A garage door in your home probably has the most enormous door in your house and we cannot imagine opening or shutting that door without a good garage door opener. Overhead door invented this excellent tool, and many companies have worked hard to improve the garage door opener. 

Precision is one of the companies that worked hard to make some of the finest garage door openers on the market. Before you go and get a Precision Garage Door Opener for yourself, why not check out who makes Precision Garage Door Openers and how good are they.

About The Manufacturer

Precision Doors are one of the well-known company in the USA that started in the 80s. The company started Precision Door Service as an informal collaboration in the late 90s. Precision Door also started the franchises program as a plan to grow and be one of the finest companies in the USA. 

Since its incorporation in Arizona in 1999, Precision Door has concentrated on growing. Precision Door relocated its corporate headquarters from Arizona to Florida in 2001. Titusville, Florida serves as the corporate headquarters of Precision Holding of Berverd Inc.

Precision Door’s expansion idea has enabled them to operate in more than 100 locations in the USA and they keep planning to expand their business further. Precision Door did not expand without anything, they worked hard and earned the respect of the customers. 

🔹 Awards

Precision Doors has the finest door for both personal and commercial uses and their success has earned them some prestigious awards in its field. Some of the notable awards of the Precision Doors are: 

  • In the FranchiseBusinessREVIEW™ from 2017, Precision Door achieved a place in the Top 100 franchises for veterans. 
  • In 2018 Precision Door won the FBR50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award by FranchiseBusinessREVIEW™. 
  • Most Recently in 2021, Precision Door was awarded by the FranchiseBusinessREVIEW™ as Most Profitable Franchises Satisfaction Award. 

In addition to this, Precision has received numerous other honors throughout the year for providing outstanding commercial service to its clients.

What Kind of Garage Door Opener Does Precision Use?

Before we talk about what kind of Garage Door Openers Precision is used, let us talk about what kinds of garage doors are available in the first place. Garage Door Openers can be divided in many ways but as a consumer, you should consider these three types.

  • Chain Drives 
  • Belt Drives, and 
  • Screw Drives

Also depending on the power consumption, there are AC and DC types but that’s not your concern. So, what kind of garage door opener should you use as we mentioned multiple types. Depending on the noise tolerance and lifestyle different garage door opener is the best for you. 

Precision Door offers you to check each type of Doors and depending on where you will set it you may choose the best garage door opener for you. And yes, Precision Doors offers all sorts of garage door openers.  

Precision Garage Door Opener Manuals

Precision Garage Door offers a fantastic user manual that can help you to install and maintain the garage door opener without any help. When you buy a Precision Garage Door Opener it comes with a user manual but if you lost them then don’t worry Precision has that guide on their websites. 

In addition to user manuals, there is also a guide to fixing the majority of issues that may arise when using your Precision Garage Door Opener.

To find out more about Precision Garage Door Opener troubleshooting and user manuals, visit there website.

Are Precision Garage Door Openers Good?

Since Precision Door has been around for a while, they have given us some of the top goods on the market. Every type of garage door opener is available from Precision Door, so no matter what you need for your garage, Precision has you covered.

Let us, deep dive, into the world of Precision Garage Door Openers and find out are they a good suit for you or not. 

🔹 Precision Garage Door Openers Prices

So how much it will cost you if you want to get a brand new Precision Garage Door Opener? As we have talked about in previous sections, Precision Door offers all 3 types of Garage Door Openers. So, Depending on the type the price will vary for a different product. 

Precision Garage Door opener starts from a $300 price tag with the best of the best Precision Garage Door Opener costs around $550. The average price for a Precision Garage Door Opener is around $400.  

If you want Precision Door’s help to install a garage door opener, the installation costs are between $200 to $500 per door depending on what kind you are installing. 

🔹 Service

In addition to having some of the top employees, Precision Door also offers some of the best customer services. Customers are quite delighted with Precision Doors, as seen by the 4.7 out of 5 ratings that their services received on angie.com.

Also, Precision Garage Door Openers offers to help you to choose the best kind of Garage Door opener for you.

Precision Garage Door Opener Reviews

Precision Garage Door has one of the highest ratings on most eCommerce sites. Now let us check out one of the finest garage door openers from Precision Doors.

🔹 PDS 800

The PDS 800 is one of the finest AC-powered garage door openers that can give you a smooth and quiet experience. This belt-type garage door opener is said to be one of the quietest products from Precision Door. We highly recommend the PDS 800 as your next Garage Door opener. 


One of the finest products and one of the greatest services available are provided by Precision. You may purchase one Precision Garage Door Opener right away with what Precision Door is offering at this pricing.

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