For many years, Linear garage door openers have been made by Linear LLC. The brand is widely acclaimed for making door openers, operators of the gate, etc. The business has strived to provide the best quality garage doors across the US for a while.

Linear garage doors are the best because of their high-quality features. Operated under Nortek control, the company has a wide collection of garage door openers. The information below gives more information about who makes linear garage door openers.

About The Manufacturer

Linear has provided garage door openers to both the commercial and booming residential markets. It is operated under the Nortek Control group of brands, and its main headquarters is situated in California.

The brand is responsible for manufacturing garage door operators, telephones, and other kinds of accessories that are related. Nortek control is a pioneer in the arena of security, health and wellness, AI, and power-related gadgets.

The brand has strived to cater to its audience since 1961.

More About Linear Garage Door Openers

Linear garage door openers are used in multi-dwelling places of households, single-unit rooms, educational centers, healthcare facilities, and so on.

Currently, Nortek Control group, which operates the Linear brand, has at least 4 million commercial and home-based clients. It has even provided greater than 20 million wireless devices.

The service provider and dealers trust the brand to provide door openers that would make the lives of its users simpler and provide reliability.

One thing that you will consistently notice in these Linear garage door openers reviews, is that they have the best ratings.

Where is It Made?

Since 1961, the flagship Linear has been operating and producing the most amazing garage door openers for its clients. The manufacture of these products is based in Carlsbad, which is situated in California.

The brand has been the leading provider of wireless technology in security systems, such as garage door openers, remotes, and other technical aspects.

Programming of Linear Garage Door Openers

If you want to find out more about Linear garage door openers programming, then read on. To understand what the travel and force limits are on the Linear garage door openers, it is important to locate the adjustment screws on either side of the opener motor.

First of all, it is crucial to ensure that the garage door is closed, to begin with. Press the button of the garage door opener and wait for it to open. 

If the opening or closing of the doors needs to be adjusted, you need to turn the adjustment screw clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Repeat these steps until the garage door is opened according to your requirements. You may also close the garage door using the button on the opener or the remote.

Are Linear Garage Door Openers Good?

If you are wondering, are linear garage door openers good, then you have come across the right article. The professional quality Linear garage doors are safe and have a quiet system.

Moreover, these are also very easy for homeowners to handle. They are not just made from the highest quality materials which makes them durable, but they also feature a noiseless functioning.

If you are looking for garage door openers that can be trusted in the long run, then these should be your choice. Furthermore, they are also energy-efficient, which means that they help to save the energy that you are utilizing.

If you want the best performance without seeing a big spike in your electricity bills, then these garage door openers are the ones for you.

How Much Does a Linear Garage Door Opener Cost?

The average cost to buy a Linear garage door opener would be $350-$400. This price range falls under the regular price range of buying any other garage door opener, which is around $250-$490.

Let’s see how the cost of a typical Linear garage door opener compares with the price of buying and installing any other garage door opener itself. 

The typical cost to for a garage door opener remote varies from $127 to $199, whereas the garage door operator itself costs from $200 to $600+

So, considering all this, the Linear garage door opener falls under the category of mid-budget.

How Long Does a Linear Garage Door Opener Last?

Garage door openers are quite sturdy and they are made to last. If you are wondering, how long does a Linear garage door opener last, then you have come across the right piece of information.

The average lifespan of a Linear garage door opener is between 10 to 15 years. That means, that once installed, you can expect it to last quite a long time. 

It is also possible to make their garage doors last till 20 years if you stay updated with the maintenance routine of the rollers and springers of these openers.


Does Linear still make garage door openers?

Yes, Linear still makes garage door openers. At the moment, at least 8 models of garage door openers by Linear are available on the market.

Who is Responsible For Manufacturing The Linear Garage Door Openers?

The Nortek Control group of garage doors and accessory providers is responsible for manufacturing the Linear garage door openers. The brand provides durability, which ensures that these garage doors will last at least 10-15 years.


Hopefully, this guide on who makes Linear garage door openers, will help you to get some information and knowledge about this garage door opener provider. So, the next time that you walk into a technical store to buy a garage door opener, this information will be helpful to you.

Some key factors to keep in mind when you buy garage door openers by Linear are ease of installation, power backup, etc. 

The most important part is also to look at the size of the garage door before buying an opener, as the size will determine what kind of opener you need.

With all that being said, we are ending this guide here. Thank you for visiting us.

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