-reflective material. You might think that are citizen watches are waterproof? This titanium watch is not only stylish, but it also boasts waterproof qualities.

🔷 Citizen World Time A-T Watch

Furthermore, this unique watch features a quartz display with orange hues. Its anti-reflective properties make it one of the best watches available. 

The watch is water-resistant and may be worn when swimming. Its display time settings can also be changed easily. This Eco-Drive watch will not require a battery change for at least 20 years since it is powered by light.

Are Citizen Watches Good?

When it comes to quality, Citizen is recognized for producing watches that last for more than several decades. If that wasn’t convincing enough, each watch comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Your watch will be repaired or replaced if it stops operating due to a manufacturing defect. At this price point, no other watch brand can match this level of dedication.

Citizen watches for men are high-quality timepieces that will last a lifetime. These watches are known for their durability. They may be passed down through generations while still looking as lovely as the day they were acquired. 

The Eco-Drive family of Citizen watches uses the sun and light in your house to automatically recharge the watch’s battery. Your battery will only need to be replaced once after two decades.

The citizen brand is the greatest in the world for excellent workmanship and elegance. Its unique self-recharging design is what makes it stand out from the rest. 

Citizen Watch Subsidiaries

Citizen Watch Group owns six distinct brands—CITIZEN, Bulova, Arnold & Son, Frederique Constant, and two others. The brand proclaims to house innovative design and technology through these subsidiary branches.

Do Citizen Watches Hold Value?

These watches are excellent as they hold their value over time. This is due to the company’s utilization of high-quality materials. In addition, the brand utilizes cost-effective innovation. 

Due to the superior build quality, excellent price, and unique craftsmanship, Citizen watches definitely do hold their value. The affordability of these watches is always a plus point as it indicates that everyone can buy them. 

Most users also state that Citizen watches are also very reliable because they always tell the accurate time. Not only that, users can blindly trust Citizen watches due to the exceptional quality materials used.


Why is it possible for some Citizen watches to run without a battery?

Some Citizen watches can run without batteries because they operate using solar light or the light inside the house.

How long can Citizen watch last?

Surprisingly, Citizen watches may last up to 40 years. Its unique craftsmanship helps it to last this long. However, proper care and maintenance are definitely required.

Do Citizen watches need constant servicing?

Despite the lack of a battery, Citizen watches will require service from time to time. It can be due to a lack of charge, a requirement for movement replacement, or the solar cell ultimately failing. Regular servicing will ensure a long life for the watches.


Citizen watches for men are high-quality timepieces that will last a lifetime. These watches are known for their durability. Moreover, users do not have to worry about the lifespan of these watches as they can last up to several decades. 

When it comes to quality, Citizen is recognized for producing watches that last for more than 20 years. The watches even come with a minimum 5-years warranty. To top it all off, these elegant timepieces also look very stylish when you wear them. So, what are you waiting for? 

After reading this article on who makes Citizen watches, you should get one for yourself too. 

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