Humans are a bit lazy by nature and our laziness can be more evident when it comes to manually closing the Garage door. It can be a bit of a hassle to hulk a heavy door up and down, especially when there is a better option out there! 

Garage Door openers now have an interesting and automated feature that can reduce your work a lot. So which brand should you consider to help keep your garage locked and secure. Lets talk about who makes Overhead Door garage door openers and see if they are a good buy!

About The Overhead Brand

Overhead has been one of the veterans in the garage door industry that started from the sharp mind of C. G. Johnson. Johnson brought some revolutionary changes to garage doors when he invented the upward-lifting garage door in 1921 and the electric garage door opener in 1926.

For about 100 years, Overhead has been the first choice for many in terms of garage doors and related services. C.G. Johnson is considered the Henry Ford of the garage door industry because of his inventions and contributions. His legacy is still carried on by the Overhead Company.

So, where are Overhead Door Openers made? Overhead Door Opener has its base of operations in Dallas, Texas where it manufactures garage door openers for your home or office space. 

The overhead brand has vastly expanded over the years and to maintain it properly, overhead has divided its business into different sections under a different subsidiary. So, who manufactures Overhead Door garage door openers? 

The Genie Company, one of the subsidiaries of the Overhead door is in charge of manufacturing their garage door openers.

Are Overhead Door Garage Door Openers Good?

Thanks to Overhead Door we got the modern garage door opener to make our life easier. So the question is how Overhead Door openers are holding up nowadays? We will try to answer this question by looking deep into everything Overhead Door Garage Door Opener is offering.

🔹 Types of Overhead Door Garage Door Openers

If you have looked into garage door openers before, you might know there are different garage door openers. So, what kind of garage door openers does Overhead Door use? Before we answer that, you need to know a little about the basics of a garage door opener. 

Usually, a garage door opener consists of two prime components, the drive type, and motor type. Now let us talk about what we mean by each of them.

🔸 Drive Types

By the drive type, we indicate the way your garage door moves when we open or close it. You will notice something like a long rail that is connected to the top middle side of your garage door opener and has a connection with the garage door opener, it is called a guide. 

Now in the guide, you may find a chain, screw, or belt that moves as you open or close your door. So, this is what determines your drive type. 

So what kind of drive type is the Overhead door using for their garage door openers? We can safely say Overhead features all kinds of garage door openers like

  • Belt Type,
  • Chain Type, and
  • Screw Type.

🔸 Motor Types

A motor inside a garage door opener has two main types: AC Motors and DC Motors. If you ask anyone, then undoubtedly DC Motors are far superior then the AC motors. Here’s some reason why we think so highly of DC Motors:

  • DC Motors are lighter and make less to zero sound than AC Motors. 
  • DC Motors can prevent wear and tear from a garage door. 
  • One of the smoothest running motors in the industry. 

In the case of Overhead door garage door openers, all of their garage door openers are powered by DC Motors. 

Now another question arises, as there are so many garage door openers, which is the best for you? There are no definitive answers for that, it depends on what kind of garage you have. 

Overhead offers the necessary customer support to choose the perfect door for you. You can contact your local Overhead Door dealer to find out more about and recommendation on which one you should buy. 

Visit their website to find your local Overhead Door dealer and necessary advice on which one should you get.

🔹 Troubleshooting

Any product at one point or another needs troubleshooting, and the Overhead door garage door opener is no exception. Fortunately, Overhead Door offers some good information on their website about this.

So no matter what kind of issues you are having with your Overhead Door garage door opener you will find a proper solution from them.

Visit their website to know more about Overhead Door garage door opener troubleshooting.

Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Reviews

So now you are ready to buy an Overhead Door garage door opener but which model you should go for? As we have mentioned before, it depends on what kind of garage door you have. Here we will talk about one of the finest products from Overhead Door.

🔹 Overhead Door OverDrive Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Do you want to get something that is fast, quiet, and reliable? The OverDrive Screw Drive garage door opener from the Overhead door is exactly what you are looking for. 

The OverDrive garage door opener features a super-duty ½ HP DC motor that can handle both single and double car garage doors. OverDrive also uses all the modern safety standards that are required for any garage door openers.


Thanks to the Overhead brand who invented one of the best security services for a garage and also made it easy to operate. The Overhead door garage door openers are reliable and perfect for anyone, their industry reputation is great and we would undoubtedly recommend them if you are in the market for a quality opener.

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